Moon Man

(Michael Carter)

Character sheet for 5th Edition HERO System™ (Champions)

10/23 STR 7
10/23 DEX 22
10/18 CON 9
13 INT 3
10/11 EGO 1
10/15 PRE 3
16 COM 3
2/5 PD
2/4 ED
2/5 SPD 10
4/9 REC
20/36 END
20/31 STUN
Total cost 58
Skills, Talents, and Powers
costSkill, Talent, or PowerEND
4Instant Change*
238d6 lightning EB*4
1917" Flight*3
11 Clairsentience (Sight Sense Group)*2
3320 PD, 19 ED Armor*
6 Life Support: Self-contained breathing,*
1      Safe in low pressure/vacuum*
65 PD, 5 ED Force Field*1
11Generic Martial Arts*
5Stealth* (14 or less)
*) IIF - Moon Dial (-¼), Only in Moonlight (-½)
118 Total cost of Skills, Talents, and Powers
The number to the right of the slash in his Characteristics is the heightened value of that Characteristic bestowed by his IIF - Moon Dial, Only Works In Moonlight.

Running: 6", 12" noncombat
Swimming: 2", 4" noncombat
OCV: 3/8
DCV: 3/8
ECV: 3/4
     Total Points: 58 + 118 = 176
Experience Points Spent: 1
Unspent Experience Points: 3

15Secret Identity: archaeologist
20Code Against Killing
20Hunted by police, 8 or less
20Hunted by ______, 8 or less
75Disadvantages Total
Drawing of Moon Man

In ages long past, the Moon-Dial of Artemis (think sundial, but for moonlight) was lost somewhere in Greece, and then struck by lightning.

Then, in modern times, archaeologist Michael Carter recovered it from a dig. Now, when he holds it up to direct moonlight, an explosion surrounds him, lightning bolts shoot out of the cloud, and he becomes Moon Man.  He can fire lightning bolts out of his fingertips as an energy blast, or out of the bottoms of his feet to propel him through the air.  Looking at moonlight reflecting off the back of the dial produces visions of places where Moon Man may be needed.  His associate knew of his secret identity, but while Moon Man was showing off his enhanced strength to said associate by holding a small car over their heads, the moon went behind a cloud, his powers left him, and the car fell on said associate, killing him instantly and implicating Moon Man in said associate's death.

His powers don't require him to be in direct moonlight. So long as the moon is shining anywhere within 7 kilometers of his location, his powers will work.

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