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Date: 5-January-2007
Subject: wars and the square earth

what about aeroplane pilots who flew in the world wars etc, they cant of all been heatheners who hid the truth that the earth is square?

[Editor's note: The ones in the European Theater, no, because they never flew anywhere near the Earth's edges.  The Pacific Theater was another matter.  Remember, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President at the time, and like all Democrats, he was a walking puppet of Satan.  I don't have much documented evidence to work with, but I'm convinced he had every airplane pilot silenced who saw the edge of the Earth and threatened to come forward with The Truth.  You don't really think that all those Kamikaze attacks on U.S. aircraft carriers were committed by the Japanese, do you?]

Date: 15-January-2007

Are you a nazi

[Editor's note: Of course not!  Adolf Hitler was a Catholic, which means he took all of his orders from the Pope.  You don't think I'd follow a Mary-worshipping rosary-stroking purgatory-believing Round Earther like him, do you?]

Date: 16-January-2007

are you serious or are you just kidding around?

[Editor's note: As serious as the disposition of your immortal soul!]

Date: 16-January-2007
Subject: the shape of the earth

If you are so sure the earth is square, how do you explain this?
Also I don't think it's right to call people who disagree with your theory, an "unbelieveing christian."  I have a Big problem with that and I'm sure alot of other people would be greatly offended by that statement.  Being a true christian has nothing to do with what you think the earth looks like.  A true christian is someone who believes that Jesus Christ came and died for our sins so that we can live, and someone who has faith in Him.  True christians rarely agree on everything.  Anyways I just thought I would mention that.  I would like to talk about your theory further but first I want you to explain that picture to me.

[Editor's note: That picture looks no different from all the other faked pictures of the Earth from "space" that I've ever seen.]

Date: 16-January-2007
Subject: The earth is a sphere!!!

How can you think the earth is square?

As far as Daniel 4:
11 The tree grew large and strong and its top touched the sky; it was visible to the ends of the earth.

That HAS to be metaphorical.  Here's why:
First, you can't 'touch' the sky.  I mean, if you could, where does the sky 'start' and 'end'?  you 'touch' the sky when you stand outside because the sky is just the atmosphere.  That is metaphorical because if it's so tall it touches the could be 5" high and touch the sky!!! Also, if the tree was visible to the ends of the earth, well then why can I not see it looking all around me outside?  That can't be literal.  And if those two are both metaphorical so must the ends of the earth be.
And you must be joking when you say metaphors are evil.  If you were to take the whole Bible completely literally then there would be so many contradictions that it would practically be proven false.

Matthew 4:
8Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor.
Note it says all the KINGDOMS of the world.  Not the WHOLE world.  And in addition, Satan and God are both supernatural and have the ability to be in many places at once, and also to see everything at once.  The fact that he happened to be on the mountain when he showed him doesn't mean that's the only place he could have been.

Joshua 10:12:

12 On the day the LORD gave the Amorites over to Israel, Joshua said to the LORD in the presence of Israel:
"O sun, stand still over Gibeon,
O moon, over the Valley of Aijalon."
Ya well about can be in line with Gibeon or Aijalon, and that really doesn't have any relevance to why the earth is square.

1 Chronicles 16:30:

30 Tremble before him, all the earth!
The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved.
Yes firmly established.  But it doesn't say established in a square shape.  It says established.  I believe the earth is established IN A SPHERE and cannot be moved out of the orbit it is in because if it was we would all die.

As far as your Psalms verses they all say it was established and can't be moved.  Again, He established it in a sphere, and it can't be moved from the way it was created.

As far as your four quarters of the earth...sphere's can be divided into four equal quarters too!!!

Also as far as having to believe everything the Bible says or you can't go to heaven, I DO believe everything the Bible says.  I however think you are misinterpreting it.  But I do not think you will go to hell for it either...God is not evil like that!!!

Also if the earth was flat, how do you explain the horizon?  Or how do you explain the moon?  Or how do you explain Columbus' journey around the world?  Or how do you explain seasons?  They all make perfect scientific sense.

[Editor's note: While I appreciate your knowledge of Biblical passages, it's a shame you don't see the Truth in them.  For one, the word you've translated as "sky" in Daniel 4:11 can also be translated as Heaven; clearly, the tree in Daniel's vision was tall enough to touch the vault of Heaven, which is a solid transparent dome a couple of hundred miles above our heads.  You shouldn't have to twist the Truth of the Bible just to match your own distorted picture of the Earth's shape.]

Date: 19-January-2007
Subject: Your a little misguided my friend


I saw your website and did some research on the topic. Maybe your
just joking and trying to cause some debate. If you are serious about
your claim and interested in the truth then you should read this
information which may shed some light on things for you.


[Editor's note: I don't know what this person means by "my a little misguided" or "my just joking."  However, I do know a little about that ecclesiastical near-miss known as  Sure, they accept the Divine Truth that the various living species on Earth don't share a common ancestor, and that the Earth is less than ten thousand years old, but then they throw the baby out with the bathwater because the Truth of a square Earth isn't "hip" enough for them to support.  The linked-to page makes the tired claim that Isaiah 40:22 calls for a round Earth (which the International Square Earth Society's main page has already addressed), and then claims that the Greek word translated as "corners" in Revelation 7:1 (gonia) can also be translated as angles or divisions — while completely ignoring the fact that Isaiah 11:12 also refers to the "four corners" of the Earth, and Isaiah wasn't even written in Greek!]

Date: 28-January-2007

I'm interested to know if you have actually been to the corners of the earth yourself and if so have you taken some photos.
looking forward to seeing the piccys

regards from the Xxxxxx

[Editor's note: God demands that we have faith in His revealed Truth.  If I actually went there and took pictures, that would prove that I didn't have faith, now wouldn't it?

When the above poster read the above Editor's note, he was gracious enough to reply:]

Date: 24-June-2007

in reply to my query ( 28 feb 2007) about photos supporting your case , you replied (rather predicably) that producing said photos would
invalidate your faith in gods word. yet to to produce any evidence at all i.e airliners turning 90 degrees etc. implies lack of faith as it suggests that you think that gods word is not enough to prove your case. i on the other hand i require evidence to support my case for a ( roughly) spherical planet, this can be produced in a number of ways, the easiest being to climb a mountain, the higher you go the further away the horizon is.
on a similar note i was recently perusing the highly amusing web page ( the creationist web page). as part of the evidence they present supporting their case ( also showing a massive lack of faith in gods revealed word) they use photos of the formation of distant galaxies to prove that the universe is only a few thousand years old.  i have sent them an email asking how, if the universe is only 6,ooo years old they are able to see intergalactic objects millions of light years away as the light from these objects could not have possibly reached us yet and won't for a long time. i am eagerly awaiting a reply.

Insincerely yours, The Xxxxxx

p.s yes, there is a god and he has a sense of humour, otherwise how do you explain George Bush jnr.

[Editor's note: While a message written entirely in capital letters is unnecessarily difficult to read, capitalizing the first letter of sentences and proper nouns is your friend.  I will say, though, that these intergalactic objects that astronomers see cannot possibly be millions of light-years away, because we know from Holy Scripture that the Earth is capped by a transparent dome (called the Vault of Heaven) only a few hundred miles above our heads, and the stars (and therefore the galaxies) are affixed to this dome.

George W. Bush, I must admit, is a big disappointment as a president.  Despite all the evidence arrayed against him, he still continues to insist that the Earth is round.]

Date: 28-January-2007

I am sorry. I will pray for you because you are filled with so much hate.  you think you love people yet you tell them they are going to hell.  You are practically playing the role of God.  only god gets to say who is going to hell or not... So please stop trying to do god's job by telling people they are going to hell

[Editor's note: Am I playing God if I only repeat God's Word?  God said that all who don't believe in His Word will go to hell when they die, and God's Word says that the Earth is square.  Capeesh?]

Date: 30-January-2007
Subject: America...God's Favourite?

Dear Roger,

I was reading about your views on the national flat earth society when I discovered that you clearly point out America is God's favourite nation.  I am intrigued as to why you think this.  There is in fact no reference to America in the Bible except those of far off lands which could be references to lots of places.  The only place that i could possibly feel that God could wage a preference would be Israel or somewhere near there because that is where his son was born and was grown up.  Why is it that you feel America is Gods favourite even though Christianity didn't exist in America until the middle ages what proof do you have that he has a preferene?

I would really like to know your views on this and could you email me back as soon as possible.

Furthermore, I see at the end of the article you said and I quote "Got a problem with any of this? Are you an unbelieving heathen who believes the world has round edges or — God help you — might even be spherical?  Then contact me at: and I will pray for the redemption of your obviously misguided and hell-bound soul. "

Does it really matter if people don't believe the earht is flat, what difference does it make?  it is a very small part of life.  Will God condemn us to eternal punishment just because we believe it is sperical.

I would also very much like to know your opinions on this as it will be a great education for me.


Xxxxxxx Xxxxx (

[Editor's note: If America weren't God's favorite nation, God would not have made Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell Americans.  Will God condemn us if we believe the Earth is spherical?  Hell yes!]

Date: 31-January-2007

Are you actually saying the Earth is flat, or is this site just for a mess?!

