Peter Perfect

Pure Revised 2nd Edition Version

Character class: Paladin
Level: 20th
Race: Human
Alignment: lawful good
Place of origin: Central Earth
Birth date: 28 years before the IUDC
Hair color: blond
Eye color: blue
Sex: M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 176 lbs, not including equipment
Mannerisms: outspoken, overconfident
Rival: Ringman
Place of residence: small castle
City of residence: the middle of a vast dry lakebed
Motto: "Live and let live — unless you don't agree with them!"

Base movement base: 12
Movement base with boots of speed: 24
Movement base adjustments: x2.5 from permanent potion of speed at 150% effectiveness.
Movement base after adjustments: 60

Character Abilities
Strength: 18/00, 25 with girdle of titan strength
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 19
Dexterity: 18, 19 with gauntlets of dexterity
Constitution: 19
Charisma: 18

Saving Throws

Paladin powers:

  • detect the presence of evil intent with a 60' range (takes 1 round)
  • hands-on heal 40 damage points once/day
  • cure disease 4x/week
  • dispel magic at 20th level in 5' radius with holy sword
  • turn undead at the highest level on the chart
  • cast [3 3 3 3] priest spells of the combat, divination, healing, or protective spheres (casting level 9th)

    Resistances and Immunities (source):

  • 50% magic resistance in a 5' radius (holy sword)
  • disease (being a paladin)
  • -1 to all attack rolls by summoned or evil creatures in a 10' radius (being a paladin)
  • cause fear, charm person, command, friends, and hypnotism spells (19 Wisdom)
  • normal fires (Invulnerable Coat of Arnd or helm of brilliance)
  • -4 per die of damage (minimum 1 point per die) from exceptionally hot fires (helm of brilliance)
  • acid (Invulnerable Coat of Arnd)
  • cold (Invulnerable Coat of Arnd)
  • electrical attacks (Invulnerable Coat of Arnd)

    Languages: common, nixie, kobold, dwarvish, gnome, halfling, druidic, orcish.

    Psionics (Wild Talents):

    Non-weapon proficiency slots: 16 (including 7 granted by his Intelligence score)
    Non-weapon proficiencies: set snares, animal lore, airborne riding (cost 2 slots), land-based riding,

    Total wealth as coins/gems: 708,550 g.p.
    Experience points: 3,818,183 (his +10% experience point bonus would raise this to 4,200,001, but then he wouldn't be 20th level any more)

    Permanent spells: comprehend langauges, detect disease, detect good, detect invisibility, detect life, detect magic, infravision, past life, protection from cantrips, protection from evil, protection from good, protection from hunger and thirst, protection from normal missiles, protection from paralysis, read magic, tongues, and unseen servant.

    Permanent potions: all animal control#, all undead control#, clairaudience#, clairvoyance#, evil dragon control#, fire resistance#, flying#, all giant control#, elf half-elf & human control#, invulnerability#, philter of persuasiveness#, plant control#, polymorph (self), speed#, storm giant strength#, and water breathing.
    (# = at 150% effectiveness)

    Peter Perfect's combat capabilities

    Pure Revised 2nd Edition version

    Weapon proficiencies:
    Total weapon proficiency slots: 10
    Used weapon proficiency slots: 10
    Non-proficiency penalty: -2
    Weapons of proficiency:

       longsword           hand axe            battle axe
       mattock             maul                hammer
       composite longbow   spear               jo stick
    Weapon of expertise (c.f. Player's Option: Combat & Tactics): longsword

    Armor Class:
    BASE: A.C. 1# (full plate armor)

  • dexterity defensive adjustment: +5 (only +4# without gauntlets of dexterity)
  • armor's magical bonus: +6
  • cloak of protection: +4
  • permanent potion of invulnerability at 150% effectiveness: +3@
  • boots of speed: +2 (when fast movement is possible)
    TOTAL: AC -19 conscious, A.C. -12 unconscious
  • versus good: +2
  • versus evil: +2
  • if using shield +5: +6
  • while parrying (level ÷ 2 + 1): +11#
    NOTE: The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd* ensures that no attack against Peter Perfect will succeed whose attack roll is less than a natural 20.
    (# = armor class adjustment is not bestowed by magical means)
    (@ = armor class adjustment is bestowed by a permanent potion)
    (* = armor class adjustment is bestowed by an Artifact)

    Base THAC0: 1
    To-hit adjustments:

