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Date: 3-January-2005

you can go ahead and pray for me but i am pretty sure that the only truly perfect shape is the sphere considering that it is the only shape that humans cannot successfully reproduce in perfection only god could do it

[Editor's note: This alarmed me, so I quickly responded in an attempt to bring this lost sheep back to the fold.  A reply came forthwith:]

Date: 6-January-2005

Roger M. Wilcox wrote:
> Nonsense! Have you ever tried to produce a perfect square? I mean, a
> /really/ perfect square? You can't do it! Whatever building
> materials you use will be subject to thermal effects, and even if you
> could make it perfectly temperature controlled (which you can't) the
> individual atoms of the substance will still exhibit
> quantum-mechanical uncertainties in their positions. Humans can't
> successfully reproduce a perfect square any more than they can
> reproduce a perfect sphere.
> And besides, do you think it's a coincidence that in America, which we
> all know is a Christian Nation, we're told to eat three *SQUARE* meals
> a day? Hmmm?

your a moron thats all i have to say, how can you connect food with god you twit

Date: 4-February-2005

I have several questions about your square earth theory, and perhaps you can clear them up for me. All of your theory is based upon biblical quotes, so I pose to you this: How is it that the peoples of 2,000 years ago know so much about the universe and the bodies that inhabit it? Now personally, I am an atheist, but I do believe there are some sections of truth to the bible. However, the bible was written by people who may not have understood what they were seeing. They may have come across a mountain range and thought that was the end of the world. Furthermore, the bible has been translated and retranslated so many times that those passages could have had entirely different meanings when they were written. Finally, how do you explain time differences around the world if the sun does not orbit the earth? And what of gravity?

Please e-mail me some answers to these questions at
    For Now? .An Unconvinced Sceptic.

Date: 9-March-2005

I am reading your site in disbelief. If you are truly a Christian or believe in God, why do you judge me? Where in the Bible does it say that if I don't believe the earth is flat I am going to hell? You also contradict yourself by saying "The four corners" of the earth means it has to be like a square...isn't that interpreting the bible...? I caution you, if you keep up your intepretations, your children or grandchildren might end up being temple prostitutes or may learn how to cast real spells using Magic: The Gathering trading cards. Also...using "half-assed" when referring to heaven, isn't that kind of sac-religious? Also...pilots...working for the devil...incredibly judgemental eh? Having read the, I would assume that Captains of ships including military and cruise ships, airplane pilots, glider pilots, bus drivers, and anyone else involved with international transportation, will also go to hell..? I know many people who travel in airplanes world-wide and they don't recall a sudden 90 degree angle turn. I mean seriously, who has ever experienced that in mid-air? Turbulence doesn't make you turn around anyway, you fly through it. Also, where are you getting this information about the flight plans? FAA? Didn't think so. Please E-mail me back with answers. If not, I guess it's just safe to say that you aren't sure.

Date: 11-March-2005

UH HUH! So when I was up in the shuttle, ummmm...gee...the Earth sure looked like a big ball to me!!  It actually looked that way as we orbited around it for over a week.  Hmmm...could it have all been an illusion?
Just a thought...gravity wouldn't work on a flat surface of ANY shape, and when I took Oceanography in Junior College, well, you see...the oceans couldn't stick to the Earth without a certain type of mass/gravity.  Forgive me for my forward-ness, I humbly apologize for my stupidity and impulsiveness, but gosh and golly gee...the wind couldn't actually blow across or around a flat surface of ANY kind without mass/gravity.  And being one who believes the bible otherwise, I never doubted the BIG BANG theory, 'cause my main focus was on what CAUSED the BIG BANG.
And please overlook my atrocious behavior when I note that in Job, the "Angels shouted for joy at the creation of the universe".  Hmmm...must have been a hell of a fireworks display...oops!  I mean a hell of a BIG BANG!
Other than that, your theories take up my empty time when I have nothing better to do, and me and Ma and the kids really appreciate that.
Sincerely,   Maj. X.X. Xxxxxx, U.S. Air Farce

Date: 18-March-2005

Ok, I just read your article, and I have a few things, arguments if you will, about the earth being square.

1. You said that if and true believer pilots were to fly, then when they disappeared during the pre-rapture everyone on board would die.

My friend happens to be a believer. He is also a pilot. I believe God has given people plenty of time to accept Him before the Rapture. Plus, the co-pilot could be a non-believer, and fly once the pilot disappears.

My friend has also flown me over the equator. He did NOT have to turn at all-I was watching out the window.

2.You said that if people don't believe that the earth is square, then they will go to Hell. I disagree. Acts 16: 30, and 31 says "...Sirs, what must I do to be saved? And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house."

It does *NOT* say "Belive on the Lord Jesus Christ and believe the earth is square and thou shalt be saved", it says to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ-which I do believe on Him.

3. Psalm 103: 12 says "12As far as the east is from the west,
    So far has He removed our transgressions from us."

So, if the earth really IS square, then that means that our sins are not infinitly removed from us-it means that we still have them and absolutley CANNOT get into Heaven-because the earth is square, so East and West end. However...

If you believe the earth is spherical, then they are forever removed from us.

So, you are either saying we still have our sins we asked to be forgiven, so we cannot enter Heaven because we can't be saved if we still have sin to be we are all going to Hell.

Or, you are condradicting the Bible itself, because it means that our sins are forgiven forever. But you think its square, so we still haven't been forgiven.