I mean, the bible surely isnít meant to be taken literally because other wise we should all act as children!!

[Editor's note: You are correct.  We should all act as children.]

Date: 2-February-2007
Subject: umm...

Yaa... i read that thing about the earth being flat and all and... wow do u really believe?  its the most ridiculus thing ive ever heard?  when i was reading it i wasnt sure if it was a joke or not so if u wanted to clarify that would be kool... but i mean honestly its so retarted, i mean its all like "its a conspiracy!!!"  yep, im sure theres some giant conspiracy to cover up that the earth is flat.  that makes sooooooooo much sense.  i think its time to give up and except science <rolling-eyes smiley>

[the same person was gracious enough to e-mail me a second time, even without my acknowleding the first message:]

Date: 2-February-2007
Subject: sorry forgot something...

ok so u say we shouldnt twist the truth of the bible to match our distorded picture of the earth's shape... well fyi, theres prof that he earth is round, and theres no prof that any of the bible is true..sorry about my spelling... oh well at least i dont believe the earth is flat...honestly...

[Editor's note: No proof that any of the Bible is true?!  Revelation 19:9 says "These are the true words of God."  If that isn't proof that the Bible is true, I don't know what is!]

Date: 17-February-2007

What the hell are you on?  Only a person who understands that there is hidden meaning behind words and that there are lots of metaphors in the bible truely understands the religion.  The only place that you are going when you die is to the loony bin.
    emailers friend - i have one thing to say to you mate, gravity.
    And just because what you believe is written in some book doesn't mean that it is true.
    friend - and sphere's can have 4 corners....sort of...
You must be off your head and on crack
friend - wait a sec. correction needed here.... SQUARE CRACK!!!
Get a life....
friend - then please end it 4 us the world a favour and keep your fucked up ideas to yourself
friend - awww, but it's fun insulting him.
THE EVIL LITTLE MINIONS (not square ones)

[Editor's note: You certainly have some harsh words for someone you call "friend."  I should point out, however, that the only person who believes that a sphere can have four corners is this guy.]

Date: 28-February-2007
Subject: Your resume, and a square earth question...


I've been looking over your website and can't quite figure out if you are an excellent writer of satire (Square Earth society page) or if you actually believe everything you wrote there - please don't be offended by my remarks, I am just wondering.  I'm especially curious how you reconcile your Biblical beliefs with your clear skill with computers, and the references to physics, differential equations and other scientific courses you have listed on your resume.  I'd appreciate a comment, but none is obviously required!

I was led to your website after doing some searches on Google for the flat earth society, in case you were wondering.

Thanks, Xxxx.

[Editor's note: Reconcile?  What's there to reconcile?]

Date: 4-March-2007
Subject: wow

You are the biggest idiot I have ever seen if you truly believe everything you have written about on your website.  Don't know how I found your page but I am just in shock over how you can believe that vegetables are bad for you ( I mean if you can get all your vitamins from a pill then why eat at all. Right?), that the earth is square, and to argue with physics (of which has more proof to it then anything in the bible that you quoted for every argument of yours) over darkness being the energy carrier and not light.

Just wow.

[Editor's note: Stick your head in the sand all you want, but there is clear Biblical proof that vegetables are evil!]

Date: 6-March-2007
Subject: square?

Please explain then (without calling it the devils work), how at the eclipse of the moon by the earth at the weekend, the earth's shadow was a curve on the moons surface

[Editor's note: You are assuming that a lunar eclipse involves the Earth casting a shadow on the moon.  Since we know that the sun never actually goes below the horizon — sunset and nighttime are just tricks of perspective — this clearly isn't the case.  Lunar eclipses are circular in shape precisely because they're not the shadow of the Earth on the Moon.]

Date: 8-March-2007

As much as I think you don't really look sane for this webpage, I think you've got all the rights to think whatever you want (just like I've got
this right).
My point is.
Why should USA be God's favorite nation? Just because of some song, a spokeman AND Baseball (a sport I never liked, by the way)?!
So, let's say. I think Earth is round. I think god's favorite sport is, uh, soccer. I also think God's favorite nation is Italy, not USA. Come one, our glorious pope lives in Italy, Vatican is IN ROME.
And Italy won soccer's world championship, it's a PROOF.

[Editor's note: You do realize that the Pope is the Antichrist, right?]

Date: 8-March-2007
Subject: A few questions.

Hi I read your website and I have a few questions....

What would the "round-earther's" gain by fooling people that the world is round?

If you look up at the sun or the moon you can see theyre round so why cant the earth be round also?

"the circle of the earth" as you quoted in the Holy Scriptures uses the Hebrew word Khewg meaning "sphere" and the Greek word spheros meaning "ball".

By stating that God sends sinners to hell would mean a. that he wants people to suffer forever, b. that he would be working with the devil in sending them to him in the first place so and c. that if satan were to torture people for all eternity then the prophecy in Revelation of him being abyssed and eventually destroyed would be false. "and you cant half-believe what the bible says"

You will find that the world "hell" is a from the greek "helios" meaning grave.

[Editor's note: As mentioned on the main webage, in Isaiah 40:22, the Hebrew Khewg (also transliterated Chuwg) can also mean circuit or compass.  The Greek Septuagint translation of Isaiah 40:22 does not contain the word "spheros" or anything similar.  As a side note, "hell" derives from the Greek "kalyptein", meaning concealed, and "helios" means sun, not grave.  And just because God allows Satan to run around freely and trick people into giving up their immortal souls, it doesn't mean that God is technically working with Satan.]

Date: 10-March-2007
Subject: salvation

Mr. Wilcox,

I feel very enlightened by your web pages.  I do have a quick soteriological question.

Is it necessary only that I believe in the proper doctrines (including the square earth, of course) in order to be saved?  That is to say, I don't have actually to do anything, correct?

Since the eternal destination of my soul depends upon this issue, I would be grateful for your response.

Best wishes,

A Loyal Reader

[Editor's note: Yep!  Ephesians 2:8 clearly establishes that it's through faith alone, and not through your works, that you're saved.  Unless you're homosexual, of course.]

Date: 11-March-2007

The pope is not the antichrist.  The pope is Palpatine!  *wooooooossssh*

[Editor's note: He may look like the evil Emperor, but don't wory — it's been scientifically proven that the Force doesn't exist.]

Date: 11-March-2007

great satire!

[Editor's note: You'll be whistling a different tune while your flesh is roasting for all eternity on the Devil's barbecue grill.]

Date: 13-March-2007
Subject: square earth-ness

I am quite sorry to tell you that I do not understand your logic.  Do you truly think that God created a square earth?  If God creates something so beautiful as the Earth, why would he go a fuck it up by making it square?
You cannot support everything with the Bible, honey.  The Bible was written by man, God was created by man, the Earth is round.  R-O-U-N-D.  ROUND.

You are putting such effort into this, why don't you concern yourself with more pressing matters.  Matters that effect more people than God-fearing Christians.  Do something about the genocide in Darfur, or the unnecessary war in the Middle East?  Do something valuable with your time.

[Editor's note: War in the middle-east, unnecessary?  It is absolutely necessary!  The Book of Revelation makes it clear that the Second Coming of Christ will only happen when the entire middle-east is embroiled in war at Armageddon.  If true, lasting peace ever descends upon the middle-east, Jesus might never return!]

Date: 27-March-2007

OMG Thank you!!!!!  I've been looking for an answer, and now I've found it: Amusement!  I laughed so much, I think I got a tumor!  Again thank you.

PS: GO BURN IN SQUARE HELL YOU FUCKING DIP SHIT!!!!!  I'm Jewish and I'm really insulted by the things you've said.  Not all people believe in Jesus Christ (Although I, personally, love the guy :P)!!!!!  I have a question: Can I get some of your pot?  I'm in desperate need for some good shit, and need I remind you, THERE IS FUCKING PROOF OF EARTH BEING ROUND.  Fucking piece of shit, devil worshipping asshole.  Like I said: I hope you burn in Square hell.  Cya there! Dumbass...

Date: 15-April-2007
Subject: The Irrational Square Earth Society

I can't believe what I'm reading, truthfully

""After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land or on the sea or on any tree."
    — Revelation 7:1 (NIV translation)"
As I have a mind of my own, I can't help but consider how ambiguous that statement is. Why can't you?
" Got a problem with any of this?  Are you an unbelieving heathen who believes the world has round edges or — God help you — might even be spherical?  Then contact me at: and I will pray for the redemption of your obviously misguided and hell-bound soul."
sounds like a rather harsh ultimatum.  Do you honestly think that if god was so powerful and good willing, he would present us with just those two paths?  Why would he hastefully and effortlessly cast all those who don't believe — even in one specific fact for that matter— into an eternal pit of agony and depsair?  Wouldn't that make his persona more akin to hateful and paranoid, rather than omnipotent and benevolent? You people try to wrap yourselves in a stigma of controversy, a childish plea for attention, and in doing so, you lose all touch with your sense of rationality and virtue.
" Got a problem with any of this?  Want to see your words of praise appear alongside those above?  Then contact me at: and I will hearken."
considering tat bully-like question and out-of-proportion sense of sarcasm, it seems to me you're very hostile towards virtually all other people.  You obviously know what to expect from people.  Too much of anything is bad, even denial.

your site is full of magically convenient selective quoting.  Somehow I feel you must be an impostor, considering your knowledge or mathematics and use of logic.  If you truly believe all you write, then you've clearly veered too far off course from reality and it is best that you come down to earth and let go of your infantile grudges before your emotions and thoughts turn you.

