Last updated 21-September-2000,
but really a lot more out-of-date than that

"Has *everybody* here ridden the hobby horse with each other, or am I crazy?" -- Big Rob Fontenot, the Midnight Rambler


Mikey "Dreamy" Sphar
and Christine "Indestructable Gouda Llama Woman" Malcom

Rich Johnson
and Judy Clay

Noah Singman
and Connie "Jungle Goddess" ChanaRivka

Brian Pacula
and CLMoon (who blounged him in person)

Rick Thorne
and Faye C. "Colonel Di" Schuss

Leslie "Creepygirl"
and the very-seldom-posting

Steven "Thor" Thorpe
and Kathy "Farmgirl" Evans

Kevin "Professor Bobo" Mowery
and Shaenon Kelty "Norb" Garrity

Lisa "jlayo"
and John

Joe "ShadowStar" Earles
and Michelle "Shellebelle" Earles

Rachel Ward
and Rain Fletcher


Kevin "Professor Bobo" Mowery
and Christine "Indestructable Gouda Llama Woman" Malcom

Evan Talbott
and Mandy "Pepper" Sheckleton

and Jennifer Lynn "EvilJen" Hill

Daniel LeVasser
and Carrie "No Nickname" Dahlby

Brian Dunkle
and Catherine "TCurryFan" Johnson

and some ratmmer other than

Chris "BKITU" Gleason
and Laurelyn "Anagram Princess" Smith

Ted "Gustav" Elsner
and Rachel Ward

Aron "Jello" Craig
and Hilary "Queen of Sin" Doda

Aron "Jello" Craig
and Christine "OdiePal"

Roger M. "This here is my web page" Wilcox
and Nalora "Vashti Karmyil" Burns (who blounged him in person)


Jolene "Nummy Muffin Coocol Jolene" Rose
and the non-ratmmer known as Scott

Mike Czaplinski
and his wife, the non-ratmmer known as Monica

Jennifer Lynn "EvilJen" Corley (nee Hill)
and whoever the heck Mr. Corley is

Bob "Bice" Eichler
and his wife, the non-ratmmer known as Michele Matthews

Eric "Nemo" Granger
and his wife, the non-ratmmer known as Jaime (no relation to Jamie Plummer)

Bill Livingston
and his wife, the non-ratmmer-but-sorta-MST3K-liker Paula

Carl "Barcode" Burke
and his wife, the non-ratmmer-but-MST3K-liker Kathi Johnson

John "Darkhop" Hopkins
and his fiancee, the non-ratmmer known as Carol Kehrer

Bryan "RATTM's [sic] Official Biggest Wuss" Lambert
and the non-ratmmer known as Cathy Fylling

Greg "Torcha" Gershowitz
and whoever his (non-ratmmer) wife is

Camille P. "Cambot" Stein
and whoever her (non-ratmmer) husband is

Tracy Deuel
and her husband, the non-ratmmer known as Pete

Judith Jacobs
and her husband Stan, the Breadbaking Man

Susan Essman
and her esteemed spouse

Robert Krajewski
and his wife, who gave birth in 1998

Lori Holuta
and her husband, Caribou Ken

Joe "Slappy Kincaid" C
and Louisa, who is an AOL MSTie

Tom "TomR" Restivo
and his Sweetie Darling, the non-ratmmer known as Maggie

Chris "BKITU" Gleason
and The Lovely Miss J

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