Date: 22-March-2005

Many of the facts presented on your 'square Earth' page can be readily overturned by common knowledge and empirical evidence. Here are the facts: The Earth IS spherical, I am a Christian and I will go to heaven. I do not want a misguided person such as yourself to pray for my soul. You might want to ask yourself if the lord appreciates a closed mind such as yours or whether god gave us the ability to reason and judge for the purpose of doing just that.

Date: 25-March-2005

You're an idiot

Date: 3-May-2005

this is a joke right? I figured but couldn't find such disclaimers on the site. Funny stuff.

Date: 19-May-2005

Your list of quadrisectable quadrilaterals is incomplete.  Certain kite shaped quadrilaterals are also quadrisectable.  From the center (representing God) of a circle (perfection, the universe), draw two radii. Bisect the angle between the radii, as God bisected the firmament into night and day, with a third radius. The three points at which the three radii meet the circle, along with the center point, are the corners of a kite. If the angle between the first two radii is 120 degrees (1/3 of 360, one part of the trinity), the quadrilateral is a rhombus.  Otherwise, it is not.  Four congruent triangles result if the angle at the center is quadrisected. Penrose kites and darts are quadrisectable, as is the parallelogram from which they are cut.

All true scripture is perfect (or cunningly inconsistent, cf., Mark 6:8 and Luke 9:3).  Perfect your document or risk the consequences.

[Editor's note: I would investigate these kite-shaped quadrilaterals this person speaks of, except this person is from the IRS and therefore qualifies as a tax collector.  And you know what the Bible says about tax collectors.]

Date: 21-June-2005

Are you saying that anyone on this earth that hasn't read your website will not enter heaven?  For the record, I know an airline pilot who is a very strong believer in Christianity.

[I sent this poor misguided soul a response, and a reply came forthwith:]

Date: 24-June-2005

>From: "Roger M. Wilcox"
>Reply-To: "Roger M. Wilcox"
>To: Xxxxx XxXxxx
>Subject: Square Earth and airline pilots
>Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 21:13:34 -0400 (EDT)
>Oh yeah?  If he's such a strong believer in Christianity, why is he still
>hiding the fact that he makes a sharp 90-degree turn whenever he reaches
>the edge of the Earth?  Hmmm?

I just want to know, How were you informed of this 90 degree turn? I would appreciate an explination.  Thank you

Date: 25-June-2005

ok so man I have to say a couple things to u. first off what the hell r u thinking!!! ur whole square earth society is just fucked up. I mean look at ur excuses for the airlines those r the most absurd thing I ever heard! I recommend a good mental institution for u and everyone that believes in this shit.

§the earth is ROUND society§

[after replying to the above, and reminding this person that Jesus wrote the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to protect the rights of us True-Believers-in-God's-Square-Earth from being oppressed by those who've been bamoozled by Satan, the same person was gracious enough to e-mail me back:]

Date: 5-July-2005

yeah u no ur right. because I would never ever c the edges of the earth from the plane and would never feel a sharp 90 degree turn on a plane flight... and on my boat I would never c the edges of the earth or go down 90 degrees. oh and that shit about jesus writing the first amendment... wow that’s just shit. and y would satan care if people thought the was round. wow u people must feel special to have a mental condition hardly anyone else has.

Date: 29-June-2005

Viva la round earth. so if the earth is a square the turbalence on air planes is u entering a slipspacerupture and insttainesliny telliporting back accross the earth. And then what is on the opposite sid eof the earth. and do u mean the earth is flat or a cube.

    love a conserned citizen.

Date: 13-July-2005

here is a point that disagrees heartily with your shallow unbased theory.  god has always been communicated to his people as infinite perfection.  the only shape that could possibly be is the circle.  look at stone henge, arranged in a circle, the halo.
here is physical evidence that the world is nothing more than a sphere.  stand on a beach and watch a ship sail to the horizon through high magnification binoculars.  Why would it seem to slowly sink into the ocean? Is it falling off the side of your cube?  If so are little gremlins creating identical ships to send back?  Think some things through before starting up a cult, you might find that the majority may be right.  While your at it you can send a copy of this to those idiots who are no doubt your friends in the "Flat Earth Cult".  I cannot dignify your organizations as societies because that word to me is reserved for those that have something enlightened to discuss.  Still I would appreciate a reply just so I might have a good laugh. Oh, and stop trying to brain wash our youth, we as human beings are finally starting to get back to where we were before the 'Dark Ages' which were I am sure to your disappointment several centuries ago.

Date: 25-August-2005

Hello Roger,   i was just viewing thru the web after hearing that some folks in this world do think the earth is flat and live by it.  or you who believe literally what the bible states, that there is 4 corners in this world and that a hell and heaven actually exist.

so i was born here on Earth as far as i can remember, with a deep appreciation for this planet, my mother and father, and infinite past generations as being my creator.  i was born into Presbyterianism and of learning of the bible.  its morals are beautiful but something seemed fake within things, and at first i didnt want to accept it as i would be "sent to hell" for denying the bible is totally literally true, being at a gullible age of 10 yrs old.  God eventually spoke to me through the trees and the atmosphere, and my mind, telling me to protect it and love all things.  so i dwelled into mysticism and learning how other cultures view the earth as they were born into it.  and guess what?  not even half of our world was born into the teachings of the bible, they have no clue about it, and so they were brought up into their elder's traditions or into a world they had to try to figure out themselves.  and i'd say out of most cultures, the ones who limit their views as theirs being the "right" one and others as being "wrong" are the most ignorant people on our planet.

