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Many true believers — and a few misguided sheep of the flock — have written to us here at the International Square Earth Society over the years.  It would be wrong of me to hide their light under a bushel.  So, I've collected the comments that we have received and put them together in this "mailbag page."

The texts and spelling within the letters below appear exactly as they were sent to us, sometimes even with the same formatting.  The names of the senders, though, have been X'ed out to protect their identities from the One World Government.  (You never know who's out to suppress THE TRUTH!)

Earlier archived mailbags:

Date: 2-January-2009
Subject: Square?

Okay, so you're wack job page is kind... of disturbing?
First you are telling good, perfectly sane, and honest people that they are going to hell.
Is it honestly your call if someone is to go to heaven, or is it GOD's choice?

Oh, and I've already destroyed the Flat Earth Society morons.
Their rubber ball theory is ignorant of the most well known force on a ROUND earth, gravity.
They said that sand would fall off because it's round, and as if WE were grains of sand, we should fall off too, well hate to tell you buddy unless you have come up with a BETTER explanation other then your stupid excuses on your probably satanic 'bible' the reason the grains fall off is because the earths gravity is stronger then the rubber ball. The reason I brought them up is because you say they are pretty much basically right, so then that probably destroys about half of your theory and the top is the next quarter.

And if you think that god will not forgive for our ignorance, then why did his one our sins, our ignorance?
VERSE from John 3:16
the verse being
"For god so loved the WORLD that he gave his one and only begotten son for whoever believes in HIM will not perish, but have everlasting life in him."
This states that God loves the whole world equally, not just America, and living for Him will get us to heaven, not by believing in your so stupid idea of repentance.
That is another eighth of your plan DESTROYED.

Thus, there is only an eighth left.
BASEBALL?! good god man you were dedsperate enough to have THAT for a REASON, were you drunk?! Okay, japanese love baseball, americans love baseball, mexicans love baseball, and FOOTBALL is what we get drunk over. I would say you were drunk off your rocker and you too also made a metaphor out of when somebody pointed out in Isaiah 40:22 that he said circle, you are a self absorbed hypocrit, who really needs some prozac, and maybe... just help in general.
So do not pray for what ever the hell you think is wrong with my soul, I'm praying for your sanity.

Your completely awesome, sane, nice, honest, smart, everything your not,
Xxxxxx the destroyer of morons And Xxxxx

OH p.s.
the four corners of the earth basically mean EVERYONE not just america and baseball and america weren't real.

I would say the score boards now read, you -10 us... you just lost.

[Editor's note: Good, perfectly sane, and honest people are going to hell ... if they don't toe the line and believe what God requires them to believe.]

Date: 12-January-2009
Subject: It's A Square World

Dear Roger,

I have read with interest some of the correspondence on your website. Oh what a load of rubbish some people spout. It is a square world of that there can be no doubt and all power to you for sticking to your guns. Why one only has to look at the revered institution the BBC to discover that back as far as the 1960's they were showing a television programme entitled "It's A Square World". If it's good enough for the BBC, then it's good enough for me. In this cock-eyed existence clinging to a misguided belief that the world could be round and smooth is just mad.

Sir, whilst I can agree with your sentiments on the shape of the world (for they are obviously correct to all except those who are too stupid to see the truth). I cannot under any circumstances agree with your view that Americans are God's chosen people.

This is utter balderdash.

It is, and has been for many, many hundreds of years clear that the British are the true chosen people. A fact born out in what we (The British) have done for most of the known world:

Discovered it

Civilised it

Colonised it

Educated it

Supported it

Taught it English*

Taught it how to trade

Made it worthy

Without British influence, ingenuity, greatness, support & compassion.
Most of the world would be...
Full of uneducated, uncivilised, unwashed, barbaric heathens.

* Except the Americans who still haven't mastered it.

So if you would kindly (and gentlemanly) refrain from suggesting that a mere colony of The British Empire could be anything but lesser men. Then I shall be glad to extend to you my wholehearted support.

[Editor's note: I wouldn't call the BBC a "revered" institution; they are more secular than most broadcasting companies in America.  I must also take exception to your notion that the British "discovered" most of the known world, when it was the Spanish and Italians who stumbled upon what round-earthers call the Western Hemisphere.  (Although, frankly, I'm amazed that Ferdinand Magellan was able to put together an entire crew who were willing to scam their government into believing they'd sailed "around the world".  You'd think one of them would have spilled the beans about whatever it was they really did on that trip.)]

