Tuning Fork

(Jill E. Garnen)

Character sheet for 5th Edition HERO System™ (Champions)

13 STR 3
18 DEX 24
18 CON 16
13 INT 3
11 EGO 2
10 PRE
10 COM
8 PD 5
8 ED 4
4 SPD 12
36 END
Total cost 69
Skills, Perks, and Powers
costSkill, Perk, or PowerEND
2 Longitudinal Wave Mechanics (11 or less)
2050% physical Damage Reduction
3Ultrasonic Perception
35 PD Armor, Only works versus vibratory
     or sonic attacks (-1)
60Multipower - vibratory things
12m12d6 physical EB6
12m8d6 physical EB, Explosion6
12m30" Flight6
4 m20 PD, 10 ED Force Field, 2x END6
4 uShape Shift to any human, Imitation,4
     Costs END Only To Change Shape
1 uMissile Deflection vs. all, costs END2
137 Total cost of Skills, Perks, and Powers
Running: 6", 12" noncombat
Swimming: 2", 4" noncombat
OCV: 6
DCV: 6
ECV: 4
     Total Points: 69 + 137 = 206
Experience Points Spent: 1
Unspent Experience Points: 5

15Public Identity
20Normal Characteristic Maxima
5 Must use body for ears: -2 to
all hearing perception rolls
51½x STUN from cold
10DNPC: generic boyfriend (N, 8-)
20Hunted by Viper (8 or less)
15 Hunted by the Speed Demon (8-)
5 Berserk at strong ultrasonic
devices (8 or less, recover 14-)
10 Must live up to the Ray, and fake
being him when he can't be super
105Disadvantages Total
  Lying prone on a lab table, science assintant Jill Garnen was playing third human Guinea pig to an ultrasonic generator soon to be used in medicine, when an accident occurred.  Alternating and static currents flash through the room, affecting mostly the ultrasonic generator and its human target.  The mandatory circuit breakers cut out almost immediately, and the remaining power to the apparatus was cut right afterward by the observing technicians, but by then the effects on Jill's body had become irreversible.  Slowly, but with mounting intensity, Jill's body began to vibrate at about an A-flat below middle C.
Eventually, this oscillation reached deafening proportions, nearly shaking the lab to pieces.  A single instruction was yelled to her.  Although her eardrums had already been destroyed by then, she was still able to lip-read the command: "You must control it — force it down!"  Concentrating with all her will, she slowly, sluggishly forced her body's vibrations to lapse off.

Though her ears were destroyed, the experience had made her body infinitely more sensitive to sonic vibrations.  She has trained her body to be her ears, but she still doesn't hear quite as well as she used to (the signals just don't go to the right part of her brain to process audio information).  The Ray has visited her and briefly taught her how to use the randomly-accelerated molecules of her body more effectively.  Ultimately, she's discovered how to: create repulsive forces near herself; fly (or at least move quickly in one direction) by channeling all that vibrational energy into translational kinetic energy; direct the vibrations she creates into thin, long ranged streams; and finally lose her solid form at will.  She gains maximum control over her power by sticking her arms out-and-up on either side in an "L" shape, so that they resemble a tuning fork.

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