wouldnt you say that everyone is different, but has the same destiny?

we all complain and think we are right, and think others are wrong based on our teachings and what we "believe".  that is called "living in a box", and also can be described simply as competition, and every religion that thinks like this is as ignorant as the next.  The mind is one of our gods, faking us out, confusing us, and then looking for security and comfort in an answer.  this is human conditioning, and its all a trip, a challenge as our minds race like monkeys and we always try to find ways to occupy our existence and think of some tangible purpose for living.

of course it would be nice to go to heaven to any selfish being!  you could be pampered and treated like royalty above everyone else for believing in the literal words of the bible, while others who did not know any better go on their mindly existence to burn in hell.  If life and death were ever really like this, such as a fairytale or myth, then i would rather not be a part of it as it is unfair to spirituality!  If you think like this you are blind, and you also hold absolutely no compassion for humans. so God would basically be considered stupid and of low IQ if he/she devised such a ridiculous system.  Most catholics/christians do tend to have way lower-average IQ's than most people, based as statistics show, so i see why they would think this way and live a completely gullible life.  it's just their soul has not truly evolved yet and their mind is still in almost a primitive state, along with living in a wasteful, consumer based world we live in.

Why dont we think of other ways to live our existence such as ways to conserve energy and substitute greenhouse gases, and coal burning power plants into solar energy and live as sustainably as we can a human existence and try to give back to our earth instead of always taking?  this is the true way of living with God, not just taking and letting our monkey minds run amuck unconsciously going about our daily occupation.  I feel as most of the people on this planet are not evolved enough spiritually and are truly blind to our existence.  Instead we are just straight selfish!

Now  i am not saying I am right and you are wrong, because you know, who really knows?  I am just saying to take a step back, get out of the box for a while, open your mind, meditate on your being, and connect with the earth as a living entity.  the earth is our god!
convert your electricity to a renewable energy, if you even understand what that means.
love everyone, all creatures, all women and men, regardless of sex, age, race, or even of the "evil" things a person has done.  love your enemy and teach him the ways of compassion!
Stop driving cars and start walking or riding a bike. Recycle! Plant trees!
lets clean up our earth instead of taking from it, and this i mean taking sides as well.
LOVE everything as Jesus did state, he was a simple man who was smarter than the average person and way more consciously evolved.  but as fate would have it, the primitive selfish and divided minds of the colonist would warp everything and make the words of a saint seem like a concept we must choose from.  this is silly and absurd!

[Editor's note: Conserve energy?  Give back to our Earth?  Obviously, this poor wayward soul did not hearken to the divinely-inspired words of former Secretary of the Interior James Watt.  Since the Rapture is coming any time now, it's our privilege — nay, our duty — to use up the natural resources of the (square) Earth as quickly as possible.]

Date: 27-August-2005

OK I'm guessing this is a joke and if it is, its hilarious.  It must be great fun pretending to be inconceivably stupid/ mentally unstable.

If it isn't a joke then it's even more funny although also slightly worrying.  I am a christian but i also beleive the the world is round.  First off, there is nothing wrong with beleiving the world is square and living in a world of complete and total paranoid delusion.  However I am very offended that you have declared all people who beleive the world is a sphere will go to hell.  Who are you to decide that?  How dare you take the place of God and decide whether people will go to hell or not?  Also, I know a pilot who is a christian who goes to my church - he assures me the earth is spherical.  I think it is very worrying that a christian should judge a person who they have never met to be a satanist.  Please tell me what right you have to take God's seat and judge people in this way.  You are damaging and demeaning my faith.  Christians are not small minded, paranoid conspiracy crazed twits such as yourself who beleive they can brand vast numbers of complete strangers as satanists, although you seem to take take pride in showing people that christians are all those things.

OK thats the religous bit out the way.  Now then, I know that i can't swing a mind as dilusional and disfunctional as yours but it's fun trying.

1. So it hasn't ever crossed your small mind that people on commercial air liners would have noticed a corner/edge to the earth?  Even if all pilots were satanists dont u think that the non-satanists on the plane might notice a big corner in the earth - I've circum navigated the globe twice and have failed to notice any corners.

2. Why are all the other planets and stuff round?  Or don't they exist?  Did moses or some other bronze age astronaught also manage to scientifically prove that the sun doesn't exist or something?

3. How does gravity work?  Or is that not real?  Did pilots invent it to try to cover up "THE TRUTH"?

4. How do satellites orbit the earth?  Or dont they exist either?  Are they all part of the conspiracy?

5. Why would NASA/pilots etc spend so much money on creating a pointless hoax?  If the world is square why dont they just say so?  Why fake lunar landing etc just to try to convince poeple the earth is a different shape?

6. Have you seen a corner of the earth?  Have you been to the edge?  how come the sea doesn't flow off it?

7. Like i said heaven must be very empty if you cant get there without beleiving the world is square.  It sounds like its just going to be you, the 12 or so nutters in your crazy sect and your brainwashed dog who manage to reach the heavenly gate.

8. About 6 billion people know the earth is round.  And i'm afraid that is the truth it really is round - sorry.

By the way these arent rhetorical questions i expect them all answered, you have severely offended me and i am giving you a chance to justify yourself.  Oh yeh and dont try to correct my grammar and stuff like a snotty lawyer trying to pick apart somebodys case - i want you to answer the questions.

[Editor's note: "circumnavigated" is one word, and "I" should always be capitalized.]

