The original, 5-page short story version of

"2005"; a space oddyssey

Copyright © 1975 by Roger M. Wilcox. All rights reserved.
(writing on this story officially began 1-June-1975, but actually began some days earlier)
The original draft was written on a mechanical typewriter, single-spaced, with no right margin. I'd started to learn about those pesky little things called "paragraphs" by the time I wrote this, but I had yet to learn that paragraphs were supposed to be indented. You can probably guess what book and movie inspired this particular story; many of the sentences here were copied from the book verbatim, or at least as verbatim as I could manage at age nine. All spellings, punctuation, strings of exclamation points, capitalizations, colors, etc. are as in the original. Unfortunately, without scanning it in and presenting an image, I can't really convey all the typewriter overstrikes and formatting oddities I had to slog through in the original.

You have been warned.


CHAPTER 1: THE PATH TO EXTINTION...........................................

The ice age was just starting the virsion of where the themprature was going up, & almost all the food plants, & other plants were gone because of the coldness of the ice age, 4 million years ago.
A lot of man-apes were looking for food, but could not find any. The leader of their tribe, Star watcher, & all of the other members of their tribe, noticed that one of their females had callapsed while looking for food. They knew that she would have to depend entirely on the parts of her body to survive, for none of their tribe were strong enough to carry her.
Then, after 45 munituse of looking, they came upon an old beehive laying on the ground, which has lots & lots of honey in it. IT contained a special treat for all the tribe.
When they came upon the spot where the female had callapsed, there was not a bone of her left. Then they came upon the muddy-water lake that they usually drink from, also owned by another tribe on the other side of the lake. Then they started their usuall fights over who owned the lake. It always was a little bit bad, but they never got into serious things like injuries. Then, after their usuall fights, they drank their share of the muddy water.
After they had their water, they found a branch full of berries. They each took 1 berry & gave the other 7 berries to 1 of their females which had been injured by a leopard. She then cooed with plesure & ate the berries.

CHAPTER 2: THE OLDEST BLOCK AROUND..........................................

One night, star watcher heard a strange noise, & 3 seconds after that, all the tribe heard it. It sounded sort of like this; e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! AAAO! OOAAAO! OOAAAO!! OOAAAO!!! Then came a sound that no one 4,000,000 years ago could identify ... it was the clank of metal upon stone.
Then star watcher noticed it. It was a rock .. it had grown there during the night. There were some of that kind of stuff happening all the time, only it was white, & bulb shape.
Then the block started to hipnytize them, & started glowing different brillant colors. Then, all of a sudden, one of the apes picked up 2 pieces of grass, & started tieing them together, but in vain. Then another ape picked up where he left off, & for the first time on earth, a knot had been tied!
Then the block ordered them back to their cave. During the night, they gained one ape & lost 2. 1 Baby was born, her mother immideatly callapsed after that, at the same time a male callapsed when he failed to gently tap 2 rocks together.
One night star watcher saw a movie on the entrance of their cave, about 5 fat apes.
For 7 nights in a row, he saw the movie on the cave entrance, until he caught on to the idea. & Every time he thought of the idea, he got sort of sick.
The next day, STar watcher told the tribe to pick up a bone-club in each hand, & to hit a small pig, & kill it. & When they did, it was their first wild game!
They then went to their muddy-water lake with the other tribe. Only this time, they had a new kind of defence.

CHAPTER 3: POWER IN 1 LIKE MORE.............................................

The tribe of star watchers then, each member, picked up a hard bone-club, & started to do battle.
Star watchers tribe hit very hard with their clubs, & some of the other tribe got pretty badly hurt.
Then they went back to their cave after they had all the muddy water they needed.
3 Nights after that, Star watcher saw a pair of dimly-glowing eyes, from the foot of the clif where their cave was resting on. Then the pair of eyes started to come closer, & closer, & closer. Then came a snarling sound that alearted everyone in the cave. Everyone in the cave then picked up a bone club in each hand & was aleart whenever the danger came.
Then a snarling leopard jumped into the gave & with a roar started to attack. Then the ape men used what they had learned from the giant (sort of) block. Then the leopard knew something had gone wrong when he felt a konk on the head. Then it immedeatley left & accidently fell down the clif. Well, that took care of him.

