Stairway of the Stars, 1982

"Music: A Sound Investment"
Daryl Dragon, Music Arts Award Recipient
James R. Jorgenson, guest conductor

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I, Roger M. Wilcox, sang tenor in the High School Choir on this program.

Side One

Richard B. Wagnon, Conductor

1. Star-Spangled Banner (1982), by Francis Scott Key

2. Stairway to the Stars (1982), by Malneck and Signorelli, arr. Tony Fox

3. Welcome (1982), given by Dr. George L. Caldwell, Superintendent of Schools, and Carole L. Currey, President, Board of Education

Elementary All-School Honor Orchestra

4. Rondo from "Abdelazar", by Henry Purcell. Darrell Mettler, Conductor.

5. Canción Mexicano, arr. Leroy Walter. Sherman Plepler, Conductor.

6. March for Young People, by Dmitri Shostakovich, arr. Ralph Matesky. Robert Zachman, Conductor.

Elementary Chorus – Juan Cabrillo School

Bonnie Lockrem, Conductor
Accompanists: Sandra Nonhof, Vivian Spurgin

7. The Kids from the Country, by Ruth Artman

8. Here's to the U.S.A.!, arr. Gloria Bolton & Vivian Spurgin

Side Two

Combined Junior and Senior High School Orchestra

1. March from "Scipio", by George Friederich Händel, arr. Woodhouse. Allen Loyd, Conductor.

2. Introduction to Act I Carmen "Toreador Song", by Georges Bizet, arr. Kreichbaum. Lida Beasley, Conductor.

Combined Junior High School Chorus

Accompanists: Pamela Miller, Sunny Sutherland, Shirley Diefenderfer

3. Gloria (from the Heiligmesse), by Joseph Haydn, arr. Woodman. Janet Lederer, Conductor.

4. Linden Lea, by Ralph Vaughan-Williams. Greg Ellis, Conductor.

5. Choral Selection, Man of La Mancha, by Mitch Leigh. Jeanne Davenport, Conductor.

Side Three

Presentation of Award

1. Introducing Daryl Dragon, by Carolyn Farnham, Chairman, Symphonies-by-the-Sea

2. Daryl Dragon Speaks

3. Toni Tennille Speaks

4. Love Will Keep Us Together (or at least the first verse thereof), by Daryl Dragon. Performed by the Captain & Tennille.

Santa Monica High School Chorus

Janice Mitchell, Conductor
Accompanist: Anne Rogat

5. Im kühlen Maien (In Cool May), by Hans Leo Hassler

6. She's Like the Swallow, Canadian folk song, arr. William Lock

Combined Junior High, High School, and College Band

7. Overture for Winds, by Charles Carter. Jon Moryl, Conductor

Side Four

Combined Junior High, High School, and College Band

1. Selections from Barnum, arr. Robert Lowden. James Hile, Conductor

2. "Sound Off" March, by John Philip Sousa. Christopher Schwabe, Conductor


James R. Jorgenson, Conductor

Combined bands

3. Strike Up the Band, by George Gershwin

4. Slavonic Folk Suite, by Alfred Reed

  1. Children's Carol
  2. Cathedral Chorus

Combined choirs, orchestras, and bands

5. From Sea to Shining Sea, by Samuel Ward, Bates, and Whitney

6. Stairway to the Stars - Reprise

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