Infra Man

(Cal Heat)

Character sheet for 5th Edition HERO System™ (Champions)

93/10 STR 66
29/11 DEX 46
28/10 CON 29
15/10 BODY 8
18 INT 8
18 EGO 16
25/10 PRE 12
16 COM 3
40/2 PD 17
40/2 ED 27
6/2 SPD 16
25/4 REC
60/20 END
75/20 STUN
Total cost 250
Skills, Talents, and Powers
costSkill, Talent, or PowerEND
32 Damage Resistance: 40 PD, 40 ED
75 47" Flight (94" per phase noncombat) 9
13 Carbonation Ray: 4d6 Cosmetic Transform
     target to carbonated version of itself,
     OIF - ring, 16 charges*
4 Infrared Perception
36 Heat Vision: 9d6 EB 4
24 Hardened resistant PD and ED
1 Lebanese language (simple conversation)*
*) No powers other than his carbonation ray
and his Lebanese language skill will work
when he's exposed to Ferrous Oxide (-1/4)
185 Total cost of Skills, Talents, and Powers
The number after the slash for a characteristic represents the lowered value of that characteristic when he is exposed to Ferrous Oxide.  Note that carbonated ferrous oxide does not affect him, which is why he has that ring with the carbonation ray in it.

Running: 6", 12" noncombat
Swimming: 2", 4" noncombat
OCV: 10/4
DCV: 10/4
ECV: 6
     Total Points: 250 + 185 = 435
Experience Points Spent: 20

15Secret Identity: Cal Heat, reporter
202x STUN and BODY from cold
20Code Against Killing
15DNPC: Jennifer Lang (N, 11 or less)
25Hunted by Lecks Badguy (11 or less)
25 Hunted by the ex-Science-Council-of-Twelve-
Members-Hating Criminals (8 or less)
20 Hunted by M.A.C.R.O.N. or V.I.L.L.A.I.N.S.
or E.V.I.L. or whomever (8 or less)
10DNPC: Perry W. Jameson (N, 8 or less)
165Disadvantages Total

For his full story, see my Infra Man novelette page.
For his theme music, take a listen to Infra Man's Theme.

This story says that Cal Heat was born on the planet Caloria and arrived on Earth as a baby. However, according to some early notes of mine, he was originally going to be born on the planet Argon and arrive on Earth fully grown. (He was not, however, going to be vulnerable to Argonite.)

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