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Date: 5-January-2004

    Either your a dork and I seriously hope you are and are just joking, or you are an idot!

    The whole freaking bible is a mess of things that are NOT literal, I'm sorry, but it's not to hard to figure that one out.

    The four corners are North, South, East, and West.

[Editor's note: I don't know what an "idot" is, but so long as it's not a variant spelling of "idol" — which the Ten Commandments specifically forbid us from making — then I'll proudly accept that title.]

Date: 21-January-2004

what a clown you take the price.

Date: 3-February-2004

is there any way i can get hold of a square earth map?

[Editor's note: Sadly, no; I fear that all the mapmakers have been bought out by the secular evolutionists.]

Date: 26-March-2004

u are jokeing about the square earth thing right?

Date: 13-April-2004

If the earth is square, then how come no one's ever been to the edges of earth?

Also, can you tell me exactly your theory on spacecraft? I'd like to see some actual pictures of this 'square earth'.

[I replied to the above, explaining that space craft do not exist, because space does not exist.  The material universe ends at the "vault of heaven" a few hundred miles above our heads.  (It's all in the Book of Enoch.)  This same person was gracious enough to e-mail me back:]

Date: 15-April-2004

What exactly is the "vault of heaven" made out of? And is it penetrable? If it is (and even if it isn't), then what is on the other side of this vault?

[I replied as follows: Aristotle claimed that it was made of the Fifth Element, perfectly hard crystalline ether.  But then, Aristotle was a heathenous Round-Earther.  Above the Vault of Heaven is, of course, water (or at least there was before the Noachian Flood), and God, who sits enthroned up there.  This same person then was gracious enough to e-mail me back yet again:]

Date: 18-April-2004

So god can breathe under water? And what's above god?

Date: 2-May-2004

    You know, I got to your page about the Earth being square through Google, and there being so much rubbish on the net I didn't have a clue whether it was seriously meant or not. Boy was I glad to discover your home page!
    Dig the flat-earther's common sense: how shameful that his wife is an Australian. They've simply failed to understand the concepts up / down.
    Now I'm having a look through your Wilhelm Reich pages - I came across him at Uni.
    Good work - an interesting read!

[Editor's note: *sigh* ... you write one webpage about Dark Suckers and everybody thinks you're kidding.]

Date: 13-May-2004

Xxxxx flew co-pilot with me on an Air Guard KC-97L tanker on a couple of trips to Germany, via England years ago. So, when he sent me your piece, I replied:

Hilarious! Of course, I've known all along that the Earth is
> square. Remember how we used to angle right as we approached Greenwich on
> the way to Germany, and I told you to double-check the navigator to make
> sure he didn't cause us to fall off the edge?

[Editor's note: There you have it, straight from a real pilot's mouth: "We used to angle right as we approached Greenwich."  Angle right — right angle!  They DO make sharp 90-degree turns to follow the contours of the square earth!]

Date: 14-May-2004

You canít really be serious about this, can you?

Date: 18-June-2004

Nice one mate!
Best laugh I've had in ages, thanks for the comedy.

[Alarmed, I fired off the following response:

"You won't be laughing when you're roasting in Hell*, you heathenous Round-Earther!
*) Which, as we all know, is located beneath the flat, square Earth, somewhere amongst the supporting pillars."

This person was gracious enough to reply:]

Date: 19-June-2004

Keep it coming mate, it's hilarious!

Date: 26-June-2004

Is this a joke? Are a really a fuckign idiot? Dude.. The earth is not square you dumbshit.. What about the people that fly around it every day? What about the peopel who sail around the earth? Are you THAT FUCKING RETARDED?! Your website has to be a joke.. if not you deserve to burn in hell for being such a damn idiot. What this really is, is proiof that the BIBLE IS A FAKE. No shut the fuck up about your stupid square earth shit.

Date: 18-July-2004

Excuse me but I think you are a complete loon, and I hope that someday you manage to qualify for the Darwin awards, I'm an atheist and I don't believe in any of this god BULLSHIT, thank you very much, Dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 31-July-2004

I am trying to find a copy of Professor Orlando Ferguson's "Map of the Square and Stationary Earth" and/or his book(let) explaining his theory.

A reprint would be perfectly satisfactory.

I would have thought that since he lived & wrote here, I could find these locally, but no such luck.  The only copy of the map I have seen is a slightly battered one, framed and hanging in the Hot Springs Historical Museum.

Also no luck doing Web searches.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

[Editor's note: Ask, and ye shall receive!  In late June of 2007, an astute reader sent me a scanned image of Orlando Ferguson's square earth map.  To view it, click this link: Ferguson_map.jpg.  While Ferguson's map correctly shows the angels standing at the 4 corners, it still depicts a generally circular layout for the world with the corners tacked on as a kind of an afterthought.  It also depicts the Earth's surface as convoluted, with a bulge at the center and a shallow ditch at the Tropic of Capricorn.]

Date: 25-August-2004

Wow i just read your web page and you are one mest up son of a bitch. Seriously, Square Earth.

From: (Beelzebub)
Date: 9-September-2004

Dear Mr. Heathen,

As president of the Spherical World Society, I'm @&$* off about your bull#&%* on this website. Your heathenous teachings delude the young minds of this SPHERICAL world. Your kind should be #^$& #* to burn eternally in Hell! Please visit our website you don't, we'll #*%@ and place a curse on you, your descendants, and all of the cactus you at Home Depot.

Sincerily,     666,revalation is coming

Date: 12-September-2004

Dear Mr. Roger M. Wilcox,
I have read your page on the flat earth society. It was very entertaining. I had a blast.
I just wanted 2 ask you a question. the Bible is very metaphorical,correct?(yes) well since it is & u qoute many Bible verses on your website you must know the Bible pretty well. So let me ask you this: when God calls us the sheep & He the shepherd, do you really believe that we are sheep? No, because we know that is just a metaphorical term or an illustration. So when we read in revelation 7:1 that there are four corners of the earth that the angels are standing do we believe that there are actually 4 corners? no its metaphorical term saying the ends of the earth.
if the spherical earth seems outrageous 2 u then go 2 or call the mental help
<insert "crazy" emoticon here> association at 214-828-4192
please do not email me back
thanx 4 ur time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: (Ugly Person)
Date: 7-November-2004

Hey thanks for the informative website. Makes me think back to high school when I myself did an essay asserting that the world is square (I got a good mark on it too!)

Best wishes.

[Editor's note: It's good to see that not all of our schools have been taken over by the evil secularists.  Perhaps there is hope for THE TRUTH of the square earth to be heard, after all.]

Date: 16-November-2004

Er.. You've never seen satellite pictures of the earth then? I've never seen any satellite pictures of this square earth however. How do satellites orbit this square earth? Who lives on the pointy bits?

Dear oh dear!

Date: 17-November-2004

Ideas like your are dangerous to humanity.

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