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Date: 1-January-2006

[Editor's note: The first two are known tricks of perspective, as explained by the late great Charles K. Johnson's International Flat Earth Society.  Lunar eclipses, though, are another matter entirely.  Atheist astronomy has it completely wrong when they claim that a Lunar eclipse is the shadow of the Earth cast upon the moon.  Since we know from Biblical sources that the moon is only a few hundred miles overhead, the Earth's shadow should be a lot bigger than that, shouldn't it?]

Date: 2-January-2006

Are you serious? The world is not only flat, but square?
Either you've taken the idea of a pizza shaped earth to include that Pizza Hut 'Four for All' thing, or you take the Bible way too literally.
This is a joke right? Yeah? Isn't it?

[Editor's note: It's refreshing to know that Pizza Hut is finally abandoning their misguided circular-Earth-shaped pizzas in favor of pizzas modelled after the true shape of the Earth!]

Date: 2-January-2006

How about the journey of Magellan?  Didin't that prove that the Earth was a sphere.  How about the discoveries of Copernicus and Galileo?

One more question? What lies on the other side?

By the long as Jesus is my saviour "none shall pluck me out of His hand".

[Editor's note: Jesus will not continue to be your savior if you reject the Word of God.  Will you also reject His commandment to love thy neighbor?  Or to tithe to your local Fundamentalist Christian church?  You cannot cherry-pick some scriptures to abide by and others to ignore, and still expect to walk through the Pearly Gates.]

Date: 3-January-2006


I have a doubt.  What can you say about the pictures taken from above the earth showing that it is round?

[Editor's note: You have a doubt?  Stop right there.  That's your real problem.  You must have faith in the word of the Lord, for only by faith will you be saved!  Particularly in a country like India, where you're surrounded by Hindus who don't even believe in the sacred truth of the Bible.]

Date: 3-January-2006

Exuse me,

But in your reply to a message on the 19th of may of 2005 you mention tax collectors as some people that are frowned at in the bible, but remember that 1 of the 12 diciples was originally a tax collector.

Also replying a message sent the 29th of september you say not to trust other E-mails but do trust your web page, now, why trust a lunatics web page and not an e-mail if they`re both shown on internet?what`s the diference?

Also in a meesage sent to you on the 1st of october a person mentioned that it was a good idea to get yoyr brain checked,(which sounds like a great idea to me)you mention a MRI scanner that you thaught was "demonic" just because it lifted your belt! itīs not demons, itīs called TECHONOLOGY!!!!

Now, you also say there is no space and that the world is 2 dimensional whereīs the sun? Also the third dimension is Length, Width an HEIGHT!!!!!!Hhmmm? and if Iīm not mistaking those are three and you have each one of them!You say that te sea is at all the edges of the earth, so where does water go? If you say it wonīt fall īcause it canīt, then that means thereīs no gravity and if that were the case then weīd all be floating in nothingness! If the earth is square,(and not even close to a cube) How do we bury people 6 feet under ground?And also, what about volcanoes? they spit out lava, and lava is magma,and magma is in the CENTER of the earth!And donīt say that god makes it happen! Why would he want to kill people?If you say there is no space how can you say that the earth is the center of the UNIVERSE?The universe is SPACE!

Why would the devil want us to believe the earth is round?!What good does it do him?

The bible has been translated more than 100,000 times!!!Nobody can find the exact translation!(Iīm bilingual and I know this for a fact, sometimes to translate something you say words that are slightly diffrent then what Iīm looking for)So when someone changes it little by little mare than 100,000 times you canīt take everithing completley literally And aside frome that, nobody can just go and say that the bible means this, this, this an this.NOBODY can understand exactly what he says!

In one reply sent from a message from the 24th of november of 2005 you said "And you know what Jack Chick has to say about those!"I donīt know or CARE who Jack Chick is, nowhere in the bible does it say that Catholics wonīt go to heaven, or Christians, or Jewes, or people who think that the earth is round for that matter!Only people who believes in the Creator, The God of gods The Lord!

In religious schools they donīt teach that the earth is squared! they say itīs ROUND!and in non-religious schools too!

Also in a message from the 20th of december you say "you know what deuteronomy 13:6-8 has to say about "open minded""If nobody where open minded weīd all think exactly the same!

Well thatīs all, bye

P.S. Iīm 12 years old, pastorīs son, and i donīt want my name to be x-ed out please,Iīm Xxxxxx Xxxxxx

[Editor's note: Be glad I did X your name out, son!  If your pastor parents ever found out about the round-Earth heresy you've been spouting, they would rightly excommunicate you.  (Unless they belong to one of those round-Earth "churches," in which case they're already condemned to hell anyway.)]

Date: 3-January-2006

I think the bible releated satire on your website is among the funniest things ever.  Your imitation of a retarded creationist seems believable despite it obviously being an exagerated stereotype.  Keep it up!  <smiley face graphic>

[Editor's note: Satire?  I don't understand.]

