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Copyright © 1977 by Roger M. Wilcox. All rights reserved.
(writing on this story began 6-November-1977)
The original draft was written on a mechanical typewriter, single-spaced, with no right margin. It was based on a dream I'd had a year or two earlier. All spellings, punctuation, science "facts", capitalizations, colors, etc. are as in the original. Unfortunately, without scanning it in and presenting an image, I can't really convey all the typewriter overstrikes and formatting oddities I had to slog through in the original.

You have been warned.

Chapter 1: Henry Cabbot Henhouse III...

    While Henry C. Henhouse III was watching his favorite t.v. show (Popeye), he recieved a report that the tallest man in the world was comitting a crime wave.
    "Quick, Fred!" ordered Henry Cabbot Henhouse III, "My super duper sauce!"
    "Super duper sauce?", questioned Fred.
    "Yes, Fred;" replied Henry C. Henhouse III, "Double strength."
    "Oh", replied Fred.
    Fred quickly made double strength super sauce, while Henry C. Henhouse changed into his super suit. Henry then came out in his suit, and took the super duper sauce & drank up.
    Henry then commented, "A little heavy on the lemon peel, Fred, and - bghaakk!", and the way below average Henry C. Henhouse III was transformed into the way above average (*ka-BOOM) Super Chicken!
    "Quick, Fred," said Super Chicken, "To the super coop!"
    They quickly dashed to the super coop to catch the villan (U-no-hoo!)....

Chapter 2: Super Chicken fights...

    Super Chicken searched high and low, but saw no sign of the tallest man in the world. But just then, he caught a glymps of a very, very tall truck.
    "That's probably him," said Super Chicken, "I'll dive-bomb on him!"
    So the mighty bird zoomed to an altitude of 5,000 feet, and went into a power dive.
    "Pucka pucka bucka bucka BUCKA BUCKA PUCKA PUCKA pucka pucka bucka bucka PUCKA BUCKA PUCKA baak!!" said the dumb cluck.
    "We'll get 'im now", said the Tallest Man to his accomplice.
    The tallest man looks kind of like Bluto on the Popeye show, but wears a a top hat as tall as himself (36'7").
    The tallest man made a sharp bank, and sent Super Chicken flying into the ground (ke-RASH!).
    "Quickly, Fred," said Super Chicken, "We must repair the damage before -- bgaak!"
    Super Chicken & Fred were wiped out by electrically charged hay. You ask why? It's just part of my dream.
    They pulled themselves together (litteraly), and started back on the search for the Tallest Man.
    Finally, they found him; the Tallest Man in the World. He was bigger than he remembered, although he was still 36'7".
    He fought for a long time, & came out turning the tallest man into a good guy (w/ a cap, yet)!

THE END!!!!!

Author's notes from 2013:

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