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Roger M. Wilcox

In the beginning, there was Seanbaby's Super Friends page.  It had everything you'd think you'd want.  It riffed on all the "super" heroes of the SuperFriends, and all the villains in the Legion of Doom.  Yet, somehow, it was missing something.  And I'm not just talking about the fact that it misspelled "SuperFriends" as two words — a common mistake, but one does strive for perfection when discussing the most incompetent depiction of the Justice League in TV history.  No, there was something more that was missing.  Because when it came time to riff on the actual episodes of this, ahem, legendary cartoon series, all it had was an episode guide for all the various SuperFriends TV series over its 10-12 year run.  (True, this was an episode guide whose Challenge of section bore the immortal words "You should feel lucky for ever having watched it," but still.)

Then, there was Ken Begg's reviews of actual Challenge of the SuperFriends episodes on Jabootu's Nuggets page.  Finally, it was more than just the heroes and villains who were being riffed on.  We now had riffs on the episodes themselves!

At the time Ken wrote his episode reviews, though, the only release of The Challenge of the SuperFriends on DVD was in the form of one measly piddling disc containing a grand total of 4 episodes.  So, those were the only episodes that Ken could review.  His entire run of episode reviews consisted of the following:

Ken Begg's episode reviews

. . . and that, as they say, was it.  No reviews of the episode where the SuperFriends made androids of themselves programmed to act like them in every detail.  No reviews of the episode where Toy Man grew to 100 feet tall and thus, amazingly, gained the ability to fire slingshot projectiles all the way to Saturn.  Not even any reviews of the episode where the Legion zapped 3 of the SuperFriends into story books.

But now, we live in a different world.  We live in a world where the entire First Season of The Challenge of the SuperFriends is available on a complete-season-collection DVD set.  We live in a world where there is no longer any excuse for not having nitpicky, I-can't-believe-how-bad-this-is, rip-'em-a-new-one reviews of every single episode of The Challenge of the SuperFriends ever made.

I have elected to take on this essential task.

And so, without further ado, here are:

My episode reviews!

Post-2005 Ken Begg update

It seems that while I've been laboring away at these irresistible episode reviews, Ken Begg has been blithely ignoring me and writing his own reviews of the very same episodes!  Hmph!  Naturally, I feel that my own works are far superior to anything anybody else has ever written, so I feel irked that Ken didn't bow down and worship at my feet before he wrote his new reviews.  If you'd like to compare and contrast my reviews with Ken's new ones, here's Ken Begg's review of "Trial of the SuperFriends", Ken Begg's review of "Monolith of Evil", and Ken Begg's review of "The Giants of Doom".

As of 25-September-2012, Ken Begg has also written the following Challenge of the SuperFriends episode reviews:

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