the Max’s World™ archive!

Containing every issue of the Max’s World™ web comic ever published!

Issue #1:

Well, that's it!  You've finally reached the end of the archive.  What a long, crazy run it was.  We hope you enjoyed reading Max’s World™ as much as we've enjoyed writing it.

Max’s World™ has become such a big part of all our lives.  Who can forget the timeless catch-phrases it has added to our culture, such as:

Legal notice:

Max’s World™ was completely ripped off from the web comic 1/0, issue #269 (23-May-2001). The little ™ sign does not even mean that I, or anybody else, owns "Max's World" as a trade mark (although the owner of the restaurant of the same name might have something to say about that). I'm pretty sure that, under U.S. and/or international copyright law, Max’s World™ constitutes either fair use or legitimate parody of a little fragment of one 1/0 comic strip, and if it doesn't, I'm sure I'll be getting a cease-and-decist letter from Tailsteak sometime.

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