Date: 19-January-2009


You are an interesting dude, saw your post on the Evolution Article on  Then I went to your website, got to hand it to you, that is some interesting (and funny) stuff on square earth.  You are great at coming up with logic for sure.  So here I was all this time, believing the Bible is real and that God and Jesus are real too, and you go and prove to me how wrong I am because the earth is described as square!  What will I do now?  Since I am not as smart as you, I will just keep on believing!  I hope you appreciate sarcasm.  Seriously, though Revelations is being misquoted a bit, I believe.  The author was in a dream like state (not asleep) and getting "revelations" from God which were similar to God's omniscience - meaning that seeing all edges of a round earth at the same time would not be a problem.  Also, it would not be uncommon to talk about the four corners of the earth then or now, even though we know it is round.  Check out this verse, didn't see it on your website.

"It is he that sitteth upon the CIRCLE* of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in." --Isaiah 40:22

*Circle=Hebrew "chuwg",meaning "sphere"
So I take it from your writing that you don’t believe in God or the Bible.  I imagine, just quickly looking at your webpage, that you believe that intelligence and logic cannot allow for a Creator as described by the Bible.  You remind me of a guy I know who couldn’t believe in God because there is no way Noah could have existed with his ark and his big flood and 2 of every animal on a boat.  I will say the same thing to you that I said to him – are you willing to bank that your life will result in a pile of bones in a box in the ground because you can’t reconcile the Noah story…… or in your case, square earth?  You are banking a lot on your square earth theory, arent' you?  Not sure if you even care to be challenged on your beliefs, but if you do… on!

First of all, I could argue for why Noah could be real and why much of the Old Testament is real, but I can’t scientifically prove it all.  Why? Because the Bible wasn’t written to “prove” anything.  It was NOT written to confirm science.  It was written to help us get through this life and get to heaven (oh, I know, a big scary concept of afterlife that requires faith).  Our limited perspective into things such as Creation and dinosaurs and floods isn’t really an entire picture, is it?  We discover things every year that seem to prove the Bible and other things that seem to disprove it – I could give many examples of cities and names of kings that seem to be misplaced in the Bible only for archaeologists to find out that there was such a place and such a king.  So what do you do, wait until all the science gets worked out and then, maybe change your mind, and believe in God?  Little secret for you, IT WILL NEVER BE WORKED OUT.  God (and the devil, I know another mythical creature to you) won’t let it get worked out until the end times, more on why later.

So let me ask you, do you really believe that you are no different than an aunt – do some work, help the cause, and then die?  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust?  Here’s one for you, I assume you love somebody.  Do you believe that the love you have inside you for others (family, friends, etc.) is just a coincidence of evolution?  Seriously?  I believe we were “designed” by a Creator who wired that love into us as a reflection of who He/She is, I can’t believe that LOVE is cauased by an evolved chemical reaction.  Stop and think about that.  Look, I have a really high IQ (99 percentile last checked) who, at one time, didn’t like the idea of depending on (or submitting to) a Creator either, especially when he didn’t give me the logic to get all of the answers figured out in my head.  But I had to ask myself, is this God / Jesus stuff possibly real?  I now know it is real in my heart and in my soul, but at the time, I wanted something concrete.  You seem like the type of guy that would like a good book.  Check out the "Case for Christ" and "Letters from a Skeptic".  If you think you are a smart dude, read these two books and realize that there are some smarter dudes out there (scholars even) who are beating these issues up.

So here is what I think about God.  First off, God is not equal to manmade religion.  They are two different things.  Any time manmade religion develops a theory about the Bible that isn’t proven by the Bible, it isn’t of God but of man.  George Carlin, the comedian, said religion is BS.  While I don’t 100% agree with him, he is close.  If religion helps you get closer to God and learn more, great.  If not, do away with it, it can only get in the way of knowing God.

So, back to the logic issue - why doesn’t God just come down out of the clouds and prove that ….. well, he is God or why doesn’t he just write the Bible (or dictate it to man) in a way that proves it once and for all?  Here is why.  The Bible says that God created us with Free Will which is key, it is the ultimate expression of his love.  Creating us to ONLY follow him or proving himself to us by coming down out of the sky, well that really isn't free will at all - we would just follow him out of fear, etc.  We wouldn't make a decisions at all, would we?  So here it is - If the Bible proved itself, it would defeat God’s purpose, to offer us free will.  Now you are thinking “darn, the Bible has a built in defense mechanism.  You can’t question it’s motives otherwise it would defeat its purpose”.  Yeah, I know.  That part is tough and can’t be swallowed in one bight.  But think about this paragraph a bit.