Date: 27-August-2005

dear TISES,
             on behalf of myself and several other people, i wish that u would reconsider the information that you have published on your internet.  I dont think that anyone apart from you think that the world is square.  The brightest minds in the world know for a fact that the world is spherical.  Between you and thousands educated scientists i think i can safely say that we all choose the advice of the scientists coz they have proof and evidence, whilst you just twist the words of the Bible then try and make it sound like God's on ur side.
  Nowhere in the Bible does it say that if you dont believe the world is square, then you'll go to hell.  It doesnt appear in the 10 Commandments, Jesus never taught his desciples that the world is square, and they, in turn, didnt teach it to the other followers.  You have just taken the phrase "4 corners of the earth" and have used it as an actual meaning that the world has 4 corners.  This is just the way it has been translated in the book of Revelations.  And you shouldnt forget that the book was written by people and not God himself.
  Even without using the Bible as a source, don't you think that people on aeroplanes would have noticed the world is square, i have flown around the world once, and i havent noticed an edge on the world.  Even if there were, dont you think gravity would pull the sea over it.
  In the end, I think that you and your colleagues are just dimwitted dregs of society.  I pray that you change your attitude because God isnt going to let you into heaven for this.

i look forward to ur response mate

Date: 23-September-2005

thanks 4 showing me the light
I am going to start a petition to ban the production of globes and start production of 'cubes'

[Editor's note: While a ban on globes would certainly be a fine idea — imprisoning people for not following Christian doctrine has a long and proud history, after all — it is unfortunate that this well-meaning soul completely missed out on the True Shape of the Earth.  It's called the International Square Earth Society, you schmuck, not the International Cubical Earth Society!]

Date: 24-September-2005

I have refrained froom including my address and phone number because I think that it is just possible that you are on the level.  That is a tribute to your literary ability, though your fine sense of humour has clearly overcome you on occasion, such as whemn you suggest hitting reluctant listeners on the head withh a bible.  I also enjoyed your comment that no-one believing in a  spherical Earth could be saved.

One thing bothers me,, though.  Would you have really put so much effort and research into  a wind-up?  The fact that you have done the whole scam so well answers that question in the affirmative.  It is not quite perfect, however.  As I hinted above, you have allowed your lively sense of jhumour to get the better of you in places.  Yet the whole effect is one of great fun.

I enjoyed it.

[Editor's note: And what is so wrong about hitting reluctant listeners on the head with a bible?  You want to make sure it's a hardcover edition with reasonably large type, of course, so that it will make a significant impact on the listener, although hitting them with all the volumes of Strong's Concordance at the same time may be taking it a bit too far.  As far as putting effort into a wind-up goes, I hasten to remind my readers that the wind-up is what precedes the pitch in baseball, and we all know how baseball relates to God's square Earth.]

Date: 25-September-2005

Damn!  You got me!  I'm really ashamed of myself!  I read all the way down to the "baseball is God's creation" part before realizing this was a put-on!

You're good; you're really good.  But alas, you gave yourself away with some of your witty replies in the mailbag section; may I remind you, Sir, that devout, Bible-is-Literal-Truth Fundamentalist Christians are never, never, never witty.  I think it was the "Bwa ha ha ha ha!" in one of your replies that was the clincher.

By the way, one of my favorite quotations is:

"The Church says that the Earth is flat, but I know that it is round.  For I have seen the shadow on the Moon, and I have more faith in the shadow than in the Church."  --  Uttered by none other than Ferdinand Magellan, who later became the first person to circumnavigate the -- you should pardon the expression -- globe.

PS:  I'm Jewish and thus destined to roast in Hell at Satan's side for rejecting Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour.  So it won't do you much good to write back chiding me for my lack of faith, for I already stand at the edge of the bottomless abyss, the eternal flames licking at my toes... Anyone for toasted marshmallows?  Bwa ha ha ha ha!...

PPS:  I thought Netcom email was dead...

[Editor's note: This hellbound reader is right about devout, Bible-is-Literal-Truth Fundamentalist Christians never being witty.  Who says the International Square Earth Society is a put-on?]

Date: 27-September-2005

It there are four conners where are they?  If they dont exist could this mean that the bible is wrong about something?  From there could we conclude that it is wrong about other  things.
I respect your beliefs but not your blindness

[Editor's note: True, if the four corners of the Earth didn't exist, then that would mean the bible is wrong about something.  But since we know that the bible is infallable, then obviously the four corners of the Earth do exist.]

Date: 29-September-2005
Subject: Prove to me that you're a Christian

Ephesians 2:8-9
For by grace you have been saved through faith, and not of yourselves, it is a gift of God.
Not of works, lest anyone should boast.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only begotten Son; that whoever shall believe in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

There are many emails that prove that the Earth is a sphere, so I won't bother proving it.
You claim not believing that the earth is square will send me to hell.
Please reply, for I am a misguided sheep of the flock.

[Editor's note: While those two websites do a marvelous job of demonstrating that every word in the bible is literally true — who could deny that God, by bragging in Job 38:35 about His ability to send lightning to announce His presence, was actually foretelling the invention of radio communications, for example? — they both make the grievous error of assuming that Isaiah 40:22's use of the Hebrew "Chuwg" really means the circle of the Earth, simply because that's how most modern English renditions of the bible translate it.  And I have to ask, why would you trust emails to prove that the Earth is any particular shape?  E-mail spammers have been known to lie.  You should trust my website instead.]