Date: 4-January-2006

Hi Roger,

Living on the edge of the earth in South Africa I find it quite amazing that there can be so many people that doubt the authenticity of the concept of a square earth.  It is standard practice (and is in all the boating books concerning the region) that when launching a boat into the ocean in South Africa you launch to the left.  Why else other than to avoid the edge, which is in close proximity here.  Further proof can be found in the fact that when a deep mine shaft closes through lack of maintainance, the roof collapses down, (as is consistent with a flat surface with the majority of the earths material above it), and not with the floor rising up, as would be consistent with a round earth model with the bulk of the earths material below it.  This latter scenario can be demonstrated by placing a bowling ball on a drinking straw, which would indicate the tunnel closing up from pressure from the direction of the bowling ball (i.e. the "floor"), which is totally opposite to the facts.  If, however, one observes an inflatable mattress deflating, as would be representative of the square earth hypothesis, you yould see the "roof" collapsing downwards, a scenario which more closely resembles reality.


Xxxxxx Xxxx
Project Officer
Xceldiam Limited

[Editor's note: I think you misunderstand the model of "reality" expounded by the Round Earthers.  They actually claim — if you can believe it   that "down" is not a single direction, but is instead whatever direction is pointing toward the center of the Round Earth wherever you happen to be standing on it.  They claim that the bowling ball doesn't smash the drinking straw under the bowling ball's weight, but instead the drinking straw spontaneously collapses under its own attraction upward to the bowling ball!  And these are the people we let run our schools?!]

Date: 4-January-2006

Hi. I was looking at This is your site, correct?  Well!  I'm a wiccan, I love my religion, and I just need to point out that your information is incorrect.

[Editor's note: Hold it right there.  You're a wiccan?  As in, you sacrifice babies by the light of the moon and dance naked for Satan?  Why should I trust a worshipper of the Devil such as yourself to point out anything?  You're going to roast in hell for all eternity due to your complicity with the Lord of Lies, you know.  Oh, and Jesus loves you.]


"Can I believe in the round Earth and still get into heaven?"

No.  As you know, if you do not accept every word in the bible as literally true, you are not really accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and are doomed to burn in Hell for all eternity.  God won't let any half-assed believers into heaven.

End Quote

Hmm...You have quite the dirty mouth.  Don't you think Christ and God want you to curse like that?  Also, the bible is for guidance on the lives of His children.  Not as a "read it and believe it or you will go to Hell' thing.  We live our lives for God.  God experiences life though us, mainly because he is an immortal spiritual being and was never human to begin with.  Yes, as humans, we are bound to screw up, but that is life.  And making mistakes is a part of it.  All in all, you shouldn't try to scare people like that.  There are very gullible people out there who are likely to take your words at face value, and that is not right.

The great thing about being Wiccan, is that we believe there is no good or bad, there is no heaven or hell.  Our choices we make, we judge are either bad or good wheather it enhances our morals or not is entirely up to the individual.

[Editor's note: How do you know the Bible isn't a "read it and believe or you will go to hell" thing?  You didn't write the Bible, God did.]


"What about all those pictures from space, showing that the Earth is round?"

Just more proof that Hollywood is in league with the devil.  Charles K. Johnson of the International Flat Earth Society has already demonstrated that every picture of the "Earth" as seen from "space" was faked.  In fact, the entire NASA space program is a sham.  The movie Capricorn One was a documentary about how the Apollo moon mission was faked; the people who worked on the movie knew all about this, but were told to keep quiet.  O.J. Simpson, one of the stars of Capricorn One, was going to come forward with THE TRUTH, but he was silenced by being framed for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.  The conspirators agreed to convince the jury to hand over a "not guilty" verdict only because O.J. Simpson promised not to go public with the cover-up.

End Quote

Have you heard of the Kennedy space center?  Have you ever been to florida?  This is basically saying that the space shuttle Discovery never happened.  7 people lost their lives.  For what?  To gain data about our planet.  Watch television, get enlightened.

[Editor's note: I do watch television.  I welcome the reverend Pat Robertson into my living room every day, thanks to that God-given holy box.  It's a shame all the other channels have been taken over by Satan, though.]


"How come no airline pilots have ever reported seeing the edges of the Earth?"

Airline pilots are also in league with the devil.  This is for your protection.  If True Believers were allowed to pilot airliners, many planes would instantly become unmanned during the pre-Tribulation Rapture, thus crashing and killing everybody on board.  When crossing the Equator or the Prime Meridian, airline pilots have to make sharp 90-degree turns to follow the square contours of the Earth.  They hide this fact by blaming it on "turbulence."

End Quote

Sigh...are you always so closeminded?  Have you ever ridden on an airplane?

As for the rest of your site, you are an abombination to all believers in God and Christ.

Thank you, Xxxxx Xxxxxxx.

PS: Feel free to write back. I can use a laugh.

[Editor's note: Actually, yes, I have ridden on an airplane.  Several times.  And I've experienced turbulence.  Believe you me, if the pilot made a sharp 90-degree turn in the middle of all that turbulence, I wouldn't have noticed it!  Bleah!]

Date: 6-January-2006
Subject: please pray for me

dear roger,

please pray for me... up until now i have firmly believed in the existence of a spherical earth.  all i have read in the news papers and seen on tv made me do it.  i didnt choose this belief it was forced on me by the devil.  no body told me until now that pilots make a 90 deg. turn.  THANKYOU!  you have given me alot to think about.

what about the sun?  it looks rounded but is that the devils work too?

thanks again for you quadralateral thinking.