Man, there is so much more that I have learned and I am not one to try to "recruit' others so I am not good at this, but all that I am saying is this - Church is not the answer (although if you find the right one it can lead you to the answers you need).  Don’t say because the Bible isn’t a science book that it is wrong – or you can, but you are banking a heck of a lot (see bones in a box) on that THEORY!

Hey, you have any interest in a rebuttal, please be my guest, always glad to talk to intelligent people.

Happy MLK Day

[Editor's note: Let me get this straight.  You claim you didn't see Isaiah 40:22 on the website?  Did you even read the website?]

Date: 25-February-2009

Dear Mr. Wilcox,

Thank you so much for presenting the True Cosmology. I am a Catholic, an
artist, and a museum curator in Boston and am very interested in the map
produced by Orlando Ferguson which brought me to your site through a
Google search of flat-earth maps. I would be interested in reproducing
it and/or procuring a copy.

I also have a question for you. Do you have any knowledge on the
historical Catholic Church position upon the true cosmology. (Besides
its age-long preservation of the only authentic scripture: the Latin
Vulgate.) Thank you again for all your work. I look forward to hearing
from you soon.


[Editor's note: I have two images of the Orlando Ferguson map: this one, and this bigger one sent to me by astute reader Don Homuth.  I hesitate to show these images directly on this page, because a casual reader might conclude that we at the International Square Earth Society actually support his interpretation — despite the clear and obvious error that the four corners shown in that picture are not at the compass points.  The historical Catholic position on the structure of the universe was the Aristotelian model, which had a spherical Earth surrounded by shells of perfectly hard, perfectly transparent æther containing the sun, moon, planets, and stars.  Yet more proof that those rosary-twirling wafer-gobbling pope worshippers were nothing but a Satanic plot to befuddle True Christians.]

Date: 26-February-2009

Hi Rog
Sorry I haven't got back to you earlier.
Been too busy slagging off the Creationists.
They did reply to my query regarding the age of the universe using distant galaxies as proof (see 24 june 2007) by claiming that the laws of pyshics must have been different back then i.e speed of light much greater etc.
After I replied with the attached letter they wouldn't talk to me anymore (sad now)
Also it appears they have stopped using this as a way of proving a young cosmos
P.s I don't know which is funnier, your pisstake on the Square Earth concept.
Or the way people who should know better get so upset about it.

Regards, The Badger

Cynics' sanctuary: Delusions are often functional. For instance, a mother's opinions about her children's beauty, intelligence, goodness, et cetera ad nauseam, keep her from drowning them at birth.

[Editor's note: The attached letter (s)he refers to contained discussions of Big Bang cosmology, the cosmic microwave background, the scientific method, et cetera.  Such a missive could only have been written by Satan, so I burned it.  I had to print out a copy before I could burn it, of course, but that's the price you pay for vigilance.]

Date: 12-June-2009
Subject: WHAT!!!!!????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!

dear square earth dude,

the scriptures you quoted have been interpreted to your liking, you quoted several about an unmoving earth. For all you know they were talkin about an unmoving faith throughout the earth. i don't have time to say any more but if you would like to explain to me how all this works i would be happy to hear it.

[Editor's note: In Joshua 10:12-13, Joshua requested that the sun and moon stand still in the sky, and they did.  If the Earth were really a rotating sphere, this sudden halt to its rotation would have caused everything on its surface to go careening eastward at several hundred miles per hour.  This would have killed the Israelites; the fact that the Israelites went on to write 33 more Old Testament books after Joshua means that the "moving Earth" model must be wrong.]

Date: 10-January-2010
Subject: WOW

Man... I wish I had the time to counter your arguments.

All I can suggest is to take two classes:

1. Elementary logic

2. Critical thinking

Good luck to ya.

[Editor's note: By "elementary logic," do you mean symbolic logic?  Admittedly, the rules for the elimination of material conditional expressions during the simplification process for verification of soundness-and-completeness did take a little getting used to.  As to critical thinking, well, I am always critical of thinking.]

