The Speed Demon

(Mordon Ne'erglot Bordn'r of the Negative Warside)

Character sheet for 5th Edition HERO System™ (Champions)

23 STR 13
23 DEX 39
23 CON 26
13 BODY 6
23 INT 13
18 EGO 16
20 PRE 10
20 COM 5
34 PD 29
15 ED 10
12 SPD 87
10 REC
46 END
Total cost 254
Skills, Perks, and Powers
costSkill, Perk, or PowerEND
658+138" Running, Improved Noncombat Movement 0
     (total 1 048 576x), 0 END, Rapid Noncombat
     Movement (accel. up to 7 549 747"/Phase)
50 Desolidification, ½ END (still affected by2
     vibratory attacks, including sonics)
5+5" Leaping0
4075% Physical Damage Reduction
15Missile Deflection vs. bullets
45Maximum Life Support
813 Total cost of Skills, Perks, and Powers
Running: 144", 150 994 944" noncombat
Swimming: 2", 4" noncombat
OCV: 8
DCV: 8
ECV: 6
     Total Points: 254 + 813 = 1067
Experience Points Spent: 0

15Public Identity
15Hunts the Ray
787Deus Ex Bonus
817Disadvantages Total
Symbol of Matter
Erax Eurolomk Margnaror wasn't the only neanderthal on Tau Ceti III to discover the glowing fruit.  Mordon Ne'erglot Bordn'r, a female of the Negative Warside, followed Erax's trail into the same radioactive jungle region that he'd escaped into 6 months earlier.  When she, too, ate the fruit, she gained powers equal to his.

She, too, tested her incredible running speed, only to run into the same ancient monument pointed at Earth.  And, like Erax before her, she too hurtled through interstellar space at near light speed until she crashed down on terra firma.  Despite all that happened, however, she still carried the Negative Warside's bitter hatred for the Positive Warside, and vowed to slay the Positive Warside's last surviving member.  She typically wears a medallion or belt buckle fashioned to look like the Negative Warside's symbol, a hollow circle enclosing a lightning bolt (which, by sheer coincidence, happens to resemble the logo of D.C. Comics' The Flash).

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