[Editor's note: I will pray that Jesus forgives you for your earlier sinly life, and I will also pray that you learn how to capitalize the first word of every sentence.  The sun is indeed round, but don't be lured by this fact into believing that it's "millions of miles away" like the Satanist round-earthers claim.  It is fixed in the firmament a few huundred miles over our heads.]

Date: 8-January-2006

Mr. Wilcox:

I noticed you had a Lot of negative feedback...and while I admit I don't agree with some of the things you're saying, I am curious about some of your beliefs.  One of my professors told me about the Flat Earth Society...and after that I found my way to your site :D

I have to say, and this is not criticism, because I'm assuming there's a lot I don't know, but the thing that really really concerns me is that when you come across skeptics or even other Christians that disagree, you flippantly note that they're damned to hell.  I understand that you don't want to compromise truth, but I don't believe God calls us to judge where others will spend eternity; what about the Great Commission...??
If I'm interpreting you wrong, or you would like to add something...I would be interested in your response :)

Take Care ~


ohh yeah :D...Shallow Hal is one of my guilty pleasures too...

[Editor's note: What you believe God does or does not call us to do is irrelevant.  God's judgement is clearly spelled out in books like Joshua and Revelation.  If you don't believe what God tells you to believe, you earn an eternal trip to the roasting pits.]

Date: 9-January-2006

Dear Mr. Wilcox,

I want to thank you for leading me to the path of redemption.  I was a heathen round-earther until one of my friends, who'd been enlightened by your website, hit me on the head with a hardback bible and shouted "EARTH SQUARE!"  In that moment a lightbulb lit up within me and I realized that indeed the Earth can be nothing but square!

Since then I've burned all of the maps and globes I own and I've purchased my own copy of a hardback bible.  I've even started a chapter of the International Square Earth Society at my university.  At our first meeting, we ate square shaped pizza and drank plenty of the blood of Christ our savior.  Inspired by the holy properties of this divine beverage, we spent the rest of the night walking around campus with our bibles, hitting passerbys and shouting "EARTH SQUARE!"  It was indeed a spiritual evening.

At our next meeting, we plan to bring our biology textbooks and burn out any page that say the words "evolution" or "Darwin".  After that we will plan our field trip to the airport where we'll stage a protest to express our outrage at the lying, satanic ways of pilots.

Thank you again for showing me the truth!

A fellow square-earther

[Editor's note: Much as I appreciate the knowledge that there are more True Believers in this world, I must insist you refrain from calling your group a chapter of the International Square Earth Society until such time as you have secured the righs to use that name from me.  I'm sure you'll find that my fee for allowing you to use that name is eminently reasonable.]

Date: 10-January-2006
Subject: wrong!

how do u explain the fact that when u personaly look out at the herizone that i curves to ether side.  if samual said the eath was round and square then he is lying  r u calling him a lyer if u think the bible is to be taken word for word then u r saying samual is lying .......ok now that i have made my point i would like to add that ur stupidaty should not be allowed to excest and i hope all the worst things in the world happen to u and only u

[Editor's note: I am not familiar with any passage anywhere in the books of 1 Samuel or 2 Samuel where he claims that the earth is round (or even "round and square," whatever that's supposed to mean).  The curvature of the horizon is merely an optical illusion, like that whole sunrise and sunset thing.]

Date: 26-January-2006
Subject: I stand with you, brother in Christ

Dear Brother in Christ,
I am glad that someone has finally come forward and spoke the truth!  I have been persecuted for years for my religious beliefs in my home country of Germany where my religion is considered a sect rather than truth.  Please give me an address so I can send you some money so you can keep telling the truth to all!


[Editor's note: I've always known the Eurpoean Union was out to kill Christ.  I suspect the Euro is the Mark of the Beast from Revelation, since no one there can do business without it.]

Date: 26-January-2006
Subject: Seaons [sic] in Australia

I read that you believe Australia having 'reversed seasons' is merely round earth propaganda.

I'd Like you to define all four seasons to me.

Im hoping you agree that Summer is usually the warmest season of the year, Autumn (Fall) is where many trees drop their leaves and the weather becomes slightly cooler, Winter is the coldest month and brings snow, and Spring is mild and a season where many new plants and flowers blossom.

I live in Australia.  December-February is Summer down here.  We have many days over 30 degrees sometimes even as high as 45 degrees.  You cannot possibly tell me that is typical Winter weather.

I'd appreciate a quick reply as I can assure you I will do the same.

[Editor's note: I live in California, and in the December-February time frame, we too "have many days over 30 degrees sometimes even as high as 45 degrees."  You are using God's chosen temperature scale of Fahrenheit degrees, and not those Satan-inspired metric degrees, right?]

Date: 29-January-2006
Subject: Square Earth? Ha!

you are the dumbest person ive ever read about.  how can america be Gods favorite country if He equally loves everyone?  God didnt write the song "God bless america".  if you believe this so much, then show me PICTURE proof that the earth is square.  And how do you know that God made baseball america's pastime?  all you square earthers are....what the word...oh, i know.  retarted

[Editor's note: As described throughout the Bible, God clearly does not love everyone equally.  The Israelites were God's Chosen People throughout the entire Old Testament, until they killed Jesus, at which point Fundamentalist Christians became God's Chosen People.]

