Stairway of the Stars, 1980

"Music Counts"
Lorne Greene, guest star

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I, Roger M. Wilcox, sang tenor in the Junior High School Choir on this program.

Side One

1. The Star Spangled Banner, by Francis Scott Key

2. Stairway to the Stars (1980), by Malneck and Signorelli, arr. Tony Fox

3. Welcome (1980), given by Mrs. Ilona Katz, Board Chairman, College District, and Dr. George L. Caldwell, Superintendent of Schools

Elementary Honor Orchestra

Darrell Mettler, Sherman Plepler, Robert Zachman, and Bonnie Lockrem, Conductors

4. Great Gate of Kiev, by Modest Mussorgsky

5. Turkey in the Straw, arr. by Fred Muller

6. The Moldau, by Bedřich Smetana

7. Freedom Song, by George Giroux. Accompanied by Elementary Band and Chorus.

Side Two

Elementary School Chorus

Pt. Dume and Webster schools
Bonnie Lockrem, Conductor
Helen Meyers, Piano Accompanist
Classroom Teachers: Bob Benbrooks and Jeff Siehl, Pt. Dume; Sally Emr and Earl Schumacher, Webster

1. In a Boat, by Grieg, arr. M. Hood

2. Medley from "Annie", by Martin Charnin and Charles Strouse, arr. Harry Simeone

Combined Junior High and High School Orchestra

Allen Loyd and Christopher Schwabe, Conductors

3. Selections from "Fiddler on the Roof", by Jerry Bock, arr. Felton Rapley

4. Andalucia Suite, by Ernesto Lecuona

Side Three

Combined Junior High School Chorus

Janet Lederer, Linda Anderson, and Jeanne Davenport, Conductors
Pamela Miller, Sunny Sutherland, and Shirley Diefenderfer, Piano Accompanists

1. Your Voices Tune, from "Alexander's Feast" by G.F. Handel

2. Tantum Ergo, by Thomas Luis de Victoria

3. Wade in the Water, Spiritual, arr. P.M. Hayden

Combined High School and College Chorus

Janice Mitchell and James Smith, Conductors

4. Let Me Walk, by Paul Feller

5. Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?, Spiritual, arr. Ralph Hunter. Anne Rogat, Piano Accompanist

Combined Junion High, High School, and College Band

Jon Moryl, Alvin Lyles, and James Hile, Conductors

6. King Cotton, by John Philip Sousa, arr. H.L. Walters

7. Knock on Wood, arr. Tony Fox

8. Theme from "Battlestar Galactica", by Stu Phillips and Glen A. Larson, arr. Sid Feller

Side Four

Guest star

Lorne Greene - Narrator

1. Introducing Lorne Greene, with the Bonanza theme in the background

2. Lorne Greene sings!, I'm an old cowhand from TV land

3. Lorne Greene talks, mostly about his TV roles. Among the material that was cut from this audio recording was a plug for his new show Galactica '80, and the following joke: "People have asked me what space is like. I tell them, space is kind of like Dolly Parton: you don't quite believe it, but there it is!"

4. THIS ... IS ... IT!, by Milton Geiger [sp?]


Combined Choirs, Orchestras, and Bands
Richard B. Wagnon, Conductor

5. The Sound of America, by Willis Schaefer

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