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This story is a sequel to Windboy.

I tried to live a normal life. I really did. But when you've time-hopped with a wind wizard to the middle ages and back, what can life possibly give you as an encore?

I dove into time-warp hurricane physics with a zeal I didn't know I posessed. A year earlier, I would never have believed I could've made that much progress. UCLA's physics department liked my work so much, they agreed to take me on as a grad student for free if I accepted a junior faculty position. Of course, I accepted. I met my wife there soon after.

And three years later, she divorced me. My obsession with Windboy eventually drove everyone away. She even accused me of making the whole episode up.

Stuff I intend to have happen in this story:

I hope you've enjoyed reading Windman as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

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