Date: 1-February-2006

I often thought the world was more of parallelagram and the sun was made of cheese.

[Editor's note: But a square is a kind of parallelogram!]

Date: 1-February-2006
Subject: flat earth

Actually there is something that can be learned from your website.  Although I do not thing the earth is flat, you do have to question yourself why?  Everything we believe is based on what we have heard or have been taught.  If you really stop and think have I actually ever seen the earth from space?  Can I prove that the earth is round if a person asked me?  Of course I can if I use information I get from science and pictures taken by other people who say they were in space.  But can I physically prove to someone based on physical evidence that I have collected and studied myself.  The answer pretty much everyone would have to answer would be no.  It shows you how much faith we have to put in the words and study of others.  We accept theroies and ideas because we accept what we hear as truth without questioning it for the most part.  If scientist say it is true it must be.  While I am not in danger of accepting the notion that the earth is flat, it does make you think.  As well looking at the violent responses some people give towards your theory, you begin to understand what the people who originally the earth was round went through.  If something is not accepted by the masses it must be wrong, right?  We attack somethings we fear will change how we precieve the world.  It shows you how scared we can get about questioning what we believe as truth.  Well I must say your website at the very least made me think,  And for that I thank you.

[Editor's note: You are absolutely correct.  The world at large does tend to believe things merely because some scientific papers say they are true.  Instead, the world at large should believe things because the Bible says they are true!]

Date: 2-May-2006

How can you Believe all of this???
The earth is round, get over it

[Editor's note: I am grateful that you chose to spell Believe with a capital B.  This means you clearly understand such matters of Faith, and secretly feel the Word of God inside urging you to convert to Believing in the One True Shape of the Earth (no matter what those satanic geologists say).  Eventually, in time, you'll heed that voice and become Saved like me.  Perhaps you'll only convert on your Deathbed, just like Charles Darwin did — but it will happen, I have Faith!]

Date: 17-May-2006
Subject: Thought-provoking

Dear Roger,

I will be the first person to tell you that I did not read ALL of your article, so if any of my questions are explained in your page, by all means let me know.  Your logical (and mathematical) process surprises me.  For a man with so little faith in pictures and video of a spherical earth, you maintain a tight grasp not only on the Bible but also on the theorems and ideas of mathematics.  Logic and religion are antonymous; especially in such proportions as you use.  However, you have done your homework, and as long as you assumed that the "domain" for this problem is that the Bible MUST me true, then you are perfectly in the right.  I do, however, still have a few questions...

Well, that's about all I can think of for now ... thank you for spending the time to read my email!


The Devil's Advocate

[Editor's note: "Devil's Advocate" is an apt choice for your pseudonym, young lady!  Of course the Earth's atmosphere doesn't extend below it — our air is contained under a transparent (square) dome called the Vault of the Heavens, which meets the ground at the Earth's (4) edges.  This is why, despite the fact that I have flown in airplanes, I shall never make a trans-atlantic or trans-pacific journey by air.  If the pilot missed the mark when he approached the edge of the Earth, and made that sharp 90-degree turn too late, he would crash into the Vault of the Heavens!  This may be what happened to Amelia Earheart.]

Date: 26-May-2006

Wow... just wow why can dumbass people like you that have crackpot theories just keep it to them selves and not make a fucking website about this kind of shit... I have sailed around the earth and I haven't fallen off it or seen any sort of proof that the world is flat and immobile... next time lay off the weed when making a website.

[Editor's note: You only think you've sailed around the Earth.  Were you awake the whole time?  Were you watching to make sure your crew didn't make a sharp 90-degree turn when you reached the edge?  At the speed a sailing vessel moves, would you have even noticed?]

Date: 26-May-2006

Dear Sir,   I find your page very interesting, I hate those Hollywood bass turds.  Your page raises some questions I hope maybe you can help me with?

[Editor's note: As the late Charles K. Johnson has pointed out, the sun and moon are only about 32 miles in diameter.  They circle above the earth in the vicinity of the equator, and their apparent rising and setting are tricks of perspective, like railroad tracks that appear to meet in the distance.  Furthermore, the moon shines by its own light, rather than by reflected sunlight as those Satan-schooled round-earthers would have you believe.  Therefore, the lunar phases, such as the "fingernail"-shaped crescent phase this reader mentions, are a matter of which parts of the lunar surface are currently glowing.  God put the rhythmical waxing-and-waning patterns of light on the moon's surface to give Man a means of counting the passing months.  This is very important because the timing of Easter Sunday depends on lunar timekeeping, and without the moon we'd miss Easter and be condemned to Hell for all eternity.]

Date: 7-June-2006

Finally someone had the balls to stand up and say the truth!!
Great work, keep it up.

[Editor's note: While I'm glad to see that there are other True Believers who have seen the light, I'd hesitate to use "balls" as a euphemism for courage.  Not only does that word refer to the male gonads, which are related to human reproduction and are therefore a forbidden topic, but it also carries an implication of the incorrect shape of the Earth being taught in our devil-worshipping public school system today.]

Date: 10-June-2006
Subject: Square, huh?

