(Albert Fossnick)

Character sheet for 5th Edition HERO System™ (Champions)

20 STR 10
8 DEX -6
3 CON -14
15 BODY 10
28 INT 18
29 EGO 38
15 PRE 5
0 COM -5
10 PD 6
6 ED 5
4 SPD 22
8 REC 6
22 END 8
30 STUN 3
Total cost 106
Skills, Perks, and Powers
costSkill, Perk, or PowerEND
-4-2" Running
1420 points of Mental Defense
606d6 Ego Attack6
3Gadgeteering (15 or less)
9680 pt. Gadget Pool
50Mobile Base and Agents
219 Total cost of Skills, Perks, and Powers

Running: 4", 8" noncombat
Swimming: 2", 4" noncombat
OCV: 3
DCV: 3
ECV: 10
     Total Points: 106 + 219 = 325
Experience Points Spent: 0

20 Distinctive Features: mottled, black
humanoid mass with a face that
could do justice to Marvel Comics'
The Orb (not concealable, major)
5 Hatred of Jim Stallion
5 Hatred of Rock Man
20Hunted by Union 76
175Villain Bonus
225Disadvantages Total
pts.Some Typical Gadgets in Pool
35 1½d6 mental energy drain, Ranged,
Invisible, Radius Effect, 0 END, IAF
1310 PD, 10 ED Force Field, OIF -
22Images, Sight Group, 2" Radius,
2END Reserve: 20 END, 1 REC (IIF)
486 PD, 6 ED Force Wall, Invisible,
73d6 Flash bombs, nonselective area,
OAF, 2 charges

43-year-old Albert Fossnick had always been slightly envious of Jim Stallion's work; Jim always worked a little faster, always had sightly farther-reaching ideas.  Albert became insanely jealous, though, when Jim's work was popularized and Jim became a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Physics.  When the time was right, Albert tripped all the safety devices on the receptor end of The Transmuter (a fusile particle accelerator), waited for Stallion to walk to just the right place within it, and turned the 2-kilometer-long atom smasher on.

Albert's rage was no more tempered when he discovered that Jim Stallion was still alive and knew that Albert was responsible.  Fossnick went into hiding for a few months until he learned that Rock Man, a new and rather popular superhero, was created by an accident in The Transmuter.  In the rush of "Superhero Origin Mania" that followed, Albert never made the connection between Rock Man and Jim "Rocky" Stallion, and was one of a hundred people who snuck into the toned-down Transmuter and turned it on themselves before it was shut down.

The Transmuter did far more harm than good to Albert Fossnick, ruining his health and turning him into the grotesque being that calls himself "Mutant."  His intellect and gadgetry are highly prized by Union 76 in their war against Exxon, but Union 76 practically imprisons him every time he's caught.  He tries to escape each time he's captured, usually successfully.  It was because of both the Exploiter and pressure from Union 76 that Mutant made Disgusting Brick.

The exact characteristics of Mutant's agents vary, as they are usually given to him by Union 76 or hired out for one-time runs.  Generally speaking, though, they usually have 8- to 11-or-less Loyalty, slightly above average DEX and SPD, and of course Familiarity with whatever devices Mutant has equipped them with this time around.

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