Sadly, it is always extremely difficult, usually impossible to change one's beliefs, no matter how ridiculous they are.  People's beliefs support the world they've constructed and keep their emotions stable.  Most people will never give up their theological beliefs, who wants to believe this life is the only one they've got?  I guess it's only human to plead for a second chance.  You're out of hand however.  But I know I can't change your beliefs, and they wont likely change any time soon, it usually takes a few to several generations for such beliefs to fade.

Do you need me to present you with any proof or facts contrary to that bullshit? It's perplexing and sad that someone could believe in such garbage.

I hope you're joking ,

P.S. Please email me back , I would love to hear from you.

[before I could reply to the above, the same person was gracious enough to e-mail me again:]

Date: 16-April-2007
Subject: Re: The Irrational Square Earth Society

Now for some rather straight-forward questions; Can you explain to me, why other planets and their moons are round, why the sun is round, why our moon is round, why we have airplanes, satellites, and astronauts in space stations that go a round the earth?  How can all of science be wrong?  Is ALL of it a conspiracy?  Are astronomers in on the conspiracy?  Do you think satellite TV is a conspiracy?  Is NASA a conspiracy?  Why can I see the curvature or the earth when I'm at a cruising altitude of 34,000 feet?  Am I in on the conspiracy?  Is the FAA in on the conspiracy?  Is Google Earth in on the conspiracy?  Is geography in on the conspiracy?  Why do the climbers who reach the summit of mount everest see the curvature or the earth?  why has it been documented on film?  Are mountain climbers part of the conspiracy?  Are TV broadcasting companies part of the conspiracy?  IS the entire government (including Dubya) in on the conspiracy?  Is every other international government and intergovernmental organization in on the conspiracy?  Are even the global warming skeptics in on the conspiracy?  What do they all have to gain from the conspiracy?

Hell, even the Scientologists are a few millenia ahead of you on this subject.

It's funny how you refute Isaiah 40:22, showing how the meaning of "circle" is very ambiguous, yet your own personal interpretation of which side the term it lies on, you deem to be unequivocal.  That's a clear-cut contradiction in the way you applied your logic, self-deception.

You'd have to travel down a pretty damn narrow path of thought to keep the belief that the earth is flat and square.

Considering God's portrayed majesty, I think it would be more sensible for him to create a round earth, a circle seems to be more elegant and enigmatic, a sphere does even more justice.  If god created a round earth, while all your life you believed he was only clever enough throw four ninety-degree angles together without a third dimension, and at the same time he was as wrathful as you say he is, I'd definitely put my where my mouth is on this one and say you're in for a holy spanking!

In your mailbag page I can't help but notice your two-dimensional response to a scrutinizing email:
[Editor's note: Sadly, this person's well-meaning suggestion for an experiment is fundamentally flawed.  By flying "east", the plane would be following a latitude line, and latitude lines make sharp 90° turns on the flat surface of the square earth in order to get back to where they started.]"
-So how come the sudden 90 degree turns aren't noticeable? I sure as hell notice a gradual 20 degree turn at any altitude or incline/decline angle.  Can the bible explain this?; Can you grab your widely scattered resources in knowledge and create a  biased, scotch tape-bound explanation for this also? *sigh*

You are in desperate need of being properly educated in the fields of science and physics, you are in dire need of a psychological assessment, cognitive therapy and psychopharmacological intervention.

Another intreguing quote that gives insight into your personality and stability:
"By the way these arent rhetorical questions i expect them all answered, you have severely offended me and i am giving you a chance to justify yourself.  Oh yeh and dont try to correct my grammar and stuff like a snotty lawyer trying to pick apart somebodys case - i want you to answer the questions.

[Editor's note: "circumnavigated" is one word, and "I" should always be capitalized.]"


further down on page:
"[Editor's note: While a ban on globes would certainly be a fine idea — imprisoning people for not following Christian doctrine has a long and proud history, after all — it is unfortunate that this well-meaning soul completely missed out on the True Shape of the Earth.  It's called the International Square Earth Society, you schmuck, not the International Cubical Earth Society!]"

further down yet:
"[Editor's note: And what is so wrong about hitting reluctant listeners on the head with a bible?  You want to make sure it's a hardcover edition with reasonably large type, of course, so that it will make a significant impact on the listener, although hitting them with all the volumes of Strong's Concordance at the same time may be taking it a bit too far.  As far as putting effort into a wind-up goes, I hasten to remind my readers that the wind-up is what precedes the pitch in baseball, and we all know how baseball relates to God's square Earth.]"

Yet again:

"Would you mind explaining the tides to me?  And please don't say "God dose it" give me scientific fact.  By the way Revelations is written in what is known as Jewish Apocalyptic Literature, which is based on metaphors and similes.

[Editor's note: God does it.]"

-I think we ALL know where this one's going

Another one of your goofy quotes:

[Editor's note: It's not this life you should be concerned about.]

-Au contrare!

Please post my two emails I sent to you, up on your website, I'll even give you permission to disclose my name and email address on your mailbag page.  I would like for you to reply to me also, or at least do one or the other.


[And again, much later:]

Date: 17-May-2007
Subject: Re: The Irrational Square Earth Society

So you have nothing to say about what I've sent you?  What's the matter?  Can't refute any of it?  is your rhetoric not powerful enough to transform a 20 year old educated hell-bound heathen?  Your website does not reflect a culture or society, just a lonesome anomaly comprised of a few desperate ramblings of an existential coward reaching his wit's end.

earth sphere.


[Editor's note: Tsk tsk tsk.  Didn't anybody teach you the first rule of Internet argument?  Silence does not imply acceptance.  Oh, and the second rule of Internet argument is: you're a poopy head.

After reading the above comment, this person replied:]

Date: 29-June-2007

thank you for posting my emails up and childishly commenting on them. you have completely failed to refute anything i pointed out though, except for silence does not imply acceptance.

thanks, apparently you lose, Xxx

Date: 16-April-2007

Dear Mr. Wilcox,

I already knew the earth is square, since my mother fell off some 44 years ago at the age of 64. (4to the 3th).
The fact of the 4 pillars was not known to me, but is somehow reassuring.
The Bible is square too!

Scientific regards,
Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx
The Netherlands

[Editor's note: No no no no!  Nowhere does the Bible state how many pillars the Earth rests on.  If your guess of 4 is incorrect, you'll be just as hellbound as the heathenous believers in a spherical or circular Earth!]

Date: 15-May-2007
Subject: you can't be for real.

A square earth?  Are you mad?  This has got to be a joke.  I have never laughed so hard.  I pray you donít really believe this.

You really want to take the whole Bible literally?  Word for word?  Tell me, how many hands do you have?  How many eyes?  Consider Matthew 5:29-30, ďIf your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away.  It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.  And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away.  It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.Ē

Now Roger, donít you sit there and tell me that neither your eye nor your hand has ever caused you to sin.  Ever lusted?  Ever stolen?  Ever looked at porn?  Ever looked at a womanís chest with desire?  If you were to take the Bible literally, you should be eyeless and probably handless.  If you arenít eyeless and handless, by your own statements, youíre going to hell.

Wise up, dummy.

Pastor Xxx

[Editor's note: Well, I'm sorry if you're a depraved lust-driven kleptomaniac, but some of us know how to live a Godly life!

After reading this note, the same reader was gracious enough to reply:]

Date: 11-July-2007
Subject: what are you, perfect?

so how do you do it?  are you one of the "special" ones immune to romans 3:23?  "for ALL have sinned", roger.  not some.  ALL.  i am truly amazed that you know how to live a life free from sin.  do tell me your secret...

[Editor's note: Sure, Original Sin condems you to hell if you don't get Salvation, but it doesn't count as one of the sins that you need to dismember yourself for.  Only those later sins performed directly by a piece of your anatomy require personal mutilation.]

Date: 6-June-2007

"When crossing the Equator or the Prime Meridian, airline pilots have to make sharp 90-degree turns to follow the square contours of the Earth.  They hide this fact by blaming it on "turbulence."

I am a commercial airline pilot, and it hurts me that you would say I am in league with the devil.  How dare you say that about me, or anyone who enjoys this career.  Turbulence occurs all over the globe, not just while flying over the equator.

You should be ashamed of yourself, for actually spreading these hurtful lies.

[Editor's note: That's just what someone who was in league with the devil would say!]

Date: 10-June-2007
Subject: Nice website!

Hey mate, just wanted to say your website's given me many a laugh over the past few days.  Hope you're still updating it!

Take care,

[Editor's note: A laugh?  This is your soul we're talking about here!  Will you be laughing when Satan rakes you over the hot coals because you thought the Square Earth was a "joke"?  Read your Bible now, before it's too late!]

Date: 15-June-2007
Subject: Re: Comment

I'm the idiot.  I know I know I know.  Was going through the flat earth society and a google search brought your letter up and the square earth.  It so raised my blood pressure that I made an arse out of my self.  My bad.

