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Archived mailbag from 2002

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Date: 20-March-2002


How can you say that the earth is square???  Did you see the corners or 90° angles between the sides???  Why you doubt about the vision of the sattelites and space shuttles??

See you later!

Date: 22-October-2002

are you for fucking real???  you seriously believe all this bullshit??  You're going to hell for being so fucking stupid!  America as god's favorite country, what the fuck, are you a nazi?  shut your fucking mouth unless you actually know something to be true, don't base knowledge on what fucking samuel and joshua and all the other biblical fucks tell you and expect people to believe it, shithead.

[after replying to the above, the same person was gracious enough to e-mail me back:]

Date: 22-October-2002

that article might possibly be the stupidest piece of trash i have ever read in my entire life.  by the way, that was an amazing comeback, they hurt so much coming from someone who doesnt know shit about shut the fuck up and lets keep it to religion being stupid....

first of all, when god created earth, do you think he created baseball and america before, just so that he could base the "perfect" shape on them?  When science is mentioned everyone is clueless, but when the word nazi is mentioned, suddenly everyone becomes scholars on theology....sorry, let m rephrase myself, are you fucking fascist?  does the word SCIENCE mean nothing to you????  are you so fucking arrogant that you believe earth is the only planet that matters in this universe?  you deserve to rot.


[after replying to the above, the same person was gracious enough to e-mail me back yet again:]

Date: 23-October-2002

you are the stupidest human being i have ever encountered in my entire life.

[... and after yet another of my burdensome replies, again, more graciousness:]

Date: 23-October-2002

haaaaaahahahaha so you're stupid and immature, what a combo

[... and another message without my even asking!  This person was truly generous:]

Date: 23-October-2002

that asshole.

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