Roger M. Wilcox's review of

Compromising Positions

(First posted to Bad Movie Night in 2001 or so.)

A dentist who's had all sorts of affairs with his patients is found murdered, and only our interpid heroine can find out Who Dunnit.

This wouldn't make for so bad a movie, except that the producers seemed to go out of their way to represent every male in this picture as a scumbucket. The dead dentist was a classic womanizer. The heroine's husband doesn't want her wasting her time on her "silly game" of finding the killer, perhaps because he feels she could better spend that time getting him a beer. The police detective investigating the case tells her she's poking her nose in where it doesn't belong, then proceeds to seduce her (with partial success). Of couse, our Super Detective Housewife eventually overcomes all these obstacles thrown in her path by the Incompetent Male Pigs Who Run The World ™, and finds the killer whose identity has stumped the best detectives in town. But then an alien bursts out of her comrade's stomach, and she has to ... no, wait, I'm thinking of the heroine from a GOOD movie.

Allegedly, this movie is supposed to be a comedy, but I can't imagine it being humorous to anyone other than Andrea Dworkin. ("All men are assholes! Ha ha!") It also made such a piddlingly blah impression on me that I can't even remember WHO the killer turned out to be, so I couldn't spoil the ending for you even if I wanted to. (I am reasonably certain, however, that it was neither The Butler, nor the old man who went after the insurance money by dressing up like a ghost and who would've gotten away with it if it hadn't been for those meddling kids.)

Oh, one more thing. Officially, this movie was rated R, but I can't for the life of me figure out why. There was no nudity, no graphic violence, and I can't even recall any uses of the f-word. The producers may have slipped something quick in there to "boost" it to an R rating in the hopes that this would make it look "naughty".

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