Good one though, I must admit


On 15/06/07, Xxxxx Xxxxxx wrote:

Good day Sir.

I'm a South African living in Pretoria.  All the way from Africa, I can tell you and those who follow that all of you have condemned your own spiritual soul.  Luckily, it is not eternal.  God will find you when you've found him inside you, not in a book.  God is not religion, people are religion.  God is everything.

Just a thought and a sharing of knowledge that came through sufferage.

Take care

[Editor's note: It is indeed a "good one," if I can save just one soul from the fires of eternal damnation for not believing in the literal Truth of the Square Earth.  And you are right to say that God is not religion.  As Jack Chick pointed out twice, we Christians aren't religious — we're right!]

Date: 17-June-2007

I had a dream last night: I was a dove, flying with the seagulls, and then I dove into the ocean, and swam with the dolphins. I was two animals, joined as one, which means THE EARTH IS ROUND!!! I swear to Zeus and his homeboys from the block. He says, you are the anti-christ. He told me that, in another dream I had.

PS: You still haven't told me where you obtained your marijuana. TELL ME NOW!!!!!!!!!

[Editor's note: Clearly, you lack Joseph's God-given talent for correctly interpreting dreams.  You started your dream as a flying seagull, but then dove down into the ocean.  Seagulls, as we all know, cannot breathe under water, so you were probably this )( close to drowning before you woke up.  The interpretation of this dream is obvious: God was warning you about your heretical Round Earth beliefs by bringing you close to death.

The part with the dolphins was probably a sexual metaphor.]

Date: 19-June-2007
Subject: Flat Earth!

Dude, your site ROCKS.

Lol you almost had me fooled that you were serious, until you mentioned that Chick Tract about D&D, and then had the article about AD&D on your page.


I'm supposed to be revising English political history, but i was getting bored, and your site made me smile!

Thanks from the UK

[Editor's note: *sigh* ... write one story about Munchkin characters and everybody thinks you're joking.]

Date: 21-June-2007

I would be honoured if you would allow me to use this for a film idea.  You are a funny guy and you have a serious future if you go further with these ideas.

If only people could see the potential.  I resent these people who are using all this foul language.  Its pointless.  I mean if only they could see the funny side of it all, its a shame, they're probably all redneck loonies with no futures.  Good luck to you.

Xx Xxxxxx

This is quality entertainment

[Editor's note: I'm getting a little worried here.  This isn't the first e-mail I've received which has assumed that the International Square Earth Society is a joke.  And, while the foul language in many of the e-mails I've received could be construed as disrespectful, I should point out that there's no passage in the bible that prohibits the user of modern-day "bad words,"  so at least they're not dooming their souls for their phraseology — I can't say the same for the souls of those who refuse to believe the scriptural Truth that the Earth is Square!]

Date: 22-June-2007

It was with great interest that I saw a poster in a school, now a museum, in Hot Springs, SD.  The poster was drawn by Prof. Orlando Ferguson.  It had many of the Biblical references and justifications for the Square and Stationary Earth.  I have attached a not too good picture of the poster for your information.
You may answer this e-mail, BUT please don't put me on a mail list.

[Editor's note: You are to be commended for your research!  The picture that this all-too-generous soul attached to his-or-her e-mail message is here: Ferguson_map.jpg.  As I mentioned in a comment on a mailbag message I received in a previous year, Professor Ferguson correctly placed the flat(ish) Earth on a square surface, and placed angels at each of the four corners, but timidly failed to stretch the surface of the Earth to cover the entire square.  His picture is basically a circular Earth with four inaccessible corners sticking out.  He does not seem to have had a Biblical basis for this odd decision.]

Date: 27-June-2007

Are you serious with this, or do you just smoke a lot of pot?

If your serious, PLEASE do not breed!

If you just smoke a lot of pot, you really entertained me. The O.J. part was hilarious!

[Editor's note: I do not smoke pot, although I have been known to use pots for the boiling of water and the growing of house plants.  I'm afraid I cannot accomodate you on your request not to breed, as God's commandment to "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it" (Genesis 1:28) still holds true today.  We can hardly be said to have filled the earth and subdued it if there are ninnies running around saying the Earth isn't square!]

Date: 27-June-2007
Subject: flat head

Honestly, hell sounds great if heaven is full of guys like you dude. Of course neither exist but hey- we cant all be expected to complicate our existence and understanding of the universe by every once in a while opening a book that has evolved past a time when men couldn't form an opinion on their own without severe punishment.

Try it with me...yes, say it slowly without having your final brain cells implode: Li-brary or lI-brer-E        -in case you need an audio reference and fully detailed description. Be careful with that one though as it has DNA references in it.

At any rate im sure a guy as computer savvy as yourself(website and all) can eventually get over whatever it is you think you're doing on the net. You arent doing yourself or anyone else a damn bit of service in this information world, you'd probably do better here --->

thanks for endulging, oh and your major sin is pride...

and for my final fuck you   -->

Thank you.

Date: 8-July-2007
Subject: a few questions (no swearing, i'm not immature)

i'll start off by saying that i do not believe your theory.  however, i am willing to engage in civilized scientific conversation.  by civilized, i mean that i will not insult you in any way, and i will provide evidence that is as far away from the mainstream as possible.  in return i expect you not to insult me and to provide evidence that can be observed.  do not call me heathenous, that is not your right.  do not tell me that i am going to hell, that is not your right.  do not judge me in any way, that is not your right.  if you agree to these terms please reply to this email.

first off: if the earth is square, why isn't the moon?  why isn't the sun?  why aren't all of the other celestial bodies?
furthermore, how do you explain the fact that water naturally forms a sphere when in a vacuum?  we know from the bible that the earth began as water.
how, pray tell, did the devil manage to win over every aircraft pilot in the history of intercontinental travel?  what about the map-makers?  the passengers in said aircraft?
how sharp are these proposed 90 degree turns at the edges?
how do you explain the fact that there is still water in the oceans?  shouldn't it have spilled off already?
why, if this was the truth, would everyone since the beginning of human life try to hide it?  god is in control, and he has shown mankind a lot of things more important than the shape of the planet.  god has no reason to hide such a huge truth from us.  what does the shape of the planet have to do with satan's invasion?  according to the ferguson map, shouldn't the water at the tropic of capricorn be much deeper, leaving one large central island?

well i do hope i have provided you with some thought provoking questions.  as stated before, i would love a reply, but only if you can restrain derogitory remarks.  i've seen a lot of them on your site and i have no patience for it.  i love my creator and i believe in his holy word.  you do not have the right to tell me or anyone else that we don't.

i admit a certain amount of anger at your audacity, but that is not the point of this email.  i love science and i love truth.  if what you say is true, i want to know as much as i can about it.  however, evidence based on baseball or your personal opinions about which country god loves the most aren't going to cut it.

i eagerly await your reply.

[Editor's note: You are a heathen, and you are going to hell.  But as to why the Earth is a square and the "other" celestial bodies aren't, I hasten to remind you that the Earth is not a celestial body.  It is the center of the universe, around which the celestial bodies revolve.

Before I could reply, this same reader was gracious enough to send me another e-mail message:]

Date: 8-July-2007
Subject: a follow-up

i would like to add a few things to the previous email.

it seems, based on the responses you've posted to other emails, that you pick out the stuff that doesn't actually have a point, such as the grammar used in the original email (notice that i do not use capitals), and odd linguistic assumptions.

furthermore you made a comment which indicated that you would like to be seen as an idol. i need not point out the blasphemous nature of this comment.  you seem to think that the word 'idol' and the word 'idiot' are linguistically connected.  obviously you are mistaken.

finally, you seem to enjoy jack chick tracts.  while i have read a number of them which were valuable and informative, a good number of them are absolutely without merit.  one that i take personal issue with is the one entitled "dark dungeons" which portrays dungeons & dragons as a gateway to satanism.  that tract really only showed some very weak minded characters who took a game too seriously.  mind you, this is a game which, while having magic, does not actually teach the player how to do magic.  i play d&d and i admit that there are questionable aspects which i would have omitted had i created the game.  at the same time, it is just that: a game.  it is not meant to be taken seriously.

chick tracts are biased in a number of ways which are unfair and unchristian.

in closing i would like to ask that if you decide to reply to this and the previous email, please do so in full.  don't just shoot me down based on the fact that i play d&d or that i don't use capital letters.  i expect more than that from one such as yourself who i assume to be an intellectual minded person.

[Editor's note: You play D&D and you don't use capital letters.  And, please, read my comments about the "idol" e-mail more carefully!  The other reader didn't call me an idol, or an idiot.  He called me an "idot."  As I said, I will gladly accept that title — whatever it means — so long as it is not a typo of "idol."

Before I could reply, this same reader was gracious enough to send me yet another e-mail message:]

Date: 8-July-2007
Subject: one more (i'm loving this)

there are many different translations of the bible which use different words.  one might use sky where another might use heaven.  by your reasoning, they are all true because you cite more than one version on your site.

also, when the bible says "his name is the lord", that is a lie.  his name, according to you, is god.

