(a Swazibot)

Character sheet for 5th Edition HERO System™ (Champions)

25 STR 15
18 DEX 24
13 CON 6
23 INT 13
11 EGO 2
10 PRE
10 COM
6 PD 1
6 ED 3
6 SPD 32
26 END
Total cost 96

Running: 13"/26"
Swimming: 0"
OCV: 6
DCV: 6
ECV: 4

Skills, Perks, and Powers
costSkill, Talent, or Powerroll
14+7" Running
-4-2" Swimming
10LS: Self-contained breathing
2LS: Safe in vacuum/low pressure
1LS: Safe in high pressure
3LS: Need not sleep
15Visible light radar (laser eyes)
12Scientist, Scholar, Linguist, Traveler
6Damage Resistance: 6 PD, 6 ED
Native language is Notorola 68430
6English and Siswati (idiomatic)
3Computer Programming14-
36 30 Point Variable Pool: Skills only, must
have access to source materials on Skill
in a form he can read or practice
3Skill Pool Skill14-
4 Mind Link with any other Swazibot or
computer, other must have capability also,
must be data connection between them
3Lightning Calculator
4Speed Reader (x10)
118 Total cost of Skills, Talents, and Powers
Total Points: 96 + 118 = 214
Experience Points Spent: 0

15No manipulatory ability
10 Cannot smell or taste, very
limited tactile sense
0Can't swim
15 Distinctive Features: robotic
unicorn (not conceal., noticed)
20Hunted by humans (8 or less)
0 Dependence on electric energy
(once/week, 1d6 thereafter)
15 Takes 3d6 from electromagnetic
15Takes 2d6 when in water
115Disadvantages Total
  See the story Gaea's Rising for a description of Unic's origin and the world he finds himself in.

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