Date: 7-October-2005

hello, I just saw a post of yours on the internet that says the earth is rhombus shaped.  I like rhombus.  Do you reaaly believe this?  That would be awesome.

[Editor's note: Sadly, the "J.Lo" who wrote this e-mail was not, in fact, Ms. Lopez.  Do I reaaly [sic] believe that the Earth is a rhombus?  Well, a square is a kind of rhombus, and if the International Square Earth Society doesn't convince you of THE TRUTH, then I don't know what will.]

Date: 19-October-2005

Good luck in this life, you narrow minded fool.

[Editor's note: It's not this life you should be concerned about.]

Date: 1-November-2005
Subject: web site

your logic makes now since...maybe i should be the one praying for your hellbound soul since you obiously believe in the foolish say that the earth being flat is crazy.  I'm sorry but i think that you and who ever else belives this crap is mental because you got a problem..  do us all a favor and go to the hospital and get ur brain checked.

A believer of the ROUND earth

P.S. write back if you have any comments you would like to tell me.

[Editor's note: Actually, I have gotten my brain checked once.  They were looking for possible inner-ear tumors, so they put me in one of those great big MRI scanners with the giant donut magnet in the middle.  My belt buckle defiantly pulled away from my waist and just stood there three inches above me, held down only by my belt!  It looked wholly unnatural; I suspect demons were involved.]

Date: 3-November-2005

Face it.  If "working within the system" could halt tyranny, the tyrants would outlaw it.  Why do you think they encourage you to vote, to write letters, to talk to them in public forums?  It's to divert your energies.  To keep you tame.

I think of the words of Winston Churchill: "If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival.  There may be a worse case.  You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

While I think your theory of Earth being round may possibly be true, I do not what so ever agree that you must believe this to go to Heaven.  In fact I believe that the Earth is round at the center and yet square all around.  I just think you are doing this for attention and do not have a clue about what you are talking about.  If this were true, than right now Heaven would have hardly any residents and Hell would be able to overthrow God.  If you wish to contact me please email me at

[Editor's note: This round-at-the-center notion intrigues me, particularly because it makes no sense whatsoever.  After all, the 3rd century born-again Christian Tertullian did instruct us to believe because it is absurd.]

Date: 4-November-2005

I really am confused about what people belief so could you clear up some of my questions?
1) If the earth is square how do we get our four seasons?
2) If the earth is round is the bible fake?

[Editor's note: The seasons occur on the Square Earth because God makes them occur.  There are four of them to remind us of the fact that His Earth has four corners.  I've heard claims that the seasons are reversed in Argentina and Australia, with summer in January and winter in July, but I write this off as round-Earther propaganda.]

Date: 17-November-2005
Subject: Square Earth

What the Fuck is wrong with you!?

[the same person was gracious enough to e-mail me a second time, even before acknowleding the first message:]

Date: 18-November-2005

Dear Sir,
    Would you mind explaining the tides to me?  And please don't say "God dose it" give me scientific fact.  By the way Revelations is written in what is known as Jewish Apocalyptic Literature, which is based on metaphors and similes.

[Editor's note: God does it.]

Date: 21-November-2005

I appear to need some prayer, as I kinda know people who have been in orbit.

Your page is funny.  Its so over the top I'm 99 percent sure its a spoof, but having grown up in the far right fundamentalist christian church (and subsequenly escaping), I'm almost frightened that you're the real thing.

[Editor's note: He means he knows people who claim to have been in orbit, or people who have been duped by the great Satanic conspiracy of the Round Earth into thinking they have been in orbit!  He is right that he needs some prayer, though.  Why would anyone want to leave the righteous care of a far right fundamentalist Christian church?  The answer, we know, sports a barbed tail, horns, and goatee.]

Date: 24-November-2005

Hi, my name is Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, a student.

Recently I had the misfortune to come across your site, arguing the idea of the square earth/ the flat earth.
This fanciful and frankly ludicrously stupid argument has mad me believe that you are either retarded or ridiculously stupid.

Your argument is based solely on the idea that everything in the Bible is literal truth,  Seeing as you so blindly follow a book that was written around two thousand years ago I suppose displays your complete ignorance, but you must realise that two thousand years in any civilisation will constitue major advances in knowledge and fact.  You are basically saying that people two thousand years ago had a better knowledge of astro physics than we do now.

I am a Catholic Christian who goes to church regularly, but unlike you I understand the limitations of the Bible and the fact that most of it is not supposed to be taken literally, reather that the teachings of the stories are the part that has to be understood.

Do you also know that the different books of the bible were edited two hundred years A.D. by a king who wanted it to sound different don't you?  What you are basically doing is taking words that were never meant to be taken literally, and trying to support an argument with it.  That can never work.  I have had discussions with priests, MEN OF THE CHURCH who agree.
As for claiming on your site that anyone who believes in the round earth won't go to heaven, is frankly absurd and insulting.  We do not have a vengeful god, but a loving one.  The Bible is not God's word, but a Kings version of it.
The bible is not literal truth, face it.  It is merely the best ideas that people two thousand years ago could come up with.  We evolved from apes, the making of the earth took many millions of years.  The evidence is undeniable.  As for claiming that this is all a cover up by the government, i think in the age of acceptance of all religions they wouldn't give a crap.

As for Governments faking Space Pictures of earth, you surely realise that there are more important things they would be doing rather than 'keeping up with an elaborate hoax'.