[Editor's note: The only true Bible is the original Old Testament Hebrew and the original New Testament Greek.  I refer to multiple English translations for the benefit of those English-speaking readers that don't know Biblical Greek and Biblical Hebrew.  In fact, the Bible does not say "His name is the Lord," it says "His name is" followed by the sacred Tetragrammaton (the Hebrew letters Yod-He-Vav-He).  Following in the tradition of the Septuagint, this word is usually rendered as "the LORD" when translated into English.]

Date: 22-July-2007
Subject: god

"is god willing to prevent evil but not able? then he is not omnipotent. is he able, but not willing? then he is malevolent. if he is both able and willing, whence cometh evil? is he neither able nor willing? then why call him god?" what are your thoughts on this quote?

a raging non-believer fag

[Editor's note: Since you didn't capitalize "god," I have to assume that you're not talking about the God of Scripture, but instead one of the mythological gods that populate classical or Norse literature.  And we already know that the non-existent gods from the polytheistic mythoi are described as anything but omnipotent.]

Date: 30-July-2007
Subject: great site

hello, after reading your site and reading your mailbag comments. i am 110% positive that this is a joke website. whenever someone posts an intelligent, logical argument, you either denounce them blasphemers and say they will burn in hell, or you state one grammatical or spelling error, instead of actually answering or rebuking the argument. but why do you do this? because its all in the fun. i find all of your comments very funny. but you wont have fun responding to this, i haven't asked any questions or posed any legitimate arguments...yet.

1. you say that planes turn at a 90 degree angle at the prime meridian. ok that might make sense, except when you actually take time to think about it. so they turn and then...what? how do you end up flying from new york to london?

2. lets say someone lives in the west side of algeria, and they want to visit a relative who lives in the east side of algeria. in the round earth world, they simply drive across algeria. in your world, how does he accomplish this?

3. i noticed in one of your editor's notes, you said that spacecraft don't actually exist. i have seen first hand a shuttle launch at coco beach in florida. how do u explain that?

have fun

[Editor's note: *sigh* ... another reader who thinks the International Square Earth Society is a "joke."  With regards to that Shuttle launch you saw in Florida, ask yourself: How high did you actually see the Shuttle get?  How did you decide that it had left the atmosphere?  If it disappeared over the horizon before you lost sight of it — due to the same trick of perspective that causes the sun and moon to appear to rise and set — how do you know it didn't smash into the Firmament and kill everyone on board, or land secretly at a hidden air base?  NASA has to put on these shows from time to time to keep the gullible public lulled into believing the Round Earth model.]

Date: 30-July-2007

Hello there, you do know that it's not possible to fake millions of pictures of the earth, trips to the moon, astronauts being in space and satelites in orbit?

Are you calling every single astronaut out there a liar?

[Editor's note: Yes.  I am.]

Date: 31-July-2007

this shit has to be a joke right? Because if you actually believe anything you've written, you must also believe that I have a 20 inch cock, and can bench press a school bus.

[Before I could reply, I received this follow-up:]

Date: 31-July-2007
Subject: Quick question

The fucking Catholic Church used to believe this bullshit you write... and ah they now do not.

Yeah, this is the same group of people who every time a piece of toast gets burnt enough to look like the virgin marry, they believe that god put that on the toast.

So people who believe burnt toast in the shape of a religious figure are actually more rational than yourself?

[Editor's note: The Catholic Church most emphatically did not believe in the Square Earth model.  They didn't even believe that the Earth was flat!  At most, they believed that the Earth was immobile and that the sun and planets revolved around the Earth.  This is one of many reasons why Jack Chick tells us that Catholics aren't Christians.]

Date: 31-July-2007
Subject: How?


How can you say that Earth does not have curved edges? I would be able to see islands off the coast if that was true. I would be able to see Africa from the Atlantic coast! Nothing can be further from the truth you say? Well how about this... the bible says no man can judge another based on ANYTHING, but here you sit telling me that i'm going to go to hell if I don't believe your crackpot theory that Earth is flat? You sir, are a hypocrite, you preach SOME passages of the Bible, but you deny others? People like you are the scum of society, you run around judging others and trying to impose your idiotic ideas on people. This is the 21st century, there's such a thing called science! Oh sure, science if the Devil, i'm sure. What is Religion without Science? NOTHING, like you.


Thou Shall Not Be A Dumbass.

[Editor's note: Thou shalt not be a dumbass?  Au Contraire!  The New Testament tells us that intelligence is a hindrance.  c.f. 1 Corinthians 1:19-25, Matthew 11:25.  It isn't the dumb asses you have to worry about, it's the smart asses!]

Date: 31-July-2007

  flat earth, eh?


i'm sorry, but you REALLY made me laugh. if you're being serious, i hate to think of the name you're setting for TRUE Christians. I really don't want to be associated with such nonsense. so please stop.

  so why the HECK would someone be going to hell if they don't believe that the earth is flat? last i checked, God says that "...a man is not justified my observing the law, but by FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST." (Galatians 2:16)

  and it seems that Paul's concern for the Ephesians didn't have anything to do with science or theology: "For this reason I kneel before the Father...I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith, And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ and to know this love SURPASSES KNOWLEDGE- that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God." (Ephesians 3:14-19) theology there. i mean, if the earth being flat was such a big freakin' deal, wouldn't it be more plainly said in the Bible, not through some ambiguous descriptive metaphorical verses? and why do you take those verses to be SO literal, but Isaiah 40:22 as unimportant?

   and WHERE in the Bible does it say that every single thing is to be taken literally? God CREATED metaphors and figurative language- one would THINK that he would know how to use it!!! and the only eternal sin I've seen in the bible is: " But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin." (Mark 3:29)
   nope, nothing about the earth being flat and going to a flat hell. sorry there, pal.

  and it really concerned me when you claimed that "Of all the nations on Earth today, God most loves the United States of America." that's a prettttty haughty claim. why the heck would you think that? First of all, Israel, NOT America, is the nation chosen by God. And God has chosen many spokesmen from many nations to spread His word, not just Pat Robertson. WHAT THE HECK?!? and what does baseball have to do with the Bible? that's just plain illogical. no, i don't think baseball was divinely inspired. at least, no more than basketball or bungee jumping.
   so i guess that's all for now....
hey, maybe you should go talk to some astronauts who really HAVE gone to space. i really don't know why the devil would be so intent on convincing people that the earth is round...honestly, you give him too much credit for what he is.

i'm sorry that you take this so darn seriously...God help your confused soul. honestly
--Concerned Christian who is not going to hell for knowing that the earth is round

[Editor's note: I most certainly do not take Isaiah 40:22 to be unimportant.  I merely went back to the original Hebrew to discover the true meaning of the word normally translated into English as "circle."  You will note that no such problem exists with Revelation 7:1 : the original Greek most definitely says "four corners."]

Date: 31-July-2007

Umm... are you honestly being serous or just taking a joke too far?? if the is actual a square and flat are please why no one has fallen off it?? America is not the center of the whole damn world and earth in is not in the center of the universe. How do you explain the fact that it is night on side of the Earth while it is day on the other? or the Seasons?

[Editor's note: Greater minds than I have already described how the sun can be above the horizon on one half of the flat earth while appearing to be below the horizon on the other half.  And how do you know that no one has fallen off the edge?]

Date: 1-August-2007
Subject: jeasus lied

the "fact" that the earth is flat and has a "square" appearance defiys all logic, and one can outrule this theory by simply asking questions.

q1: how can ships/airplanes fly around the world without taking a detour around the flat plane in a short amount of time? have we discoverd that religion can defy all logic and the laws of space?

q2: if other planets(and they have ben portrayd thrughout history) rotate around the earth(remember, the earth st "square" (sarcastic)), shouldn't earth have a extreemly high mass? a mass equivelent to the sun?

q3:all other planitoid bodys in space have a round shape. does this make earth the only exeption?

q4if the earth is "immoble", then the rest of the universe would rotate around it. this means that the earth would take a sphere or cylindrical shape because all other matter would be spinning around it.

q5: if the earth is flat, then how does the gps systems work?

     it is clear that i am going to burn in hell for questioning the authority of god but oh well. i dont belive in god, or in any religion for that manner. if you lok at todays technology (which is appparently full of sins) why havent we gotten a clear awnser? do you remember hiroshima? if we are capapble of desrtoying entire cities with nukes, then wouldn't we be able to go in space by now?
     the awnser is we alredy have gone in space. nasa, hollywood, and airliner pilots are not in leage with the devil. the earth is round. also the sun is the epcenter of the solar system, not earth. plus, if god was real, wouldn't he be ablee to quell all the violence in the middle east by now?

     a assume that you are going to tell me that logic is the way of the devil, that only stupid people matter. oh well, see you in hell bich

[Editor's note: Even according to official history, the dropping of Little Boy on Hiroshima pre-dated the first alleged Earth-orbiting satellite by over a decade.  Nuclear weaponry does not imply spacefaring capability, any more than it implies an ability to cure the common cold.