  • +3 with hammer of thunderbolts (from gauntlets of ogre power)
  • +4# at range from Dexterity
  • +7 in melee from Strength (only +3# without girdle of titan strength)
    (# = to-hit adjustment is not magical in nature)
    (* = to-hit adjustment derives from an Artifact)
    Total to-hit adjustments and resulting THAC0s:
  • Prometheus: +11 (THAC0 = -10)
  • hammer of thunderbolts: +15 (THAC0 = -14) [+18 (THAC0 = -17), if you believe that "Sage Advice" article in Dragon magazine issue 217 page 83, which says that ones natural Strength bonuses add to those of gauntlets of ogre power and a girdle when wielding a magic warhammer]
  • Axe of the Dwarvish Lords: +10 (THAC0 = -9)
  • other proficient melee weapon: +7 +plus (THAC0 = -6 -plus)
  • composite long bow +5: +9 +arrow's plus (THAC0 = -8 -plus)

    Damage adjustments:

  • x2 damage dice with hammer of thunderbolts
  • +14 with non-crossbows from girdle of titan strength (reduce to +6# from natural Strength score without the girdle)
  • +6 with hammer of thunderbolts (from gauntlets of ogre power)
  • +18@ with hand-held or thrown weapons from permanent potion of storm giant strength at 150% effectiveness
  • +1d8+6, 3 times per turn per hand, from rings of shocking grasp
    (# = damage adjustment is not magical in nature)
    (@ = damage adjustment derives from a permanent potion)
    (* = damage adjustment derives from an Artifact)
  • Prometheus: +38, +48 vs. chaotic-evil targets
  • hammer of thunderbolts: +43 [reduced to +31 if you believe "Sage Advice," Dragon, issue 217, page 83, which says that a potion of giant strength doesn't add to the damage bonus of a magic warhammer when wearing gauntlets and a girdle, but for some reason natural Strength does], and double damage dice
  • Axe of the Dwarvish Lords: +35
  • other proficient melee weapon: +32 +plus
  • composite long bow +5: +19 +arrow's plus

    Melee attacks per round:
    Base attacks per melee round (before adjustments):

  • with long swords: 5/2 (1 in the off-hand)
  • with other melee weapons: 2 (1 in the off-hand)
  • x2.5 from permanent potion of speed at 150% effectiveness.
    Total attacks per melee round after adjustments:
  • 6¼ (25/4) in main hand with long swords.
  • 5 in main hand with other melee weapons.
  • 2½ (5/2) in off hand.

    Hit point adjustment due to Constitution: +5 per hit die
    Hit die type: d10
    Hit points: 153

  • 1 h.p. of cold damage/turn from ring of warmth
  • 1/2 melee attack damage from vampiric ring of regeneration.
    Dexterity adjustment for surprise: +4

    Peter Perfect's Items

    Pure Revised 2nd Edition version

    Rings: x-ray vision, warmth, vampiric regeneration, shooting stars, spell storing (cure serious wounds, divination, speak with plants, neutralize poison, and lower water), multiple wishes (7 wishes), swimming, air elemental command, earth elemental command, fire elemental command, water elemental command, raise dead fully (1/2), protection +3 (5 foot radius), telekinesis (400 lbs. maximum), spell turning, free action, shocking grasp, and shocking grasp.

    PROMETHEUS: long sword +6, holy avenger.  Intelligence 17, ego 27 (personality 44), speech and telepathy, read languages, read magic, lawful-good alignment.
    Languages Spoken:

  • Common
  • plus 10 others
    Primary Abilities:
  • Detect "elevator"/shifting rooms/walls in a 20' radius
  • Locate object in a 120' radius
    Extraordinary Power:
  • telekinesis twice per day, 250 lbs. maximum, one round per use.

    Other Magic Weapons: mattock of the titans; maul of the titans; hammer of thunderbolts; composite long bow +5; 20 arrows +4; long sword, vorpal weapon; spear +5; jo stick +5; long sword +2(+4), green dragon slayer; long sword +1, luck blade (4 wishes).


    The Axe of the Dwarvish Lords: short-handled +3 weapon

  • Functions as a sword of sharpness
  • Functions as a hammer +3, dwarven thrower
  • Grants dwarven detection abilities at double the normal chance
  • Grants dwarven vision abilities at double the normal range
  • Can summon one 16 HD earth elemental (1/week)
  • Has 3 random powers from Table 20: Elemental Earth
  • It has some curses, too, but you won't see Peter Perfect mentioning 'em.  Besides, Peter Perfect's saving throw vs. artifact transformation is -12.

    The Cup and Talisman of Al'Akbar:

  • Good characters touching Cup receive bless for 24 hours
  • Cup can be filled with holy water 1/day; if entire Cup is drunk within 12 hours, acts as cure critical wounds or neutralize poison; if 1/3 of Cup is drunk within 12 hours, acts as cure light wounds
  • Good characters touching Talisman receive remove curse
  • Talisman can cast cure disease or cure blindness 1/day
  • Once per week, both can create 5 potions of healing, 3 potions of sweet water, 2 potions of extra healing, 1 elixir of health, or 1 potion of vitality
  • resurrection upon good or neutral creatures (1/day)
  • Owner ages 1d10 years when powers are invoked.  Unless Peter Perfect can finagle the DM into letting him get a saving throw or magic resistance check, of course.