Reply unless you have seen the error of your ways, because honestly I think if anyone is being blinded from the truth by the Devil it is you.  Become a modern day chrisitian, not a medievil one.
If you do not reply I will know that you understand you are preaching false words of fatih,

Xxxxx Xxxxxxx

[Editor's note: A Catholic?  We all know what Jack Chick has to say about those!]

Date: 28-November-2005

well done. for a little bit i thought that article was serious.

[Editor's note: I was confused and perplexed about this e-mail, until I noticed it was sent from Purdue, which is a University.  Those no-good liberal-controlled anti-Christian academics are always up to no good.  Imagine, thinking that my article on the square Earth isn't serious!]

Date: 29-November-2005
Subject: You will rot in Hell

You blasphemous moron!  You have no respect for God or Christians, and your mocking site about "square earth" will make you rot in hell.  Or, as this probably means nothing to such an unrespecting liberal creep like you, someone will get you and you will experience your just desert well before that.  Imagine what some true believer, who by your insulting site gets driven off the path of Christ, might do to you out of rage that your distrespectful site understandably induces.  You deserve the fate of other extreme liberals, abortionist murderers and holocaust deniers.  God will see to that, and surely someone on this earth before the judgement day.  You think it is a joke to insult moral feelings of Christians like that?  Well, think again.  You will take to hell with you some poor Christian soul who will not be able to stand the insult, but perhaps that is also the way God protects us from such petty creeps as yourself.

You think your stupid mockery of the Creationist science is funny?  You obviously do not know anything about either Bible or science.  Creationism and Intelligent design are scientific theories, which are independent of the Bible, and expose evolution as a politically motivated pseudoscience, which devalues Christian morality by portraying people as objects, rather than God's creations and ends in themself.  The political agenda of Darwinism is to instill nihilistic liberalism which has produce morons like you.  If you really cannot tell a difference between round earth and evolution, than it is a reflection of your idiocy.  It is surely accompanied by your blatant immorality and total lack of respect for religious feelings of others.  Your stupidity can be forgiven.  For the other thing, you are going to pay.  And it could come much sooner than you think!

[Editor's note: Why rank Holocaust deniers among the likes of extreme liberals and abortionist murderers?]

Date: 30-November-2005
Subject: Earth

The reason someone doesn't fall off of the South Pole is because they attracted toward the MIDDLE of the Earth.  Masses attract objects, and Earth is a pretty damn big mass.

Also, how is it that I am able to go on a boat from Hawaii, WESTWARD (Oh no, the edge!) and end up in Korea?  If there is a teleportation thing on the edges, we have nothing to worry about, then, but you didn't say that there was.  I often travel by sea or air across the Pacific Ocean, and yes, on the plane I am awake this whole time.

"While flat-Earthers know that the ocean is really just a large bowl, (with great sheets of ice around the edges to hold the ocean back), and the atmosphere is contained by a large dome, the backwards "round-Earth" way of thinking would have you believe that all those trillions of gallons of water and air just "stick" to the planet's surface."

There isn't any ice on the Pacific Ocean near Java or those areas... Nor is there any ice near the Phillipines.  Once again, I refer to the large "mass" attracting theory, which I can prove. <--- Place that link in your URL address bar and you will notice the "heretic" round earth picture.  If I were to go from the top of Greenland straight to Russia (which has happened before many times), then the Earth MUST be round... or have a teleportation device.

[Editor's note: The quoted third paragraph comes from, which is the website for "the Flat Earth Society."  Do not be fooled.  "The Flat Earth Society" is a joke website designed to snare unwitting visitors with its deadpan style.  The only real flat-earth organization in recent history was called "The International Flat Earth Society," run by the late Charles K. Johnson.  But, sadly, even Johnson is burning in hell right now because he proclaimed a flat earth with a circular edge instead of the Biblically-correct square earth.]

Date: 3-December-2005
Subject: The Earth is a Bagle

Dear Mr. Wilcox,

with deep interest I followed your explications regarding the real shape of the earth. Being a true christian believer myself, I was deeply moved to realize that, what I thought to be the truth, was just plain misreading the bible, neglecting the important parts. In an attempt of cleansing myself from these false beliefs, I resigned from the IFES, threw away my so costly bought models and picture of a flat round earth - and there I am, born again, free from the influence of all these false prophets and their perverted semi-truths.

But still, there is one problem that troubles my mind: What if Columbus WAS right? What if Columbus was NOT a delusional crackpot with a craving for recognition? What if there IS a possibility to circumnavigate the earth? Would that prove your theory dead wrong? But that again would prove the whole bible wrong, and that cannot be, for the bible is given by The Lord - directly from the horses mouth, so to speak - and so every word is true. A fundamental dilemma, indeed...

But then, suddenly, it struck me, that it might be possible to combine the True Christian image of a square earth with an earth that is circumnavigatable by Columbus and, perhaps, by everybody? This, of course, cannot be acomplished in the normal twodimensional universe our poor errant mind can hardly graps - we have to go up into the unknown, third dimension. But there, everything suddenly becomes perfectly easy and understandable. As today's scientists know already, the third dimensional space is not straight, but rather bent. So, if we take our square earth as a twodimensional manifold in the threedimensional realm, we can bend it and glue two opposing edges together. If we do this with both pairs of edges, we get an object that is surprisingly familiar to mankind - that of a torus, or, to speak in popular terms: an idealized bagle/doughnut (you may want to try with a piece of paper). Of course, this is only a gedankenexperiment, as we hardly know anything at all about the mysterious third dimension, so I doubt this will be provable by means of traditional sciences. So I turn to you, an expert in the field of True Christian Astrophysics and Geography, and would appreciate to hear your opinion on this highly delicate matter. Is this theory compatible with the bible? Or are there any flaws in my reasoning?