After reading the above Editor's note, this kind soul was gracious enough to reply:]

Date: 3-September-2007

you still havent told me how gps works, god does not do it even if all this bullshit you say is true. Gps is a man-made system, so god does not affect it at all.
what about earths high mass if it was the center of the earth?

i wasnt saying that nuclear technology lead us to space travel. i was saying that if we can create nuclear whepons we can eventually do anything. by the way use airborne to cure your fucking common cold.

also, the world is in a much worse state then it was before the whole "noha's ark" shit, we are possibly evoking on a world war three! wouldnt god have floodded the earth again?

just tell me how the gps systems work, i know all about them and they dont work without space.

[Editor's note: Airborne® carries the following disclaimer: "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intented to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."  In other words, it's alternative medicine snake-oil, no more effective than homeopathy or ear candling.  The only proven method for curing the common cold is an exorcism to cast the cold-causing demons out of your body.]

Date: 1-August-2007

HAHAHA.... that was a good laugh. Thanks for brightening my day... at first I was a little scared that you were serious! Phew. I especially liked the part where you tie in O.J. Simpson

[Editor's note: And you should be scared.  For the sake of your eternal soul, you'd better be!

When I questioned her lack of belief in my seriousness, this reader responded:]

Date: 2-August-2007

the reason I think that you are kidding is because
A. You can't possibly think that everything in the bible is to be taken literally.
and for that fact...
B. you can't possible believe that everything in the christian religion is right.
I myself am christian, but I know that everything in the bible is not real.
C. Because if you did truly believe this... then you are contradicting yourself because you say to follow everything the bible says, but then you judge people and persecute them; which the bible says we shouldn't.
D. because how the hell the could the government fake all of those space mission photos and videos. How can you explain to me how cell phones work. We use the satellites in space, and you are suggesting that there is no space at all.
Te government spends roughly about .8% of goverment fundings on space travel. If there is no space, then where is this money going. And why would the government lie to us at all? What would matter if the eath was flat? Why would they lie in the first place?

[Editor's note: The Bible most certainly does command us to judge and persecute others.  Time and again throughout Leviticus, we see commandments to stone the unrighteous to death.  Incidentally, cell phones do not require satellite communications to operate — your cell phone communicates with a local ground-based transceiver tower using radio waves.  The transmission range is very short, which is why you sometimes can't find a "cell" when you're out away from a big city.  These radio signals are then converted into electrical signals that are sent through the ground-based copper wires of the standard telephone service.  No fictitious "ComSats" need be involved.]

Date: 4-August-2007

Honestly, were you dropped on your head when you were born? Or were you deprived on oxygen? Which one?

I found your web-site off of YouTube, where someone was reading the Q&A's, and I must say, it's quite entertaining and yet, quite sad to see how stupid the human race has become. Oh, and the person who was reading the Q&A's was an atheist and mocking you and all your beliefs.

It wasn't me, though I wish it was. I am an atheist, and I look down on all of you whom believe in this fairy tale you call "God". And don't even start with your "You're going to Hell" or "Go read the Bible". Well, there is no Hell to go to, and I have read the Bible from front to back. HONESTLY. How the FUCK do you believe it? IT'S A FUCKING FAIRY TALE! A CHILDREN'S BOOK! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

On top of that: You say that America is God's favorite nation? Well, if there is a God... Is he smoking crack? I mean, what the fuck. America is the worst fucking nation in the world, and I don't know how anyone could be STUPID enough to think otherwise.

Oh, and baseball is a God-given sport? Or whatever the fuck you said? Are YOU smoking crack? SERIOUSLY! What the fuck is wrong with people now-a-day's?!?!!?

And these are the things that are "in leauge" with the Devil:
-Airline Pilots


You know, I want to meet you JUST so I can hit you on the head with a book of physics and scream "EARTH ROUND! GOD NOT REAL!"

Thank you for your time and cooperation. It was much appreciated.

[Editor's note: The video this reader is speaking of is available on YouTube at  It's mostly a reading of the main Society webpage, embellished with air quotes.  I realize the young lady in the video is mocking belief in the True Shape of the Earth, but if her mockery helps to get the message out, then that many more souls might be saved!]

Date: 15-August-2007
Subject: Square Earth

Square Earth.

[Editor's note: I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you're saying here.  Are you claiming that the earth is lolling to one side?]

Date: 26-August-2007

Mr. Square Earth:

You mentioned the following in a response to one of your reader's. I have posted it here from your reference notes:

Editor's note: As the late Charles K. Johnson has pointed out, the sun and moon are only about 32 miles in diameter.  They circle above the earth in the vicinity of the equator, and their apparent rising and setting are tricks of perspective, like railroad tracks that appear to meet in the distance.  Furthermore, the moon shines by its own light, rather than by reflected sunlight as those Satan-schooled round-earthers would have you believe.  Therefore, the lunar phases, such as the "fingernail"-shaped crescent phase this reader mentions, are a matter of which parts of the lunar surface are currently glowing.  God put the rhythmical waxing-and-waning patterns of light on the moon's surface to give Man a means of counting the passing months.  This is very important because the timing of Easter Sunday depends on lunar timekeeping, and without the moon we'd miss Easter and be condemned to Hell for all eternity.]
I am very alarmed that you celebrate "Easter". I am not sure if you know this but the Roman Catholics adopted the name "Easter" .EASTER was originally a PAGAN goddess--the Roman ISHTAR or better named as ASHERAH---the Queen of Heaven in the Bible. Other names of this same include Eostre(norse), Inana, Cybil, Astarte...etc. Why do you think the secular world uses bunnies with eggs? This comes from an ancient Roman custom for fertility prayer to the goddess where they put a rabbit in the basket with eggs---hoping they would have kids.

The Bible says "Thou shalt have no other gods before me!" If indeed non-square flat earth believer's are damned to hell---then so are you for calling Christ's resurrection day by a filthy pagan goddess name. "Thou shalt have no other gods before me!"

Please note the following here posted as reference from your site:

Just kidding, dude. I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! Brilliant! Absolutely fucking brilliant.
Xxxx, the Godless Bastard

[Editor's note: It warms the cockles of my heart to see a sheep of the flock who has seen the light about God's square Earth.  Saving the souls of the misguided Round Earthers is brilliant, I wholeheartedly agree.]

I do not understand how this person see the light---as he is cursing every other word. I do believe the Bible says we are to not curse man whom He has made. Since your notes say you agree with him---then I have news for you--- you are promoting a profane mouth---and calling it light! Obviously, calling darkness light is contrary to Christ.

Regarding a square flat earth---

At first I thought you had shown me the truth---this sphericial earth theory that has convinced everyone on the planet through Hollywood and NASA as well as thousands of actors, satanic air pilots and sailors might be the "strong delusion". However, truly you are the agent of Satan propigating the replacement of Christ's resurrection with worship of Easter. Since, you  are promoting Satanic goddess worship---The Bible says "Satan prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour". Believing an agent of satan as yourself  leads to deception. Therefore, I will have to do one thing---and that is PROVE and test all things being said that includes teachers such as yourself--- because I read in the Bible --- "For faith is the substance of things hoped the EVIDENCE of things not seen". But since you promote pagan worship and call profane mouth light---then I aleady know you are a deceiver.

[Editor's note: The person writing in all caps was not "cursing."  Cursing is saying things like "May God make your uterus barren!"  All this person was doing was using English words that are currently considered impolite.  And despite the linguistic similarities, Ishtar and Ashera were different gods — the former was Babylonian, the latter was Hebrew.  Yes, Hebrew.  The use of Elohim in the plural throughout Genesis indicates that the Israelites were a polytheistic people until Josiah came along and showed them the Truth.]

Date: 30-August-2007

First i would say, i am Indonesian... And can't speak
english well...

If you believe me. Then, this was okay...

GOD, even spoke to me...
"Don't react to any of your instinct right away...
You are so Big Headed to solve the mystery of GOD"

It's not a humor, i once be a anti-Christ, but not

In fact, they not talking about World is Square or not...
First of all, they said(without real world, i mean just
implisity) the GOD is not perfect...

Really, i am confused that time, thanks to my family that
i can control my self and get rid of this shit

And if u want to know how the anti-Christ work... I will
let you know, so you are not doomed for sure...

So, this what will i say...
If you really believe that the World is Square... Believe
it by yourself, if u ask us to join you to believe it,
then you are indeed an anti-Christ just like the other who
ask me to(You know, you said that if we not believe it, we
will burn to Hell... In fact you don't know the thruth by

We can't solve the mystery of this world just with the
Bible itself, GOD is full of mystery... Coz GOD is the
perfect One...

Thanks, if u are really know what i say, then please...
Remove the words that "The not believer go to hell"...

[Editor's note: "Antichrist" is a term that only appears in the first and second letters of John — once, even, in the plural!  It refers to any contemporary of John who claimed to be the Messiah but wasn't Jesus.  Apparently, this reader used to believe he was Christ himself!]

Date: 31-August-2007
Subject: The earth is flat...

