Radioactive Man

(Adam Mick Pyle)

Character sheet for 5th Edition HERO System™ (Champions)

20 STR 10
20 DEX 30
33 CON 46
13 INT 3
14 EGO 8
25 PRE 15
14 COM 2
8 PD 4
10 ED 3
5 SPD 20
11 REC
66 END
Total cost 141
Skills, Talents, and Powers
costSkill, Talent, or PowerEND
35 Life Support: Self-contained breathing,
Need not Eat/Excrete, Need not Sleep,
Safe in High Radiation, Safe in Vacuum,
Safe in High Pressure, Safe in Intense Heat,
Safe in Intense Cold, Immune to all Disease
13 2d6 Simplified Healing, Self Only2
3518 PD, 17 ED Force Field3
54 27" Flight (54" per Phase noncombat)5
55 pts. of Power Defense
12 u16d6 alpha-particle EB, Affects Desolidified12
12 u9½d6 NND (def = Power Defense, Safe in
High Radiation), Affects Desolidified
12 u9½d6 Radius Effect EB, Affects Desolidified12
11 u6½d6 Radius Effect NND, Affects Desolid11
12 u4d6 Drain BODY, Ranged, rec 5/month12
12 u4d6 Drain CON, Ranged, rec 5/month12
12 u4d6 Drain STUN, Ranged, rec 5/day, Aff.Des.12
345 Total cost of Skills, Talents, and Powers
Running: 6", 12" noncombat
Swimming: 2", 4" noncombat
OCV: 7
DCV: 7
ECV: 5
     Total Points: 141 + 345 = 486
Experience Points Spent: 0

15Secret Identity: Atomic
Power Plant Worker
0Dependence on radioactive
metals, 1/day, 1d6 thereafter
10 Hunted by the Atomic Energy
Commission (8 or less)
15Hunted by hero group (8 or less)
196Villain Bonus
236Disadvantages Total
  While working dangerously close to the core of a nuclear power plant and balanced precariously on a ledge, Adam Pyle fell and landed smack-dab on the atomic pile.  Since the glare of the reaction was so intense, no one could look directly at it and Adam was presumed dead.  In actuality, he was not dead but had managed to crawl off the pile of plutonium pellets and escape through a heavily shielded rear exit.  Adam took on a new identity by adding the middle name Mick and working at a different nuclear reactor.
In the meantime, he discovered the raw nuclear energy the fall into the plutonium had given him, and had fashioned a super-hero outfit with a picture of a cliché atom on the front.  Calling himself "Radioactive Man," he set out to rid the world of evil.  On his first night out fighting crooks, however, he completely disintegrated two petty thieves and caused more property damage in the process than he cared to calculate.  He was branded a vigilante and arrested by the local police, all because he "couldn't control his powers very well."  Deciding once and for all to screw society, since what had it done for him?, he broke out of jail with a single blast of fission energy and became an independent super-villain.  His favorite comment is "Hey ______, how'd you like a face fulla alpha particles!"

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