Please don't get me wrong: I am no heretic. I am a true believer in The Bible and The Lord. I do not renounce the fundamental truth about the shape of the earth, like some misguided contemporaries who uttered their false beliefs per email and still consider themselves christian. I deeply feel pity for those pour souls and pray for their gnosis and redemption, I surely do. By use of modern physics I only intend to rule out some apparent inconsistencies that may seem to trouble the fundamental truth and may help to bring the truth out to the great mass of unbelieving sceptics.

In deep christian and brotherly love

Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx

PS: I have to apologize for my bad english as it is not my mother tongue. I am writing from Germany, in the old Europe, which, unfortunatly, is not as progressive as it thinks itself to be, when it comes to the question of faith and belief. Mind you - we teach ONLY Darwinism in school. It's a goddamn shame...

[Editor's note: Oh no, not another one of those "the Earth is flat but space is curved" theories!  If the Earth were bent into the toroidal shape he describes, the "four corners of the Earth" decreed in Rev 7:1 would not exist.  And he claims not to be a heretic!  For shame!]

Date: 9-December-2005

At last; the whole truth.

Of course the Earth is a perfect square; the Freemasons say so, I think.  Or is that to do with a square Freemason ?  But I had heard that the pillars which support our blessed plot stand on the backs of turtles, and that it's turtles all the way down.  Or has someone been lying to me, and my flat map of the Earth is wrong ?

My huge, leather bible says that our blessed plot was created in 4004BC, and so it must be.  And I understand that some people are now saying that this Earth is no longer the centre of the universe and all creation.  But, ahem, that we are but as dust in something called an expanding universe.  Excuse me.  God didn't spend the best part of a week creating this blessed plot just to send it wizzing into some dark space.

And another thing.  Those nice Mormon people have discovered in the USA where the Garden of Eden was.  Sorry, wrong.  It was here in the Sacred Island of Great Britain.  Everybody knows that.

Right.  Glad that we have sorted all that out.  And I do wish that Douglas Adams was still with us.

[Editor's note: Actually, it isn't the Bible itself that says the Earth was created in 4004 B.C., it was Archbishop Ussher in the 17th century A.D..  Ussher was publically anti-Catholic, but really, how anti-Catholic can somebody be if he has "Archbishop" in his name?  If you get my meaning.

I received a follow-up to the above missive a couple weeks later:]

Date: 27-December-2005

Fellow believer

As a new convert to the square truth, I think we will have to start changing things that non-believers say.  How can non-believers say that they will "go to the ends of the Earth" for something or somebody ?  How can they say that the Sun rises and sets if they believe that Earth is moving around the Sun ?  How can the heavens be "up" there to people who live on a round World ?  Tell that to Australians "Down Under" who supposedly are clinging on by their toes.  You see, we will have to change some of the English language (which was given to us by God when he wrote the King James bible; but you know that).  A bit of a worry really.

Onward and upward.

[Editor's note: Clearly, such phrases as "sunrise", "sunset", and "going to the ends of the Earth" made their way into out language because, in their heart of hearts, even the staunchest deniers know that God really made our world flat and square.  Such phrases as "Down Under" when referring to the continent of Australia, however, made their way into our language because of Satan!]

Date: 14-December-2005

Hey- in regards to your square earth assumption, I am quite baffled by how you can completely discredit all the facts that scientists have proven over and over again to use your obviously far fetched and incomplete line of assumptions to conclude the Earth is, in fact, a Square.  I can see where you are drawing your conclusions from, but not everything in the Bible was meant literally.  Are you saying the world is completely flat too?  2-Dimensional?

I also find it a coincidence that the only explanation you can give as to why Satellite pictures and airline pilots "pretend" the Earth is round is because they are in cahoots with the devil.  That is truly ironic that the only true proof against you, you have completely thrown out the window without a doubt.

All this aside though, I am primarily interested if you genuinely believe this or if this is a stunt for more website hits and attention.

Thank you,

P.S. I'm interested in your theories on how we have seasons and days also.

[Editor's note: As the late Charles K. Johnson of the now-defunct International Flat Earth Society so aptly demonstated, those so-called "proven scientific facts" about the Earth's alleged spherical shape are nothing but a sham coupled with wishful-thinking on the part of those Satan-worshipping heathen unbelievers in white lab coats.  All satellite pictures are frauds, because satellites themselves are physically impossible with a square Earth capped by the vault of the heavens.  It's a shame that otherwise intelligent folks can't seem to grasp this one obvious fact.]

Date: 17-December-2005


I wish to quote someone I knew with my research and studies in the paranormal, a very vast and unknown field of study.  "No matter how much evidence you give to a believer or how much evidence you give to a nonbeliever, neither will be swayed."  This is because a belief is a trust.  If you have trust or have a belief then you do not need any evidence to change your mind.  You must be objective not subjective.

Beliefin something even clouds the mind.  If you believe in and trust something without evidence, what you think becomes true.  You won't need someone to go up to you and give you any more evidence to support your claims or any evidence against it - you already formed a belief and that is all you need, this trust, towards something.

Your trust lies within the bible since you believe in it.  Therefore, if you have a understanding of how much trust you have that the earth is flat you will realize that yes, the earth is flat, within your belief making it the truth.

Thank you.