CHAPTER 4: ENCOUNTER THE DAWN...............................................

While walking back to their cave one day, Star watcher paused at a familiar spot. He looked at the spot for a long time, not realizing what he was looking for. Like lightning & thunder, a tornado, or a hurricane, the block had dissapeared as mysteriously as it had came.
Having vanished into the nonexistant past, it tever troubled Star watcher's THOUGHTS again.
He would never know what it had done to him; & none of his tribe wondered, as they gathered around him in the morning mist, why he had paused for a moment here on the way to the river.
From the other side of the stream, in the never-violated safety of their own territory, the others first saw Star watcher & a dozen males of his tribe as a moving frieze against the dawn sky.
Their special tecneiqus they had learned had been used in the most powerful way. The hard rocks had gived them the effort to throw, & the bone-clubs increased their reach & multiplied their strenght. & These protected them from the worst of attacks.
That was how the leopard got it, like the other tribe on the other side of the stream.
The power of these wepons that they had learned about from the block gave them a good chance to survive.


CHAPTER 5: THE RETURN OF THE BLOCK...........................................

As the leader of the neanderthol tribe looked for meat, he noticed that there was not an animal in sight.
He then went back to his cave with the rest of the neanderthol tribe. One night, the leader of the tribe heared a strange sound, & again, 3 seconds after that, the rest of the tribe heared it. It again, sounded like this: e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! e! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! E! AAAO! OOAAAO! OOAAAO!! OOAAAO!!! Then came a sound no one 81,975 years ago could identify .. it was the sound of metal hitting uppon soil.
Then the leader of the neanderthol tribe noticed it. It, again, was a rock. IT had grown there during the night. There were, again, some plants that did that, only they were white, & bulb shape.
Then, again, the block started hipnytize them. They, again, all the members of their tribe got out of their cave, & gathered around the block.
Then, 1 of the tribe picked up a plant, & started eating it. It was the first plant that human beings had eaten for over 50,000 years!
Then the block tought all the members of the tribe, even the leader, to eat both plants, & meat. Then the tribe went back into their cave. They now had an even better chance to survive, for they now knew how to eat both, & so that they had plenty of nitrition.

CHAPTER 6: THE ASCENT OF MAN...............................................

Man has changed a lot since 82,000 years ago. His teeth have lost ½ their size, & their skulls have increased size by 35%. They have made many tools, but they didn't do much good. There is only 1 tool that is very good: the tool of speach. It is the best discovery of all.
& Their machines did most of their work for them, but they pollute the atmosphere, & they are the cause of the energy crisis.
But our brains are the best of all animals. So this is why we were (4 million years ago) apes: apes are the second smartest animals.
Now the knowledge of 1 generation could be handed on to the next, so that each age could profit from those that had gone before.
Unlike any animal, his fur was decending gradualy, generation after generation. He was learning to harness the forces of nature: with the taming of fire, he had laid the foundations of technology & left his ansestors, the apes, behind. Stone gave way to bronze, & then iron, & finally to steel. Hunting was succeeded by agriculture. The tribes grew into villages, & then to towns. Presently he invented philosophy, & religon. & He peopled the sky, & used his imagination to make up things they call god (1 god, greeks many).
As his body became bore defensles, so his means of offence became steadily more frightful. With stone & bronze & iron & steel he had run the gamut of everything that could pierce & slash, & quite early in time he had learned how to strike down their enemys from a distance. The spear, the bow & arrow, the gun, & at last the missle had given him wepons of infanite range & all but infanate power.
Without those weapons, often though he had used them against himself, man would never have conquered his world. Into them he had put his heart & soul, & for ages they had served him well.
But now, as long as he existed, he was living on borrowed time.