Date: 7-February-2010
Subject: flat earth

thank you sir for this great illuminating research on the shape of our earth .  its very hard for anyone going through the public educational system and avoid being tricked by satan into thinking we live on a spherical planet...  I could have ended up burning in hell for eternity if it was not of you.  can I send you all my money to show how grateful I am?

[Editor's note: There may be tax consequences.  Better not risk it.]

Date: 5-March-2010
Subject: Authorisation required

Dear Mr Wilcox,

I am a French atheist writing a satiric blog upon religion : “A prophet’s diary”, at One of my reader has brought my attention upon your excellent post “The International Square Earth Society”, and has translated it in french. He his a linguist, be sure that his translation is accurate.
I would like to publish his translation on my web site, but I need your approval to do that. I will obviously give you all the author’s credit, putting your name and a link to the original post inside the post I will publish.

Without any response from you within a week, I will consider that I have your approbation. If this does not suit you, you can ask me to remove this post anytime.

[Editor's note: While it warms the cockles of my heart to see the cheese-eating surrender monkeys in France take an interest in God's true shape of the Earth, I note with some trepidation that your blog is supposed to be satiric about religion. I remind my readers that Christianity isn't a religion, it's a personal relationship with Jesus. Besides, religions can be wrong, and we know Christianity isn't wrong.]

Date: 5-March-2010
Subject: Authorisation required

Dear Mr Wilcox,

I am a French atheist writing a satiric blog upon religion : “A prophet’s diary”, at One of my reader has brought my attention upon your excellent post “The International Square Earth Society”, and has translated it in french. He his a linguist, be sure that his translation is accurate.
I would like to publish his translation on my web site, but I need your approval to do that. I will obviously give you all the author’s credit, putting your name and a link to the original post inside the post I will publish.

Without any response from you within a week, I will consider that I have your approbation. If this does not suit you, you can ask me to remove this post anytime.

[Editor's note: While it warms the cockles of my heart to see the cheese-eating surrender monkeys in France take an interest in God's true shape of the Earth, I note with some trepidation that your blog is supposed to be satiric about religion. I remind my readers that Christianity isn't a religion, it's a personal relationship with Jesus. Besides, religions can be wrong, and we know Christianity isn't wrong.]

Date: 23-March-2010

A HREF="">
Good luck with your website!

[Editor's note: The above link takes you to a page that utters these blasphemous words: 'The Bible’s reference to the “four corners of the earth” need not mean that the world is flat. It could be a tetrahedron.' If the author of that ridiculous screed had any bit of sense, he would understand that it is impossible for Jesus to have seen every kingdom of the Earth from one mountaintop (Matthew 4:8) unless the Earth is flat. I mean, duh.]

Date: 27-June-2010

You sir are an idiot. The world is not a square, this was disproved over three thousand years ago by a greek philosopher named eritosthenies, calculated that due to the curvature of the shadows, the planet must be a sphere. Your math is horrible on this and you may wish to retake high school geometry. The term “the four corners of the earth” or “the ends of the earth” is an expression and has been since ancient times, hence its inclusion in the bible. For the past thousand years any EDUCATED person has known that the earth IS A SPHERE OR OVOID. My recomomendation: go back to high school dumb ass!!!

[Editor's note: I hasten to remind you that Eratosthenes of Cyrene was not a Christian. Since Christians never lie, Eratosthenes must therefore have been a liar. Q.E.D..]

Date: 29-August-2010

I read your article about the earth having 4 corners.
So you said the earth is a square.
But the earth is a three-dimensionnal object, so wouldn't that have to make the earth a kubus - having 8 corners ?

Also, is your article meant to be a snare to christians or to religious believers of any kind ? Because your language sounds like the kind secular mockers would use.

[Editor's note: Although the upper surface of the Earth on which we live is a square with 4 corners, we know nothing about how thick the Earth actually is. It may be a cube, or it may be a very thin square prism, much like the shape of a saltine cracker. Since the Bible tells us that the Earth has 4 corners and not 8, this means either that (A) God considers the four vertical "side edges" of this square-top shape to be corners, or (B) the underside does not actually have corners and is in fact rounded in some manner. But we don't worry about the shape of the Earth's underside, because that's where Satan lives. As to whether my article is designed to snare Christians — well, of course it's designed to snare Christians! I want all of my fellow believers in Christ to know the True Shape of the Earth, so that they won't roast in hell for all eternity under the misguided notion that Jesus will forgive their round-earth blasphemies.]