Hell Sir,
I just finish reading your relogious base website. I would love to give you my humble opinion, I think that is illogical. You MOTHERFUCKERS can go to hell for lieing, yeah I said it, you know what I mean it. You guys have shit as brains, even a retard can know that. What is next "Blondes are with the devil"? I feel very sorry for you, you probly stil a 60 year old virgin living with your MOMMY. Life is a mystery, I bet my money the God made a mistake creating you or he was tired and let the devil create you. You might a well take the keyboard and shove it up you tny little ass, you MOFO. You guys are doo-doo faced, crack/pot head, ass licking, penis sucking gags, baby killing LOSERS!!!!Go a F*CK A TREE BITCH!!! And I don't believe in god !!

your half-assed believer,

[Editor's note: Most of the blondes I've seen are with the Devil.  Strutting their blondeness around for all the world to see, tempting innocent boys and God-fearing men into the Sin of Onan like that.  The nerve!]

Date: 12-September-2007
Subject: im a misguided soul?

Dear Mr. Wilcox

1) How dare you pass judgement on anyone you dont know, to me that seems to be a major sin, does "god" not say we have the choice and freedom of free thought?
2) Dont try and force your outdated and disproven (and unsubstantiated) claims on others. we dont care about a so-called "flat earth". its is complete bull. You dont get out of you box much, do you?

Metaphors are not sins. Oh, and you neglect to mention that a sphere/circle can be divided into 4 quarters.

As for this passage - "And if that's not enough to convince you, consider this: Of all the nations on Earth today, God most loves the United States of America. (This is evident from songs like "God Bless America," and from the fact that Pat Robertson, God's chosen spokesman, lives in the U.S..) America's national pastime is the game of baseball. Baseball is played on a "diamond", which is perfectly square in shape ó and which, I might add, has its corners oriented to point toward the four compass points. God would not have made baseball into the national pastime of His favorite nation if He didn't have a higher purpose in mind for it. Clearly, His higher purpose is to show us the True shape of the Earth. The Earth must be perfecly square, just like the diamond-shaped field in God's Chosen Sport is square." - does the bible not state that God loves us all evenly? And if he did have a favourite, why would it be a sinful country like America? There is no country that is mroe despicable than that. Evident from a song - WRITTEN BY A PERSON? Good logic there. Evangelists have no merit in this case either - actually in any case, they are fakes and abuse what is true about the bible. Then again, people like you make me unsure what to believe.

"the entire NASA space program is a sham" - how dare you say something about a program that numerous people have given their physical and emotional lives for? Once again, you do not have the right to do something like that. Hiding behind god and religion does not give you the right to talk down to others.

I pity you for the sheltered life you lead, blind to obvious truths, and trapped by a outdated religion.

May "god", be it any form, have mercy on what part of a soul you have.

[Editor's note: Yes, numerous people have given their physical and emotional lives for NASA's space program.  But certain people also gave their physical and emotional lives when they crashed an airliner into the World Trade Center.  Does their sacrifice mean that we dare not question their motives?]

Date: 13-September-2007
Subject: You are simply ignorant.

I looked at your website and wow.... I am amazed. I can tell you have only been educated by a Catholic school or church because you are so misguided. Did you not take science? Can you not comprehend mathematics and basic astronomy? Do you not notice the movements of the sun? The moon? Waves? Seasons? Do you believe the Earth is the only planet? Or are so you ignorant to the point where you call them Jesus' reubix cubes. The Bible should NEVER under any circumstances be taken in a literal sense it is similar to the Constitution which is changed or just interpreted differently. If that was not possible there would still be slaves and no alcohol consumption. That means none of your wine at mass. Reading your website reminded me of reading 1984 you are in such denial for a false sense of security that it is pathetic. NASA is a conspiracy? All Pilots are the devil? Are you kidding how do you get yourself to believe this crap. You really need to go back to school or open a book besides the Bible because you are extremely ignorant.

[Editor's note: Catholic?  CATHOLIC?!  How dare you accuse a True Believer like myself of being a Mary-worshipping Pope-following transubstantiator!  There's a reason the official Latin canon of the Roman Catholic Church is called the "vulgate," you know!]

Date: 20-September-2007

Mr Wilcox,

I am writing to you because while I enjoyed your website immensely, I have several problems with the way that you support your opinions.  For example, the passage listed above [Rev 7:1] doesn't take into account anything regardng the subject matter it pertains to.  It omits, for example, that indeed the entire book of Revelation is just that - a revelation, given to none other than John of Patmos, who was indeed a poet.  In fact the entire book is full of poetic illusions and metaphors for the end of the world - none of which are stated as literal.  In fact, not many christians (as uneducated as you believe them to be) are expecting a seven-headed monster to arise out of the sea and conquer the earth.  Furthurmore, you keep finding phrases that refer to the "ends of the earth" as if that is some literal interpration to a flat-world.  I suppose then that every reference to the "ends of the ages" means that the Bible is conveying the fact that time is encompassed in a geometric shape?  Through the ends of the ages and through the ends of the earth are figurative expressions Mr. Wilcox - perhaps you should dig a little deeper before pawning them off as something they are not.

[Editor's note: The phrase "ends of the ages" does not appear anywhere in the bible.  The phrase "end of the ages" (note the singular) does appear in Hebrews 9:26, but this refers to the fact that the contemporaries of Jesus were living in the End Times, near the time when all the ages of the world would come to an end.  Indeed, as Matthew 16:28 points out, at least two of the people who heard Jesus speak while he was alive and incarnate will still be alive when the Second Coming occurs.]

Date: 24-September-2007

hello I am a quaker and I believe that everybody is entitled to their opinion, however that means everybody not just those who believe what I want to hear. I went to a catholic school and disagree with most of their opinions, however were does the bible say anything about us (as in you or I) being in a position to judge anybodies opinion as holy or unholy. let he without sin cast the first stone? as in unless you have never sinned you are in no position to judge? and if you say you have never sinned then surely you are contradicting the bible as it says we all sin? I don't wish to comment on your square earth theory as clearly you are unwilling to except any opinion other than your own so it is pointless even trying to explain its flaws. however I do feel that I should point out that no human is in a position to condemn anybody to hell and the god I know would not condone any human telling people they were going to burn in hell over something as ludicrous as this. the god I know loves anybody who wants his love and lives their live in a way that reflects gods love. god does not discriminate nor would he try to trick us into not believing.

please take some time to consider if abusing those who believe something different from you is really making the most of the precious time you have been given, spreading hate wont get you into heaven.

[before I could reply to the above, the same person was gracious enough to e-mail me again:]

Date: 24-April-2007

sorry to bother you with another email but i forgot this key point..... If god wanted us to be forced into believing he wouldnt have given us free will. thank you again for your time.

[Editor's note: The "god you know" clearly isn't the God Almighty of the Holy Bible.  In many New Testament passages, the Lord our God makes it clear that he does not want everybody to get into Heaven, and that He can and will resort to trickery to root out the true believers from the half-assed ones.  See 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 and Matthew 7:13 if you don't believe me.  God even goes so far as to allow Satan to run around freely on the Earth, so that Satan can trick as many people as possible into giving up the One True Faith and condemning themselves to an eternity of torture in the very Hell that God created.  So you can either toe the line, and accept every word of both Testaments as literally true, or you can exercise that precious Free Will that God gave you by choosing Hell.]

Date: 5-October-2007
Subject: Is the Earth Really Flat?

You obviously don't believe in God. I noticed how you skipped over... Job 26:7 that states that the earth hangs on nothing. You are a master at stretching what the Bible says or does not say.

Matthew 4:8- even if the Bible said the earth was flat, and the devil took the Lord to the highest mountain to view the kingdoms, he wouldn't be able to see Egypt from Israel. Any idiot knows that. The Bible does not state that the devil used a telescope, so this was obviously a vision that he showed the Lord.

Psalms 93:1 & 96:10 & 104:5- umm i don't quite get your point here?  The point made is that earth has been established, forever, by God. Surely David, knew the wind blew and waves moved and the occasional earthquake happened. But the earth itself will go on forever.

Isaiah 45:18- God formed the earth. Yea, so, what's your point? How does that illustrate that the earth is flat?

Isaiah 11-12
And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.

Revelation 7-1:
And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.

The reference to four corners does not imply that the writers of these texts believed that the Earth was flat. The above verses suggests more that the four corners were the four compass points.

Some Bible critics have claimed that Revelation 7:1 assumes a flat earth since the verse refers to angels standing at the "four corners" of the earth. Actually, the reference is to the compass directions: north, south, east, and west. Similar terminology is often used today when we speak of the sun's rising and setting, even though the earth, not the sun, is doing the moving. Bible writers used the "language of appearance," just as people always have.  Without it, the intended message would be awkward at best and probably not understood clearly.

The Bible of teaches the correct shape of the earth. Isaiah 40:22 says God sits above 'the circle of the earth' (the Hebrew word for 'circle' can also mean a 'sphere'). Also, Luke 17:34-36 depicts Christ's Second Coming as happening while some are asleep at night and others are working at day-time activities in the field-an indication of a rotating earth with day and night at the same time.

Some have tried to ridicule the Bible to say that it teaches that the earth is square. The Scripture makes it quite clear that the earth is a sphere Isaiah 40:22. Job 26:7

[Editor's note: Matthew 4:8 has the Devil taking Jesus up to the highest mountain, from which Jesus could see all of the kingdoms of the Earth.  The verse is clear, your childish desire to believe that one cannot see Egypt from Israel notwithstanding.  And, dude — for dude you are — you weren't paying attention when I discussed the Hebrew word choice in Isaiah 40:22, were you.]