CHAPTER 7: SPECIAL FLIGHT...................................................

Even though the C.P.T.M. team was very advanced, it still was only good enough to build moon rockets. They had built and auto-transporter &-or reciver on the moon.
Next year they are planing to launch a sadlite to Mars with some of the men from C.P.T.M. to go to Mars (this is 2004). & Then the men would put an auto-transporter &-or reciver on Mars.
The next year after 2005 (2006) they were planing to do that on Saturn. The team THEn went into the crater on the moon (the nearest, biggest 1 to them). They got inside the space car & took off into the giant (plato) crater.
They went down, down into the crater, when 1 of the men noticed a strange thing happening; the sun was coming up, it would've been shining in the crater with glare, but not a bit of light inside the crater. What could have caused this?
Then, 1 of the men got out & pointed his light all over the crater, but as soon as he turned on the light, the light somehow went off, without him taking his finger off the button! Could this be mixed in with the missing sunlight? Then all the men got out, & shined infer-red on something that was just glowing with heat, & in the shape of a block! Then the block gave out a shreeking beem of radio waves. One of the men, in fact, all 18 men, heared it. They knew it was the block because all the men heared the terrible shreek. Then, somehow, all the men were forced to go into the transporter, & tell the c.p.t.m. (cosmic powered tyco magnetisim) captain to make the Mars, & Saturn trip in the same year, 2005.


CHAPTER 8: "DISCOVERY".....................................................

All the men then packed up their equipment & left August 5, 2005, to Mars. They Then took off in the sadlite to Mars.
Up, up, up they went, until they reached the outside of the gravity of Earth. DISCOVERY was still left to go. They were still only 5½ days from earth, even though it was only a large blue dot in space.
They had past the moon, you know. It was 2½ days away.
At last, 8 days later, Mars was bigger looking in space than Earth. DISCOVERY was now only 1 week away (they had used up ½ day). Dr. Flloyd then sat back & read the ODDYSSEY, which was very interesting.
1 Week later, they finally reached Mars. Mars, like always, had very, very, very little water. They then saw the most magnifocent city they had ever dreamed of.
It was like a city in the year 8,000 A.D.! They had gone out without any space suits on, & it was daytime (at 62 degrees), so they knew it must've been warm, & the planet must have 2/3 the oxygen of Earth. Then one of the men came out of the city & said "your new in this town. What's your name?" He had said that in martian & so it sounded like this to the men from C.P.T.M., "%'# &@( ¼& ?*¼$ )¼?" . )*¢? ¼$ "%'# &¢½@  ? The people that had heared that from Earth didn't know what it meant, so they didnt say a thing. Then the martian raised it's antennae & levetated itself BAck to the city. It was the most spectacular thing the men from C.P.T.M.-1 had ever seen. This person, & all the people in the town were not green; they looked like normal people exept for their antennae.
They then went into the fantastic town. He (the first man who volunteered to go on the rocket) saw a canender on the outside of the building that said ;':" 5 8000. Which means, "July 5, 8000". At last, DISCOVERY had come again. They didn't go nearer to the town than that, because they were afraid that sighn might say something about 'danger'.

CHAPTER 9: THE BIG TRIP....................................................

They then told the people from C.P.T.M.-1 about the big thing on Mars, after they had gone through the auto-transporter &-or reciver. But none of the men from C.P.T.M.-1 belived it.
Then they packed up & left for their big trip .. the trip to Saturn. It was a long trip. It is 807,000,000 miles away from the Earth.
The sadellite then shot off of the earth. The moon was just a round ball in the sky; but they knew, pretty soon, it would look bigger.
They were then tested for hibernation, if they were going to hibernate during the trip to Saturn. Some of them were, & some of them weren't. One of the men on the flight was Alfred Smith. He had 2 bionic legs, & 1 bionic arm. He knew the strength of these would wear off in the radiation of space. & he knew it would wear down to regular strength, because the strenght of them is tremendous.
Then all the people who would ONLY do good on Saturn were put to hibernation. It looked normal when the people just went into hibernation, but it got darker, & darker, until black.

