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(It's not about diamonds!!!)

Copyright © 1980 by Roger M. Wilcox. All rights reserved.
(writing on this story began 13-May-1980)

The original draft was written on a mechanical typewriter, single-spaced, with no right margin. All spellings, punctuation, capitalizations, strings of exclamation points, made-up words, etc. are as in the original.

You have been warned.


After boldly subduing Brooks (and barely escaping with my life), the gods found favor in me, and endowed me with the powers of a smith accomplice. I.e.: I was given a full range of psionic powers, plus an ability known as "pinky power" (firing red bolts from my pinky). With all these abilities, I no longer needed my "yellow blazer", as I returned this to the gods. As time progressed, I discovered that I also had the power to resist "time-based magic" of all sorts, and to be able to call upon the gods for an "angels' flight".

The only big problem puzzling me then was, "Where the ---- did Brooks COME from?". This problem was solved when the gods informed me of a world from another plane of existence (obviously the negative material plane), originally called, "Zircon". With this, I asked them for an angels' flight. This they gave to me, along with "free air" for my journey through space, time, and planes. With the speed of light, I was off on a daring suicide mission.

The world, as I have said before, was originally called "Zircon". However, since its inhabitants were commonly called "Zirconians", the name was changed to "Zirconia". The unit of length on Zirconia was about 1½ feet long — almost equal to a cubit. Thus, the planet began to be known as "Cubit Zirconia".

It wasn't long before I reached the area of my destination. "Now", I thought to myself, "for a little plane-shift...". Within moments, I became "etherial" (rather quickly), and immediately moved onto the negative material plane. There it was — right in front of me — Zirconia! It looked like a very dark and dismal world, but nevertheless, it had to be entered. I flew myself down to the surface, and ceased the "angels' flight". The ground below me was littered with little slimy things. I needed light. Reaching into my pocket, I produced a small penlite, and illuminated the area directly before me. I instantly recognized those "things" as pools of quicksilver — the inhabitants!!! I had to get out —— too late. One of them spotted me, and quickly polymorphed himself into a green alien, holding up a vulcan symbol. Fortunately, before he could make his next move, I presented a pinky, and fired at him, full blast. That had a good effect, for he hit the ground, charred, and not moving. Dead, obviously. That was much quicker than my first encounter, I must admit!

The next move was made, and this time, a female alien appeared — like most other races, more ruthless & cunning than the males. I could tell this when she managed to get in a green bolt before I could react. Like anyone else, I didn't want to die, so I set up a "tower of iron will" myself, and the bolt was absorbed completely. She began to polymorph herself into another form (obviously very large), but before she could, I summoned a Psychic Crush upon her. Since she had no psionic defense, she died instantly and painlessly.

I instantly activated all my psionic powers to escape, and did one & only one transport — a dimension-door. At the end of the tunnel, of course, was another alien. This one was much more dominant than the others, for He stood out in the crowd, continually polymorphed into a green home form. Yet, he seemed much shorter than the rest of them. Soon, I learned why — he polymorphed himself into the form of a human. I quickly recognized him — he was Jory!!! I knew about Brooks — but Jory?!?

Before I could produce another thought, Jory spoke. "Why are you not bowing before the Dark leader?". Jory — a dark leader? Should I bow or not? No time to argue with myself, now. "Because .. I'm here ... to stop you", I said, slowly but with unbelievable dignity.

"Fool!", he said. "You have not a chance against me — so prepare to meet your ultimate demise!!!" With this, I expected him to show a vulcan symbol. I must have underestimated him, for he reached into his left pocket, and produced a small, flashlight-like object (totally cylindrical). Without a warning, Jory depressed a small panel on the side of the object, and a loud, low hum was produced, followed by the appearence of a long, thin, glowing strip out of the front, which radiated a soft blue light. Jory began to rise, slowly but cautiously. I wasn't going to let him get the best of me. My only hope was — a psionic blast. This was costly, but well worth the price. I readied my mind, and put forth every last ounce of intellect I had available. Within milliseconds, a cone-shaped wave of force had emitted from my mind, and hit Jory's.

Jory was hit hard, especially because he wasn't prepared to defend himself against a psionic attack. He was forced back, and thrown straight onto the ground. He was startled at first, then angry. He ascended to his feet, with an evil look in his eye. I made ready for any attack — psionic or not — that he might do next.