Date: 26-October-2007
Subject: Flat earth

Damn, when i see all the mail taking you seriously i get so depressed.  Please tell me you get many more e-mails appreciating and completely recognizing the fact that it's a joke.  Even the people who are unsure kind of scare me.

[Editor's note: The International Square Earth Society is only as much of a joke as your immortal soul is!  Can you really afford not to take Pascal up on his wager here?]

Date: 7-November-2007

I simply would have to ask all kinds of questions, far too many for you to answer. So I'm not going to burden you with them. I'm just going to applaud you. I'm clapping between typing spurts. You are everything that is wrong with humanity, and unlike you religious types, who are so filled with hate that you want me to die and burn forever, I'm meerly going to say you're stupid. That is all.

[Editor's note: How does one say something "meerly"?  Does this mean the reader is answering in the manner of a meerkat?  I hope so, because meerkats are among the cutest of God's creations.  Just look at those cute little tails!]

Date: 30-November-2007
Subject: Redemption.

Please, pray for me. For I have fallen from my christian teachings.  After seeing the mighty truth that is science I came to conclude the my early indotrination with christian propeganda as a child was, indeed, inherently flawed.  Also, I am not a huge, impressionable faggot.

After seeing your site, and skimming through it, I concluded it was total, christ-faggotry induced bullshit.  I subsequently voiced my hopes of you and your fellow believers dying in a fire for being so fundamentally ignorant and undeniably stupid.  But then I saw that I could email you so you would pray for my heathen soul.  Sounds good to me.  You do the work and get me a get-into-heaven-free card.  In the infinitely slim chance that you are right, which is non-existant, I still have all my bases covered without actually having done any work for it.  So pray, and make sure you pray good and hard.  Make it believable too.  Just so god doesn't put us both in hell to spite us.

Also, say hi to zombie Jesus for me, haven't seen him around in a while, like over a 100 years, perhaps even over 9000.

Love and kisses,


[Editor's note: I wish my prayers could save non-believers from the fires of Hell, but sadly, that's not the way God works.  The best I can do is pray that you'll see the light, and realize that you have to believe every word in the Bible as literally true to avoid eternal torture.]

Date: 6-December-2007
Subject: Square Earth

I'm with you! Let's spread the word!
Oh, and by the way, if you will allow me to take this opportunity to use your site as a soapbox - let us also spread the word on the evils of DHMO.  We all know what a killer it is.
Ban DHMO now!!!!

[Editor's note: How can you think to compare the soul-saving goal of the International Square Earth Society with the "goal" of the Coalition to Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide, which is an admitted parody organization?]

Date: 7-December-2007


Go outside tonight and look for the Southern Cross constellation.  If you live in the northern hemisphere you won't be able to see it.
I live in the southern hemispere and I can't see the North Star.
If the earth was flat, all inhabitants could see all the stars.

Daylight lasts in longer in Canada during summer than it does in Mexico.
Why is there a difference if the earth is flat?

During a Lunar eclipse, the earths shadow crosses the face of the moon.
Why does the earths shadow always cast a curve when it crosses the moon during a Lunar eclipse?
Regardless of the earths orientation?
What shape is curved when viewed from every angle?

These are facts anyone can see for themselves.

[Editor's note: *sigh*  The late Charles K. Johnson of the old International Flat Earth Society has already explained these apparent "visual anomalies".  Sunset, sunrise, the visibility of different stars — they're all tricks of perspective.  Consider railroad tracks.  If you stand between the tracks and look along them waaaay off in the distance, it looks like the two rails converge at a point on the horizon.  You don't really think they come closer together and touch in the distance, do you?  Of course not.  They're parallel, and they're the same distance apart at all points along the track.  It's the same with the apparent rising and setting of the sun and stars: It may look like the sun is sinking toward the horizon and dipping below it, but in fact the sun is just getting farther away and is the same height above the ground at all times.

I must also take exception to your claim that the Earth casts its shadow on the moon during a lunar eclipse.  For one, the sun and moon are always on the same side of the (flat, square) Earth, so this is impossible.  For another, the theory that lunar eclipses were caused by the Earth's shadow was first proposed by the ancient Greeks, who were both pagan and homosexual.  You don't want to swallow the nonsense they wrote, do you?]

Date: 10-December-2007
Subject: My Soul

Dear Roger,
I will use a logic diagram for a moment:
Given: Earth is perfectly square.
Given: Everyone who believes in a Earth other than a square one are incorrect.
Prove: Nonbelievers are in league with the Devil.
Can you prove this?
Also, let's say that airline pilots, NASA, Hollywood, and others are evil.  What would they have to gain?
Can you explain to me, why other planets and their moons are round, why the sun is round, why our moon is round, why we have airplanes, satellites, and astronauts in space stations that go around the Earth?  How can all of science be wrong?  Is ALL of it a conspiracy?  Are astronomers in on the conspiracy?  Do you think satellite TV is a conspiracy?  Is NASA a conspiracy?  Why can I see the curvature or the Earth when I'm at a cruising altitude of 34,000 feet?  Am I in on the conspiracy?  Is the FAA in on the conspiracy?  Is Google Earth in on the conspiracy?  Is geography in on the conspiracy?  Why do the climbers who reach the summit of Mount Everest see the curvature or the earth?  Why has it been documented on film?  Are mountain climbers part of the conspiracy?  Are TV broadcasting companies part of the conspiracy?  IS the entire government in on the conspiracy?  Is every other international government and intergovernmental organization in on the conspiracy?  Are even the global warming skeptics in on the conspiracy?  What do they all have to gain from the conspiracy?
Furthermore, can you provide a diagram how the sunset and nighttime perspective tricks occur?

Please reply,
Xxxxxxx Xxxx   [X's in original]

[Editor's note: Don't make the mistake of referring to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. as "other" planets.  The Earth is not a planet; it is the Earth.  And don't try to tell me you can see the curvature of the Earth from a mere 34,000 feet altitude.  Even those who have been tricked by Satan into believing the Earth is round claim that the "curvature of the Earth" can't be seen below about 100,000 feet altitude or so.]

Date: 11-December-2007

so what your trying to tell us all roger is that if anyone  believes in jesus christ but doesnt believe that the earth is round  as you say then they are obviously a misguided hellbound heathen OH MY GOODNESS!!!

[Editor's note: The basic message of salvation is as stated by Jesus in Matthew 5:17-19.  Not one jot or tittle shall vanish from the Scripture until all is accomplished!  Reject one jot, or one tittle, and Satan will be chewing on your soul for all eternity.]

Date: 21-December-2007
Subject: Earthquakes

Dear Mr Wilcox.

I would like you to explain night and day for me.
I am typing this email at nine o'clock in the evening in Britain midwinter.  My cousins in New Zealand are currently waking up to a bright midsummer morning.  I can phone them and have a normal, undelayed conversation with them.
If the earth is square and flat, how can one sun illuminate one half yet not the other?  Unless there are large, opaque and yet unvisible walls segregating the earth into different time zones I don't understand how this works.

There is only one theory that proves this.
Light is fluid.
For a much more in-depth analysis of this theorem please consult the 'discworld' series by Terry Pratchett.  The earth in the aforementioned text is also flat (yet is round) and the sea is constantly flowing over the edge (though due to the magic of the disc is expendable).  The disc itself is supported on the back of four elephants - of disputed Asian or African origin - who in turn ride on the back of a gigantic turtle (A'Tuin).
I think you would enjoy the series, Pratchett's creation draws many parallels with your own ideas (for instance flying - although they don't have planes the witches do have broomsticks and have to turn accordingly).

I would  appreciate a reply as the subject interests me greatly.

I would like to express my concerns that a possible franchise of your organisation would have to pay copyright for the use of the 'international square earth' name.  If you base all your teachings on the word of the Bible, do you have to pay actually money to God?  And if so, how?
My other concern is that it reminds me of the lyrics of the 'Genesis' song 'Jesus he knows me'.  I dearly hope that you are not seeking to make money out of a respected and international religion.

[Editor's note: Light as a fluid?  Get serious.  God's laws of perspective work perfectly well in explaining the apparent disappearance of the sun over the horizon in one part of the world, and its apparent simultaneous appearance in another.]

Date: 27-December-2007

I came to the conclusion that the earth is square 40 years ago.  Thank you for being here with biblical proof that what I believe is the gospel truth when I needed you.

[Editor's note: You're welcome!  I'm always glad to help out a fellow True Believer.]

Date: 31-December-2007

I do not believe any human being can be as insane and corrupted as to really believe in what you said, so I assume that this is a joke, even though you seem to be putting too much time in this.  (Yeah, I know you'll say it's as much of a joke as my immortal soul.  Well, I don't believe that we really literally have a soul-- only metaphysically.)

Two things...

1. There is a simple way to test whether the earth is flat.  Why don't you try sail to the horizon and see if you can reach it and fall off the edge.

2. The Jews are God's chosen people, as he very clearly states in the Bible.  Not the Americans.

[Editor's note: If America is not God's Favorite Nation, then why is Pat Robertson, who is God's chosen spokesman on Earth, a U.S. citizen?  And why did God give the United States the largest nuclear arsenal in the world?]

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