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(writing on this story began 24-May-1980)

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Just as "Cubit Zirconia" is a sequel to "The Brooks Syndrome", "Godzilla and the Negative Fleet" is a sequel to "Cubit Zirconia". I said I was terminating the log when I went out to raid Zirconia. Well, I'm restarting the log, beginning from my encounter there.


After drifting through the Etherial plane and reappearing in the Negative Material, Our party ended up in front of Zirconia. What we saw there was so stunning it could shock an insulator. The entire Zirconian force, those who could become Etherial, was standing in straight rows & columns, at least fifty by fifty, guarding their home planet. There were only a few dozen of us, against several hundred of them. Thus, we decided to retreat and surrender the battle. One of the aliens, however, became slightly overanxious, and summoned a psychic crush upon one of our good men. Since he had no defense against such an unexpected attack, he died quickly, but in most inscrutiating mental pain.

I needed revenge. As we became Etherial, I summoned a Psychic Crush upon the one who had done the same. He also died, and I had avenged one of our best men. During the short time we had to view the charging army, we noticed a large, black throne in the center of the mob, seated upon which was a most powerful female alien, obviously a Dark council member. As our final members became Etherial, they heard her psionically exclaim, "Onward, to the enemy: Earth, of the smith servers!!!".

We reached Earth all right, but it wouldn't be long before they did, too. We needed preparation. We slept, rested, healed by natural means, anything to raise our psionic strength. We were even ready to use conventional (non-psionic) weapons, if necessary.

Yes, the Dark force did come. It came in swarms, big enough to block the sun. By means of decision, their name was changed to "The Fleet from the Negative material plane", and later shortened to "The Negative Fleet". We expected them to attack us violently, as we were ready for a bloody battle. Instead, they chose a different route, and headed straight for Japan. There are very few Smith servers in Japan, so the little country was nearly defenseless. The Negative Fleet swooped down on the East coast of Japan. With this, they cast "Massive Levitation" with their minds, and levitated a large green monster out of the water. Before the monster (which, by the way, was named Godzilla) had a chance to react, the Dark aliens put their forces together into one strong "Charm Monster" spell. Godzilla (God, for short) immediately fell under their completel control. "Fly!", they all shouted in unison. With that, God took to the air, and was guided to the mainland areas of — the USA! Don't ask me how he flew, because I'm not too sure, either, probably self-induced levitation.

Nevertheless, he some how made it here within the day. The Negative Fleet loomed above us, ready to strike at any moment. No, we weren't about to make the first move, as this would certainly put us in jeopardy of all our lives, and the lives of the entire population of Earth. If this battle, which would certainly be our last, was lost by us, The rest of the prime material plane would certainly be their next target. And then, who knows? The Positive material plane? The Seven Heavens? Would the forces of good ever again survive? We didn't want to know, and weren't about to find out, either.

The Negative Fleet finally made its first move. Nothing psionic, nothing material. Instead, they summoned their most recently acquired weapon upon us — Godzilla. Without hesitation, Godzilla opened his throat, and sent out a long, thin stream of fiery breath. Two men were killed by the breath weapon, one was wounded by the fire that followed. Before we could make another move, however, the entire negative fleet, Godzilla inclusive, sped off in a blinding retreat — either they were fearful, or they had another brilliant strategy yet to pull on us.

This was a good break on our part. We needed time to think up a good strategy ourselves. It seemed that the major weapon of their forces was their "pet" dinosaur, Godzilla. It also seemed as if they had control of his mind — he looked slightly dazed during the last battle. All we had to do was take control of his mind, over theirs, and we'd have almost as much power as they do. It required more than the forces of one human, we knew, but it was something that had to be done — a great gain is more valuable than a few sacrifices.

I was appointed their lookout — I was one of the few Smith Lords there with the power of "Long Range Psionic Detection". I blanked out my mind, so as to be able to detect the Dark forces of the Negative Fleet within a two hundred mile radius. I was left alone, waiting for hours on end, ready to grasp the slightest hint of the dark forces and/or the negative fleet.

Suddenly, a strong wave of signals hit my mind — it was them; it had to be. I awoke from my trance, and alerted everyone with psionic messages — silent, but louder than the gods. Within seconds, we had divided into two teams — one for combat, and one for winning over Godzilla. It wasn't long before the first few fleet members came over the horizon, and only a few seconds more before the entire Negative Fleet was in view. Godzilla came thundering over the distant mountaintops, ready to attack at any moment. I became over-enthusiastic, and took off prematurely. I focused my mental energy on Godzilla, trying to break through the barrier They had set up. It was no good; I couldn't possibly do it alone. But I wasn't alone. Soon, our team had caught up to me, and we were mentally concentrating in unison. It wasn't long before we had broken through the Negative Fleet's mental barrier. There was one good person elected to be the gate to Godzilla's mind; to give him the commands. Naturally, his first command was "Attack the Negative Fleet!" This he did, but much to his dismay, not as he had planned. Instead of breathing on them, Godzilla unleashed a not-so-hot arm, and swung aimlessly at the giant mob of Dark accomplices, lords, and high lords. This did hardly any damage, for the Fleet simply flew out of the way, and the swing missed them completely — all except one, who was a lamed Dark Accomplice, and didn't deserve to live, anyway.