CHAPTER 10: COMPUTER H-1....................................................

H-1 was their best computer. If something went wrong with the hibernation computer, it would try to jolt the hibernating people up. If they were not up then, or a minute later, he would contact 1 of the men from C.P.T.M.-1. if he didn't answer, he would try to contact Earth. If Earth didn't answer, it would have to give up.
It was truly a grand computer. 3 days later, they had passed the moon, & was now out of the gravitational orbital gravity of the Earth. Presently, 1 of the men got back out the book the ODDYSSEY, & started reading again.
Next year (2006), they were planning to go to Venus. They think that the temprature is 800 degrees at the tip of the atmosphere, 700 degrees at the middle of the atmosphere, & 600 degrees (Farenheight) on the ground. They also know that it's pitch black on the ground (almost). They also think there can be some kind of life on venus.
Now, at last, Mars was no longer a small red dot, it was a large red dot. They were still only a week away (7 days) from Earth. 4 days later, they noticed that something went wrong with their antenna-radar. They then sent out a space pod to fix the antenna.
The pod contained 1 man, very skilled at fixing antennas. He then was let free of the pod & went over to the antenna to fix it. But just as he got out of the pod, the computer then put the clamps foreward, & SNAP, it cut off his air hose. HE, 2½ minutes after that, died.
1 of the men from C.P.T.M.-1 then saw that & went out to get the space suit. But as soon as he got out, got the suit, & asked the machine to open the doors, the doors didn't open. He then went through the emergency hatch.
But then, in the hibernation room, something went wrong with the hibernator. All the men died, without the computer warning them 1 bit.
Now THAT was the last straw. The last man surviving got into the computer room, & started unlocking H-1's memory.

CHAPTER 11: ALL ALONE......................................................

The computer then said, "hello ... doctor ... Flloyd ... I ... am ... ready ... for ... my ... first ... lesson ... today." Bowman could stand no more. He unlocked the last part of the memory, & put the sadellite on manual.
HE then, after 6 weeks (42 days), was revolving around Saturn. He then got into a pod, & went towards the planet (because the sadellite ran out of fuel). He had an auto-transporter &-or reciver safely in the 2-person pod. So far, they had discovered 23 moons going around Saturn, 26 moons around Jupiter, & 4 moons around Mars, 14 moons around Yuranus, 9 moons around Neptune, & 2 around Pluto.
So if there is water on Saturn, boy, WOULD you have HIGH tides! As bowman approached Saturn, resisting it's gravity, he noticed a small, glimering light in the distance. He thought he'd better explore the light, for some mysterious reson. But, he didn't notice a block-shaped obstical, right under his pod.
But when he got too close to the light, he was magnatized into it.


CHAPTER 12: HE DOES SEE COLORS ALMOST AT HIS EYES.........................

All of a sudden, he started seeing colors. They almost hit his pod, if they hadn't bended out of the way.
He was scared stiff as he went through the "UNIVERSAL ABYSS". He trembled with fear, thinking it would never end. Now THIS was a great pit!
It seemed to be 1,000,000 light years across, but he seemed to be going 1,000 light years per minute. His heart beat was very, very, very, very slow, so he must have been going 1,000 light years per minute. But, as usuall, he didn't notice THAT 1 bit.
The lights were then glowing brilliantly different colors that flashed before his tremendous mind. He was now going so fast, that he was tremendously forced toward the back of the space pod. He WAS scared stiff. It seemed like it would never end.
When in his surprize, what should appear in front of him, but his space pod gone, & this spectacular house all around him. He then, all of a sudden, aged. He got gray hair in no time at all, & he was still aging fast.

CHAPTER 13: STAR CHILD...................................................

He then noticed a block-shaped obstical in front of him. He then turned into a star baby, & was sent to Earth to do normal, but being able to live in space.

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