To Mr. Roger M. Wilcox,

    Well, I have to say, I'm certainly never dissapointed with the amount of interesting things I find on my daily journeys across the vastness of the internet. Imagine my surprise when I found a website authored by a man (And purportedly one who represents an entire organization who he represents) who believes the earth is a flat, unmoving, square! To someone like myself, I found this to be rather... well, foolish, really. Now, I tell you, I'm not an astronaut, or an airplane pilot, or a sailor, or someone who's sole purpose in life is to decieve people into believing that the earth is round, (Maybe even spherical, God help us!) but are you trying to tell me that all the education I've recieved, all the scientific evidience to suggest that the earth is spherical is not only incorrect, but intentionally lying to me in order to damn me to burning in eternal hellfire? Frankly, I find this harder to believe than a lot of conspiracy theory. Conspiracies with a probability of truth > Square Earthism are as follows.

  1. The Illuminati
  2. An International Jewish Conspiracy
  3. Anything written in the DaVinci Code
  4. The existance of Vampires, Lycanthropes, and Ghosts.
In contrast, things with a probability of truth < Square Earthism are as follows.
  1. Discordian belief.
  2. Scientology.
  3. The Church of the SubGenius
  4. Mecha-Hitler
    I find it impossible to think that there are so many people in on this conspiracy against you true believing Christians! If that's true, why hasn't anyone told me about it? After all, I'm a extreme leftist, athiest individual. Aren't I a perfect candidate for keeping everyone in the dark about this? I've spoken to many Christians about what it takes to get into heaven, many among them being priests, ministers, pastors, and other ordained holy men, and devout believers. Even many of the strictest among them believe that all you need to do is to truly repent for your sins, and in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, you will be admitted into heaven. According to your logic, something as simple as being led to believe that Earth is in fact spherical damns everyone who believes it to Hell. Literal interpretations of the Bible are dangerous things, and have led to things like witch hunts, book burnings, Crusades, and all around subjugation of those who do not practice Christian beliefs.

    But, that's okay. They're getting their comeuppance when they all go to hell for thinking the Earth is round. Praise Jesus.

    Okay. Here's something for you. According to this theory of yours, one should be able to go to the ends of the earth, right? Well, I'd like for you to then do the following to prove your argument beyond a shadow of a doubt. Go there, take a picture, upload it onto the internet, and post it on your website for the whole world to see! Even if the Masons silence you permanently for exposing them, isn't saving even a few souls who manage to see this proof before it's taken down in the interest of Satan's iron grip on 99.99 percent of the round Earth believing population worth it? Think of those souls who will never get to know Salvation because of a few schoolteachers who forward the agenda of the Morningstar.

Satirically yours,

Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxx
Armchair Theorist

[Editor's note: If I were to go to the edge of the Earth and take a photograph, a Satan-bamboozled plank-in-his-eye man like this reader would not believe it anyway.  Jesus said we have to believe in Him by faith alone, without any evidence.  If someone came up with evidence tomorrow, then we wouldn't be believing by faith alone any more, would we?  It's scientific minded "evidence-based" folks like this who were responsible for loosing Mecha-Hitler upon the world in the first place!]

Date: 18-June-2006


The Biblical reference to the earth as a square or cube could not be understood until civilization advanced to the point of advanced mathematics, which came about only in recent years.

A study of the Great Pyramid shows that civilization has regressed in scientific understanding. The drafting of that structure required the use of complex geometry only recently comprehended. The designer used mathematics we have yet to comprehend. We aren't advanced enough at this point in time.

The Pyramid also required an advanced understanding of astronomy. Scientists in those days knew the square mileage of every continent, which has only recently become possible with the use of satellites. Since continents aren't conveniently squared, how was this possible?

Mathematicians in those days had skills to convert odd shapes into squares. In order to measure the earth, which is a sphere, it must first be converted into a square. From there, it can be make into a cube. From there, mathematical procedures lead to the measuring of height, breadth, weight, etc.

Ancients used mathematics that we have yet to understand. We haven't advanced far enough to understand the Great Pyramid, which is about five thousands years old. Neither has science advanced far enough to understand the Bible.

Just like the Great Pyramid, the Bible must be looked at carefully. To the average person, the Pyramid is just a pile of rocks. To some, the Bible is just a pile of papers.

You must overcome the anger you picked up along the way. It hinders scientific growth, as well as other aspects of personality.

The truth is that self-appointed people claim to represent the Bible. Personally, I don't think they know much about the Bible. They only know enough to build ego empires with which they prey on sincere believers. These people have cause untold misery throughout time. But, I try not to let them cut me off from the search for truth, which may take me who-knows-where.

Every organization run by humans is potentially corrupt and dangerous. Do you drive an automobile, ride a train or use oil and gas? At the head of the corporations that produce these things are predators who will prey on consumers at every opportunity. They will kill people with poor designs and then fight victims to prevent compensation. But, people love their vehicles and other toys.

There is nothing wrong with gas and oil and people do not do not hate them. In my opinion, the same goes with the Bible or other rspected books. It's the predators who capitalize on these who these deserve the hate.

That's my take on things, for what it's worth.

- Xxxxxx

[Editor's note: Go back to your meditation crystals, you long-haired new-age yogurt-eating hippie!]