Date: 21-February-2011

Here is something more important than worrying about a square or round earth for you to spend your time on. Bad Christian behavior from so called Christians does more harm than anything else. Read on and find out how we ended up Atheists.

Does the excuse "I'm not perfect but I'm forgiven" give Christians the right to treat people badly?

I was brought up a Christian and attended church with my family. I started working with some Christians and trusted them.

They started to scheming and being deceptive in order to get what they wanted, justifying it the guise of 'just doing business'. At first I prayed for help and strength to endure working with them, after a long time I finally decided to stand up to them, but by then it was too late. Again more lies and more praying — I started thinking that my prayers weren't answered but she was asking for forgiveness and getting away with everything and I was being punished, maybe I wasn't praying hard enough? The consequences of their actions were hurting me, my family and others and there was no remorse on their part.

I started to read about forgiveness and then I got mad because in the bible it's not your works or actions that count, it's your faith that will 'save you,' so no matter how much damage they did to others they can still go to heaven, even if they don't repent or make up for their actions.

I decided then that I didn't want to be anywhere where they went for eternity.

I started looking deeper into my beliefs, and now because of their being 'witness to Christ's' ways, we are now atheists and know we need to believe in ourselves and doing right to people here on earth and not worry about after we are dead and buried.

They can go on believing their bad behavior 'that never happened — it's been forgiven' while they continue to their conniving, deceitful, immoral ways — still hurting other people. They can pretend their conseinces are clear and just forget about it while these Christians are hyprocrites and are doing more harm to religion than not believing in a square earth. Because God made you for a reason, he also decided when you would be born and how long you would live. He planned the days of your life in advance, choosing the exact time of your birth and death. The Bible says, "You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe.

Every day was recorded in your book!" [Psalm 139:16]

I know God planned for their bad Christian behavior was going to lead us down this path and now we are happily atheist, and they go to church every week to sing in the choir and gossip and look good to their 'church family.' Square or round?? They don't even worry about things like that!
Finally Free

[Editor's note: It's sad, but true. God does intentionally turn some people into atheists. This is to test the faith of the faithful. If God made everybody into a True Believer, there wouldn't be anybody in hell for us to gloat over, now would there?]

Date: 29-April-2011

Your an idiot. Yes it is possible for the pictures to be faked, but why would they do that? That would be pointless. I have a telescope and although because I'm observing from Earth I can't see the Earth I can see all the other planets and they are all spherical. This website is embarrasing, we are the human race, we are intelligent creatures. The Earth is a sphere. Get over it and stop being stupid.

From a 14 year-old with common sense.

Sent from my iPad

[Editor's note: Okay, two things. First, the word you're looking for is "You're," not "Your." Second, how much common sense could you possibly have if you use an iPad? Apple owns your soul now! Sheesh!]

Date: 8-March-2012
Subject: I have some questions your articles on square earth

I have read and interested in your articles regarding on square earth from your website.
I understand your opinions as a Christians, however I can’t agree with your opinions.

I am also Christians and I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and only Saver.

The reason why I can’t agree with your opinions is two.

The first one is that I wonder that your explanation is right on Revelation 7:1.
I think that the phrase of ‘the four corners of the earth’ means the cardinal directions, rather than meaning the square earth. What do you think? You may find the document regarding the phrase (in the document, the phrase is explained by the cardinal directions, not square earth.)

The second one is that you have no any scientific evidences.
As you know, there are abundant evidences showing sphere earth. But, as I know, there no scientific evidences of square earth. I am not talking scientific theories (theories are one of logical documents but not experimentally proven. So it cannot be a scientific evidence.); I want to see real scientific evidences, such as photos taken by an artificial satellite or any scientific articles recently reported.
If you have, please let me know.

I am a physicist (Ph. D) and also a Christian, but I never accept your opinions.

[Editor's note: This e-mail came from Korea, so I'm sure our Lord and only "Saver" will forgive your grammatical gaffes. That being said, it doesn't matter what you think the phrase "the four corners of the earth" means. It only matters what God meant when He gave that particular turn of phrase to John in His divine revelation. Since God would never deceive us with metaphors, He clearly meant that the Earth has four literal corners.]


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