[Editor's note: I hope this poor, wayward soul realizes that "paranormal" is just another word for witchcraft.  And we all know what Exodus 22:18 has to say about that!

After I posted the above Editor's note, the above poor wayward soul was kind enough to reply:]

Date: 20-December-2005

I just checked the website - didn't know you would email me back.  Anyways, thank you for your response.  Unfortunately, I find your response inadequate to the points I made in my statements.  I did a small elective class learning about the paranormal.  You should know that a well-balanced person is someone who sees from both sides of a issue and than after looking at them making a educated decision on which to support.  I do not support the paranormal in any way.  I try to keep a open mind towards everything.  In fact, I come to your website with a open mind considering the possibility that the world is indeed flat.  I will not completely agree with it since I must be open to other possibilities.  You took a key word out of my whole argument, threw something back at me to discredit what I said and voila there you had your reply.  I merely stated that someone in the field who studies, not believes or disbelieves in the paranormal nor supports anything about it had said something that I felt would emphasize how a belief is a trust in something and you cannot easily change it once you accept something one way.  You might even be the best example, where are all your answer from?  The one place you trust them - your bible!  Has your belief swayed no matter how much evidence a person has given to you to support or not support the earter is flat?  Nope, you think the earth is flat still.  Your beliefs are within the bible, thus every answer you provide comes straight from it.  I don't think you have a open mind to anyone who suggests otherwise from what you believe in and if you don't have a open mind then you are biast.  I am such a poor, wayward soul, aren't I?

[Editor's note: Don't forget what Deuteronomy 13:6-8 has to say about keeping an "open mind"!]

Date: 17-December-2005
Subject: The International Square Earth Society is a Bunch of Fucking Bullshit

It is a sin to believe that everyone that has *proven* the earth is round is a worshiper of satin.  We have watched (that is seen with our own eyes) astronauts launched into space and have seen the pictures of the *round* earth as they orbit it.  If the earth wasn't round we would have seasons.  How do you explain that?  Is the moon also square?  If the Earth was square, wouldn't you fall off the edge eventually???  Isn't this was Christopher Columbus (who was Christian, btw) proved in 1492?
If the earth wasn't spherical, it would not be able to contain the inner layers and the atmosphere which is essential for life as we know it.
In my opinion you are the satanist one.  Why don't you become an astronaut and see the earth for yourself?!
You realize the bible is not meant for literal interpretations right?  You have to use *higher level cognitive abilities* to draw the correct conclusions.  I will laugh when god tells you that you're a fucking dumb ass and sends you to hell.

[Editor's note: Christopher Columbus wasn't Christian, he was a no-good Mary-worshipping Catholic.  Obviously, Satan (in his guise as the Pope) tricked Columbus into thinking he'd sailed to "the other side of the world."  Really, though, the "other side" of the world would be the bottom side of the world, which is where Satan's lake of fire resides — and, doubtlessly, Columbus now resides there too.

This same person was gracious enough to e-mail me a second time, even without my having replied to the above message:]

Date: 21-December-2005

Mr. Wilcox,
You still haven't told me how you explain the astronauts being launched into space and the satellite pictures of the earth.  If this is all a conspiracy a lot of people would have to be in on it, therefore defeating the purpose of a conspiracy.  I suppose you believe the earth is the center of the universe as well?

[Editor's note: That ought to tell you just how deep the conspiracy goes!  And, yes, of course the Earth is at the center of the universe.  How else could you explain how the sun orbits around it?

After posting the above Editor's note, this same, patient person was gracious enough to reply again:]

Date: 24-December-2005
Subject: Earth "Conspiracy"

Alright, I'll humor you for a moment.  Suppose this all is a big conspiracy, what would millions of satanist collaborators have to gain from this conspiracy?  By the way, if the sun orbited around the earth we wouldn't have seasons.  I suppose you know what they are?  Snow isn't god's dandruff for crying out loud.
If the earth was flat, wouldn't someone have fallen off the edge by now?  Nothing can extend infinitely.  Surely you with all your mathematical "skills" and calculating poweress.  can understand that concept.

Is this actually serious or is this just some stupid stunt for attention?

[Editor's note: And how do you know that snow isn't God's dandruff?

This same person replied again as a follow-on:]

Date: 29-December-2005
Subject: Afterthought

In the bible I remember a story about many people working together to build a tower to heaven.  God created different languages so they would never accomplish this.  It is not possible for non-lay persons to corroborate and confer with their colleagues all over the ROUND ROUND WORLD.

[Editor's note: You remember correctly.  It was called the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9).  And it clearly demonstrates that the Earth was flat and that heaven lies above it.

After posting the previous Editor's note above, this same, patient person was gracious enough to reply yet again:]

Date: 2-January-2006
Subject: Arguments

Every time you are proved wrong you never have facts to refute the arguments against you.  If you would refer to my last letter and address all my points with logical explanations, you might have a shot at saving face with the rest of the logical world who considers you an utter idiot.  What would millions of satanist collaborators have to gain from this conspiracy?  How do you explain the seasons of the earth? I know snow isn't dandruff because dandruff is dry, flaky skin.  Snow is cold and it melts into water.  It's not skin.

I will ask you again, do you actually believe yourself? Or is this some stupid Internet stunt for attention?

[Editor's note: What would millions of Satanist collaborators have to gain from this conspiracy?  I'm surprised you even need to ask. . God is going to send all the folks who don't believe in the Square Earth to hell when they die, so fomenting a belief in a ridiculous "round Earth" will mean more souls for Satan!]

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