Date: 20-June-2006
Subject: square earth

I do realize that your point of view is equally valid, but how do we know that the bible is the true word of god? Should we take your word for it?  if so, why?  Your certainty is overwhelming, but I'm afraid that I don't see why I should take your word over NASA's, and every other historical documentation that we have other than the bible.  How do I know that you and the bible are right?  For all I know, you could both have been put here by satan to mislead me.  Please clear this up for me; I am genuinely confused.


a (according to you) temple prostitute. (and I didn't take it kindly)

[before I could formulate a reply to the above missive, this person was kind enough to send me a second message:]

Date: 20-June-2006
Subject: further questions

I am sorry, but there are still some confusing things.  If "god bless america" is supposed to prove that america is god's favorite, what about "God save the queen" and why is the metric system satanic?  What has it ever done to deserve that lable.  Is it just because it is not the one YOU use?  I don't think that the bible ever mentions that the metric system is evil.  If god forgives us all, why should it matter what we choose to believe?  Will he deny even those who have never heard of a square or round earth? (I am sure that there are such people in some countries)

[Editor's note: First of all, I didn't say you were a temple prostitute, I said that your daughters are going to grow up to be temple prostitutes.  So don't take it personally.  Secondly, the metric system is the work of Satan, as proven by such ground-breaking websites as]

Date: 23-June-2006

I would like to say thank you. you have proven me wrong, up untill i read this, i hadnt known the dumbest person alive.  Now that i have read this, i can stop looking. Can you do one thing for me though, explain Lord of the Rings, i think theres some truth in that, i look forward to making fun of anything you say on that :)

[before I could formulate a reply to the above missive, this person was kind enough to send me a second message:]

Date: 23-June-2006
Subject: a note to my last comment

Note that i am Catholic and believe in Christ. I believe he died on the cross for us and everything. However, i just find it hard to believe that the earth is square.  You may have forgotten the fact that the earth spins, therefore amking it impossible for the earth to be square. Look into the laws of physics sometime. you may find some interesting facts

[Editor's note: The author of The Lord of the Rings was also a Catholic.  That explains a lot about The Lord of the Rings, including the way it inspired Dungeons & Dragons to turn impressionable youngsters into evil witches.

Three days later, this same person sent me a third missive:]

Date: 23-June-2006

Once again i thought of something, you sound like this is the X-files or something, how the government is out to get us. How ur the only one to figure out the truth. Now all u need is a gun and an FBI badge and ur set for Halloween :)

[Editor's note: Halloween is the work of Satan too, you know.]

Date: 27-June-2006
Subject: nice website.

the square earth article is a parody. right ?

[Editor's note: I'm sure Satan wants you to believe that.]

Date: 4-July-2006

Mr. Square Earth

    Duude, you need help. O_O  If you say all sattelite pictures are fake, how is the fact that I can go look at my house, and it's an exact picture. o_O

Also, how do you explain the millions upon billions of sattelite pictures? I mean, seriously. You would think that someone that is educated would know that this can not possibly be right. I am a teenager, and I know that this is not right. You have problems, mk. You need help, likenow. o-O You also think that only peole that believe in your stupid assine theories will make it into Heaven.

"Many true believers — and a few misguided sheep of the flock — have written to us here at the International Square Earth Society over the years.  It would be wrong of me to hide their light under a bushel.  So, I've collected their comments and put them together in a "mailbag page" that any visitor can read."

The above statement truely makes LIRL. I sure someone has calculated it, but it looks like around 90% of the people on that mailbag page thinks it's a joke or think of you as a narrow-minded dumbass,  which you are. I really respect people with an education, but I really don't respect you at all. I got one thing to say for you...GET A LIFE.

But, actually, thanks for giving me a good laugh. I mean, your face, and this dumbass website is something to really laugh at. I am sure I am not going to Hell if I don't believe some idiotic and crackpot theory.

soyea. Thanks. 8DDDD
Xxxxx xxxxx <- premade X's :O

[Editor's note: 90% of the people in the Middle Ages believed that applying leeches would cure diseases, too.  Yet today, we know that diseases are caused by not praying hard enough.  The misguided sheep who think this site is a joke will be proven wrong, too, someday — hopefully before it's too late to save their souls from the Pit!

After reading the Editor's note in the paragraph above, this reader was gracious enough to respond:]

Date: 20-July-2006

Mr. Square Earth

I don't understand how your dumbass reply even had anything to do with my email. Also, I would like to know where in your twisted mind, you got the idea for a square earth. o_O That would flat, dummy. A CUBE is what your talking about, twit. o.O So define shit before you base an entire "cult" on it, you..dumb-ass. >_>;;

Unbelieving in Your Crap

[Editor's note: *sigh* ... I start my article out with the words "It is a well-established Biblical fact that the Earth is flat and immobile," and nobody pays any attention.  It's hard being a True Believer some days.]

Date: 6-July-2006

So am I going to hell because I believe the earth is round? And I believe that God loves all of his people, NOT favoring the United States over other nations?

[Editor's note: Yes, and yes.]

Date: 4-August-2006


Just kidding, dude.  I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!  Brilliant!  Absolutely fucking brilliant.

Xxxx, the Godless Bastard

[Editor's note: It warms the cockles of my heart to see a sheep of the flock who has seen the light about God's square Earth.  Saving the souls of the misguided Round Earthers is brilliant, I wholeheartedly agree.]