His next attack was the most horrid. No body movements, no thought control. All he did was utter two words — "TIME FREEZE!!!". With growing terror, I realized the effects this might bring. Within absolutely zero time, he could do any number of attacks. Suddenly, I realized that nothing had happened — I was still alive!!! I quickly recalled the fact that all Smith servers (accomplice, lord, or what have you) have total resistance to time-based magic (or not magic, as the case may be).

I let out a big sigh of relief. Now it was my turn. Against such an opponent, a "psionic blast", as costly as it was, wouldn't be so useful as a not-so-costly mind thrust. This, of course, was my move. He had obviously anticipated this, as he had put a "thought shield" into effect. This made my attack virtually harmless, but I knew that it did have a minute effect. I wasn't about to be totally defenseless, so I presented an "Intellect Fortress". He had anticipated this, and had forced an Id Insinuation on me. That hurt be pretty bad, and had ruined my Intellect Fortress. With this, he swung the weapon that I had previously mentioned (long, thin, blue strip). It hit me square on my left arm, making it totally useless. I was going to stup him — this was a fight to the death. I used every ounce of strength & psionic power I had, blasting Jory with both hands on pinky power, again & again. As he was beginning to set up his defenses, I made a lucky hit, square on his stomach, destroying the defense, and causing him to lose those strength points. I was even able to destroy both his hands, destroying his healing ability altogether! With a single extra hit, I hit his skull, and crushed his brain. I had finally won!!!

The battle wasn't over yet, for with Jory — their leader's — destruction, the entire area threw itself into a rage. I had to escape. With what remaining psionic power I had, I once again became Etherial, and floated onto the prime material plane. I was not the only one with etherial powers, for five more had come through the void. The only problem was — we were in deep space!!! As an instant reaction, I, and the rest of the aliens (one of which had already died), called upon the gods for an "Angels' Flight". I was accepted, two of the aliens also were, and two were rejected and died. As we floated through space toward Earth, we fought each other fiercely. I made the first move, of course, and summoned a "Psychic Crush" upon one. He died instantly. The other one had already set up a "Tower of Iron Will", and had polymorphed inta a giant — my god, I couldn't even Identify it!!! It was huge and deep orange in color, covered with sharp, spiny thongs. I of course did the only senisble thing — speed up my "Angels' Flight", especially because the spines could detach and hit me — with poisoned tips! One of them simply streaked by me, missing be by about three feet. The second one did hit me, a simple scratch, but that would be enough. I slowed down my "Angels' Flight", summoning all my ego and super-ego to combat the deadly poison. I would either be alive ten seconds later, or be dead. I even folded my hands in a vulcan-shaped way, and prayed to the gods for help. I counted up — four, five — no effect yet — six, seven, eight — oh, oh! I'm weakening! Help me, gods!!! — nine ... ten!!! WHEW!!!!!

I was still alive, but then again, so was the alien chasing me. I suddenly realized that the "Tower'" must have deteriorated by now! I didn't have time to think, for he was readying his spikes again. I tried a psychic crush — Oh, my god! That encounter with the poison had drained my psionic energy below that level! As I slapped my left side in dismay, I quickly realized that I still had my form changer! Again, I needed fast action. I whipped out the staple-shaped device, and squeezed the middle, with a grip so determined it made a red impression in my hand. I didn't hear the creature scream, for even if he did, no sound can be heard in deep space. What was coming at me at light speed in an "Angels' Flight" was was now just a pool of quicksilver. With every last bit of psionic strength remaining in me, which was not very much at all, I did a single blast at pinky power. A lucky hit, a lucky blaze, a lucky char, and a lucky kill. Or was it luck? Well, whatever it was, the alien was totally dead. The battle was over, and I was victorious.

When I reached earth, the gods had seen the troubles I've seen, and made me a Smith Lord. Yes, the battle was over & won, but the war had just begun. I am terminating this log at this point, for in the heat of my greatest challenge, I will have no time for a log. The entire force of good, accomplices & lords, including me, are going to the Negative material plane, to Cubit Zirconia, in one bold attempt to overthrow the forces of the dark for good. May the gods favor our forces.

     TTTTTTT  H     H  EEEEEEE     EEEEEEE  N     N  DDDD     !
        T     H     H  E           E        NN    N   D  D    !
        T     H     H  E           E        N N   N   D   D   !
        T     HHHHHHH  EEEEE       EEEEE    N  N  N   D    D  !
        T     H     H  E           E        N   N N   D   D   !
        T     H     H  E           E        N    NN   D  D
        T     H     H  EEEEEEE     EEEEEEE  N     N  DDDD     !

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