His next command was, "Breathe on them!". This he did, but all that made was a gust of wind. He was running out of time & patience, mostly time, for at that moment, a sneaking alien polymorphed himself into a green home form, and let him have a good taste of the vulcan symbol. As the green bolt hit his body, he fell to the ground, screaming. Control over Godzilla was lost. Or was it? Just as He died, Godzilla came to life with tremendous fury in his blood. He knew his mortal enemy, and readied an attack. Before the Dark forces could regain control over Godzilla, he opened his mouth, and spewed out a force of flames so mighty, that when the smoke cleared, five Darks were killed, and ten superdarks were wounded. Now, the fight was really on!

Our combat group united with our "commanding" group, which practically doubled our power. The Negative Fleet had never really had worthy opponents, so this would probably be their last battle, ever. I hadn't much to do at that time, so I stood in the back of the chargingg army of Smiths, led by Godzilla. This battle was the "bloodiest" I had ever seen. Dark after Superdark fell to the ground. Smith lord after smith accomplice bit the dust. The death toll was higher than that of a holiday weekend. As I witnessed the fury from a safe distance, I noticed that one of the Dark High Lords had broken through. He was coming at me with backbreaking speed. I thought for sure that I was doomed. Instead, it became obvious that he was nearly out of psionic strength! He did not attack me, but was trying to win me over with charisma. "Join us!", he said, with high enthusiasm. Just who does he think he is, I thought to myself. He was trying to convince a Smith Lord to join the Dark!

However, it was that I must have underestimated him. He continued on saying, "We could put you in a position of power, with more wealth and pleasures than you could ever imagine. Like ... this!!!" With that, he shot a large number of thoughts into my head. These thoughts were the most flambuoyant I have ever seen. They were thoughts about sex, and eating, and sex, and drinking, and sex, and money, and sex, and world fame, and sex, and ..., and sex! I was falling ... falling for his influence. It was only because of super-ego and unbelievable intelligence that I was able to pull out and say, "Not on your life, Dark!!!" With that, I pulled out my hand, and formed it into an "anti-vulcan" symbol (middle and ring-fingers together, pinky and forefinger spread out). Within a time only measured in milliseconds, I put forth my will, and sent out a bright red psionic energy bolt, emitting from my hand. The menacing alien was dead.

The Negative Fleet wasn't subdued yet — even with Godzilla, we were too weak — they not only had tremendous power, but also tremendous strategy. It had to be coming from that female alien commanding them. I knew what I must do. Quickly, I asked the gods for an "angel's flight". I was accepted. My next command was "Time Freeze", so that I could do a time-stopped "angels' flight". I arrived at my destination instantly, at which point time re-started (it didn't really matter — any Smith or Dark servant is resistant to anything time-based). I had, nevertheless, appeared behind her back. This gave me the advantage. I didn't hesitate to present another anti-vulcan hand, and blast away at "Thirty power" (maximum strength). She felt the blaze of cold red bolts on her back. She was hurt, but far from dead. She formed one hand into the shape that mine was in, and healed the wound, as she made a vulcan-shaped hand (pinky & ring finger together, forefinger & middle finger together as well, a space between the two groups), and fired a green bolt back at me. It was a direct hit on my right side. I didn't hesitate to form a vulcan hand, and heal my wound. If we simply continued to give harm to each other, and then just heal again, this would only be a stand-off. I needed a new strategy. Before I could invent one, however, she began to polymorph herself into a small version of Godzilla. It was very realistic — so much so, that it opened its mouth, and breathed on me. Instead of flames, however, this "Godzilla" began to breathe electrical attacks. One of these grazed me, and if I hadn't used a psionic defense, it would have killed me. I suddenly realized what I should do. I removed my "Form Return" device, and let her have a good blast. Nothing. NOTHING!! She didn't change her form!!! It became clear to me that the form changer had no effect on Dark High Lords, or anything above that.

She laughed aloud, face in the air, but said nothing. She had been told about this device, and was evidently ready for its fury. She, unlike the other male leaders, didn't toy with me long. She let nothing stand in her way, for she unleashed her full fury against me; Vulcan bolts, breathing lightning, all possible psionic attacks. I was glad to discover that I wasn't alone — Godzilla had joined my forces. She was powerful, but Godzilla was slightly stronger. Against the fury of such a breath weapon, she indeed did not live long.

And the point of time of her death, the entire negative fleet became confused; almost dazed. With this, it wasn't long before they were all subdued. That was an entire planet's Dark population! Could we possibly destroy other planets in the negative material plane? Could we destroy the entire Negative Material Plane?? If we could, we would need the help of the entire Positive Material Plane. As with fighting infinity against infinity, there is no way possible to keep track of all the events going on. This is positively my last entry.


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