Date: 7-August-2006

Dear Sir,

I am very intrigued about different theories regarding the shape of the earth.  Personally I believe that it is round and think there are many things that prove it.  Although I think it is round I am not sure that it is and I am open to the idea that it is flat and/or square.  I personally don't know what religion I believe in.  I was born a catholic and went to a Luthern Church as a kid but never was the idea that earth was square taught to me.  Right now I do not really believe in God, but I also don't not believe in God.  I do believe that if God is real he would not send someone to burn in hell because they didn't believe the earth was round.  What kind of a god would do this?  In the bible God teachs people to be good to each other and what you are doing is not good.  You are using terroism to force other people to comply to the way you think.  What you are doing is evil.  You are trying to scare people into believing the earth is square.

Although I strongly disagree with you on this, I do not completely rule your theorie out.  I would also like to learn more about it and you.  For instance when did you first start beleiving the earth is square.  Was it taught to you by your family?  What is your religious background?  Are there anymore sites on the internet supporting this idea?  And can you put me in contact with someone other than yourself who supports this idea.



[Editor's note: You are right about one thing: God would not send someone to burn in Hell because they didn't believe the Earth was round.  Because the Earth is square.  And while it is true that God teaches people to be good to each other in a few Biblical verses here and there, the vast majority of the Bible is clear that our purpose on Earth is to inflict God's wrath upon the unbelieving heathens — even if they are members of our own family (c.f. Matthew 10:34-36).]

Date: 29-August-2006

hey.thanks for the VERY informative i have found a good and informative example of CRAPS and BULLSHITS. You say that God created earth as the "perfect square", if there was such a thing called the "perfect square", then there would be also the "perfect sphere". SO, why couldn't God have created the "perfect sphere" instead of ur dumb "perfect square". Your site is all blasphemy and it is very saddening to see such dumbass things here even on the net. the Bible specifically says that God created the earth "and the earth was without form and void" (Genesis 1:2 , New King James version), so that means that the earth is either shapeless, or it is a sphere. A sphere is a rather a "shapeless" thing since it is round and has 360 degrees. All 4-sided figures have 360 degrees, like a square and a rectangle. BUT the sphere is the ONLY round figure that has a 360 degrees angle. SO why can't the "perfect shape" be a sphere?? you can pray for me all you want about me believing that the earth is a square, but DON'T tell people that they would be going to hell just because YOU believe that the earth is square, and when YOU believe the earth is square, that does NOT mean it is true or correct, you ARE NOT God.
thanks for your time.

[Editor's note: The earth was without form and void.  Was is the key word here.  And you're welcome.]

Date: 8-September-2006

I do believe you are rediculous.  Plain and simple.

[Editor's note: Rediculous [sic] is the very last thing in the world I would be, because Red is the color of those Godless communists.  At worst, you could say I'm redwhiteandbluediculous.  God Bless America, home of God's chosen spokesman!]

Date: 19-September-2006

I just came across your page on the Square Earth Society and found it less than interesting.  Obviously, you are a first born son.  If so, that would make you lacking in God's annointing.

[Editor's note: Even first born sons get to go to heaven, if they believe in the Truth of God's Square Earth.]

Date: 21-September-2006

I just stumbled upon your website.  I literally shit my pants.  How can you possibly be that dense to think that the earth is a square?  Also Isn't all that other shit blasphemy telling others that they are going to go to hell?

[Editor's note: It ain't blasphemy if it's the Truth, son!  By the way, you might want to change those pants if you don't want to smell up the room.]

Date: 22-September-2006

Hi Roger

I'm busy researching the International Flat Earch Association for a newspaper article I've been commissioned to write and by chance happened upon your web page.

To say I was fascinated by what you say there, is putting it mildly, but I would like to ask you a couple of questions if I may as I would like to include you and your organization in the article I'll be writing.

Please let me know if I can send you a couple of questions as in an e-mail interview.

Kind regards.

Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx
Freelance Journalist & Writer

[Editor's note: It's nice to see the International Square Earth Society finally getting the international recognition it deserves  Perhaps the Gospel of the True Shape of the Earth will eventually be preached from all four corners of the world!  We can only pray.]

Date: 3-October-2006
Subject: Is your website serious?

Hi there,

Is your website about the "International Square Earth Society" serious, or a joke?  Sorry, I really can't tell!  Your sites hilarious -assuming it is a joke!  You sound just like a real Bible basher, haha!

Great site, very funny,

[Editor's note: That last "xxx" was in the original e-mail.  Perhaps this poor deluded sheep of the flock was assisting me by x'ing out part of her name for me beforehand.  In any event, if I were truly a "Bible basher," why would I be using the very words of that Great Book to prove God's design of the Earth?]

Date: 6-October-2006
Subject: And Roger said...Let there be light (International Square Earth Society)


You're a right funny old chap.
Quite brilliant, actually.
You should be a politician.
I'm sure there would be legions of those who would follow you to the four corners of this earth...
Though there are those, too, who would merely call you a Blockhead.

[Editor's note: Do not take the shape of the Lord thy God's Earth in vain!  Besides, everyone knows that blocks are cubical, not square.]

Date: 25-October-2006

As I was scanning your page of "Praise", I was astounded to see that the name of Galileo was brought up in one of the posts.  DO these people not know that he was put in jail and later placed under house arrest for his "claim" that the Earth was not the center of the Universe?