    The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd: Originally belonged to Omnion.

  • Wearer impervious to all attack rolls less than a natural 20
  • +5 to all saving throws
  • Protects against fire attacks as a ring of fire resistance
  • Immune to acid, cold, and electrical attacks
  • Cleric wearer can gain 3 levels for 4 days 1/month
  • 70% chance wearer will be possessed by Arnd when near unfortunates; for 2d4+1 hours, wearer helps the poor as a 14th-level cleric, then retains no memory of what happened.  Of course, Peter Perfect might get away with saying he gets a saving throw or magic resistance against this curse or something.

    Other Magic Items:

    cube of force (36 charges)         full plate armor +6
    girdle of titan strength           shield +5 (no longer used)
    helm of brilliance                 rope of climbing
    helm of telepathy                  broom of flying (movement base 30)
    drums of panic                     wand of secret door and trap location (94 ch.)
    scarab of protection               wand of enemy detection (95 charges)
    stone of good luck                 wand of wonder (89 charges)
    lyre of building                   full plate barding +5 (on war horse)
    periapt of proof vs. poison +4     horseshoes of a zephyr (were on warhorse)
    trident of fish command            horseshoes of speed (were on warhorse)
    spade of colossal excavation       folding boat
    book of infinite spells            boots of elvenkind
    horn of the Tritons                cloak of elvenkind
    portable hole                      rod of lordly might (50 charges)
    eyes of the eagle                  scroll of resist cold
    reverse eyes of petrification      scroll of protection from all lycanthropes
    amulet of life protection          scroll of protection from magic
    gauntlets of dexterity (55%/52%)   scroll of protection from demons
    medallion of ESP with empathy      scroll of protection from devils
    boots of speed                     rod of cancellation
    cloak of protection +4             amulet of the planes
    dust of disappearence (20 containers)
    gauntlets of ogre power (for the hammer of thunderbolts)
    amulet of proof against detection and location
    necklace of missiles (1,1,2,2,2,2,2,4,4,4)

    Mundane Items:

    tinder box                         hooded lantern
    7 flasks of oil (Greek fire?)      17 torches
    bullseye lantern                   250,000 g.p. small castle
    backpack                           small keep
    quiver for arrows                  helmet
    24 normal arrows                   water skin
    10 silver arrows                   60 feet of rope
    warship                            large galley

    Peter Perfect's war horse

    Pure Revised 2nd Edition version

    Name: Fluffball

    Type: great wyrm gold dracolich

    Size: 162' body, 146' tail

    Hit dice: 24
    Hit points: 192
    Intelligence: 18

    Armor Class:
    Natural A.C.: -14
    Armor worn: full plate barding +5
    A.C. if using the Arms and Equipment Guide rules supplement: -24
    Note: Due to its magical nature, attacks against a dracolich do not gain any attack or damage roll bonuses.  Precisely which attack roll and damage bonuses are negated is a matter open for debate, however.

    Melee combat:
    THAC0: -3
    Attacks per round: 3
    Damage per attack: 1-10/1-10/6-36, +2d8 chilling damage, +paralysis 2d6 rounds

    Breath weapons:
    cone of fire 90' long, 5' wide at the dragon's mouth, and 30' wide at the end
    cloud of potent chlorine gas 50' long, 40' wide and 30' high
    (both do 24d12+122 damage, save vs. breath weapon for half damage)

    Fear: radius 50 yards, save at -5

    Magic resistance: 70% (and caster must be 6th level or higher)

    fire, gas, charm, sleep, enfeeblement, polymorph, cold (magical or natural), electricity, hold, insanity, death spells, death symbols, being turned, poison, paralysis, magical fear.

    water breathing, speak with animals, polymorph self 3x/day, bless 3x/day, detect lie 3x/day, animal summoning 2x/day, create good-luck gem 1x/day (lasts 37-39 hours), quest 1x/day, detect gems 3x/day (30' radius, lasts 1 minute), undead control 1x/3 days (60 yard range, lasts 1 turn), gaze paralyzes creatures within 40 yards (save at +0 if less than 6 HD, +3 if 6 HD or more), detect invisible (120' radius), clairaudience while in lair (240' range).

    Spells memorizable per day:
    Wizard spells: 2 2 2 2 2 2 1
    Priest spells: 2 2 2 2

    Psionics (Wild Talents):

    Movement base:
    on foot: 12
    fly: 40 (MC C) — 6 (MC E) if in a wingless form
    jump: 3
    swim: 12(15)

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