However, I would like to propose the "Wal-Mart Theory".  Earth is just one of many planets in the chain.  Periodically a new manager comes to Earth to hopefully make it a smoother running entity.  During our history we have had some great Managers like Zeus.  But his lack of control of his department managers like Hercules led to his transfer to yet another planet.  It is unclear how many management changes occurred through the millennia.  This is because they keep changing the manager's picture on the wall at the front of the store without leaving the old one up.  This is due to an oversight at corporate headquarters.

[Editor's note: The only managers that our Square Earth has ever had are God Almighty and his only begotten son Jesus Christ!  It is Satan who keeps changing the manager's picture on the wall.]

Date: 25-October-2006
Subject: The earth square?

Dear Mr. Wilcox,
I have to tell you I was astonished at the fact that you think the earth is square.  Astronauts have already been to the moon and looked at the earth and said it was round, space probes have also taken pictures of various planets including Earth, the pictures showed that the Earth was round.  You say that God is perfect, and yes you are correct, but circles are perfect too so wouldn't it be logical if God made a perfect circle?  But since God is pefect it doesn't mean that everything that God made in the days of creation was perfect.  Take the oceans for example, if God was perfect and he wanted to make a perfect earth, why aren't the oceans perfectly round?  Or why aren't they a square or some shape that is perfect?  And maybe the trees?  Why aren't they some perfect shape?  I mean they have limbs, and the limbs stick out everywhere!!  Some are longer than others and some are shorter than others!  How do you explain that?  And one more thing, just because someone might believe the earth is round doesn't mean they're going to hell.  Just because someone had a different view doens't mean that they are wrong.  As long as they believe that God came to Earth and died on the cross for our sins to save us from hell, and rose again on the 3rd day, and that he is God, they will go to Heaven.  I will pray for you that God will show you and open your eyes.
Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, age 14

[Editor's note: How many times do we have to tell you?  Every "mission" NASA and ESA have ever launched is a fake.  Fox TV (home of Fox News, the only news source that tells The Truth) proved that the moon landings were faked.  Any unmanned space probes that were launched would have slammed into the Vault of Heaven just a few hundred miles overhead.

Two months later, this same reader was gracious enough to write me again:]

Date: 28-December-2006
Subject: Question

Hey it's me again.  I just wanted to ask you something.  Why do you think that the earth is square.  That just confuses me.  I mean Columbus sailed around the world and he didn't fall off or anything, so why do you think that the earth is square?  I'm not saying you're wrong, I"m just wondering why you think that.  So if you wouldn't mind writing me back and explaining your views that would be just great.  Thanks!  <smiley face icon>
Xxxxxx Xxxxxx

[Editor's note: Columbus didn't sail around the world, he only sailed from Europe to America.  The eastern and western edges of the Earth lie in the "middle" of the Pacific; the Atlantic is one unbroken ocean.  Magellan, a later explorer, did attempt to sail all the way around the world, but he died before his ship made it back to port and so could not tell anybody that he'd discovered the Earth to be square.

Less than a month afterward, this same young lady was gracious enough to write me yet again!]

Date: 15-January-2007

Okay I'm sorry, I don't mean to bug you this much.  But I just have so many questions.  I thought that astronauts saw what the earth looks like.  Don't you believe that too?  If it's not true that astronauts didn't go up into space why would they keep doing "space missions" why would they risk being found out that it's all just a big sham?  I just don't understand, and I don't want to go to hell, either.  So I want to get as much insight as I can.  Could you please explain to me everything?  Are you sure that if I don't believe that the earth is square that I'll go to to hell?  I don't want to go to hell.  Please write back!
Xxxxxx Xxxxxx

[Editor's note: If you don't want to go to hell, there's only one thing you can do!  Repent of that Satanically-inspired belief in a round Earth and embrace its True Shape.]

Date: 6-November-2006

Hi Roger,

> My name is Xxxxx, and, although I can see what you are trying to say with this whole square earth deal, you appear to be relying on the fact that Gods Chosen land is America, purley because the song "God Bless America".  Which was written in 1918, and this does not prove anything, because God didnt just decide America was the best after Irvin Berlin wrote it, and therefore voids this "proof".

I would also like to point out that Jesus was born in Jerusalem, which as Im sure your aware, isnt in America.  I would expect God to chose where his son, and self was born rather than just anywhere in the world, and would also suggest that America ISNT God's Chosen land.

Also, "God Save the King / Queen" was written in 1744, and could Suggest that Britain was the Chosen land, after all American's are descendents of the British.  However, I am not going to argue this point, because I do not think that it would be true.

[Editor's note: "God Save The Queen" is obviously a desperate prayer to save the monarch's life.  (Or, perhaps, to convert a heathenous monarch to Christianity.)  But "God Bless America" is about something greater — guiding God's chosen nation through the night with the light from above.  And I hasten to point out that the light could only be "from above" if the Earth's surface isn't curved.]

Date: 21-December-2006
Subject: the four corners

the four corners are compass N. S. E. W. ! moron!

[Editor's note: Exactly what I've been saying all along!  The corners of the square Earth are located at the compass points.  I am glad that you, too, feel that those who believe in a round Earth are morons.]

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