Magnetic Bottle

(Jerry Plasmo)

Character sheet for 5th Edition HERO System™ (Champions)

20 STR 10
18 DEX 24
23 CON 26
13 INT 3
14 EGO 8
20 PRE 10
10 COM
8 PD 4
8 ED 3
4 SPD 12
46 END
Total cost 100
Skills, Perks, and Powers
costSkill, Perk, or PowerEND
45Total Life Support
147" Flight (fusion rockets in feet) 1
6020 PD, 20 ED Armor
12u 20d6 EB, 0 END
12u 15d6 EB, AE Cone, range 1", 0 END
4+2 OCV with EB
297 Total cost of Skills, Perks, and Powers

Running: 6", 12" noncombat
Swimming: 2", 4" noncombat
OCV: 6
DCV: 6
ECV: 5
     Total Points: 100 + 297 = 397
Experience Points Spent: 0

10Public Identity
15 Distinctive Features: metal body
     (not concealable w/disguise, noticed)
5 Dependence on Deuterium-Tritium fuel
     (1/week, thereafter 1d6, -3 cha, and powers 14-)
15Takes 3d6 from intense magnetic fields
10No sense of smell or taste
55Disadvantages Total
Jerry Plasmo was caught in the same "accidental" fusion reaction as was Norman Mordred (Glow Beast), only he was in much more direct exposure to the blast. His body was utterly destroyed, but his undying intellect, his energy of existence, would not let his physical existence go that easily. It grabbed onto a large amount of fusing deuterium and tritium, and held it in an electromagnetic field that vaguely conformed to the shape of his former body. In all the confusion, the unnoticed Glow Beast had already left before the reaction had stopped. Every measuring device in the complex was then trained on the humanoid mass of fusile plasma, revealing it to be kept in that shape only by an intense, strained, highly unstable electromagnetic field.

The energy was immediately encased in a spherical magnetic bottle while a more fashionable humanoid magnetic bottle was constructed out of titanium alloys. The guidelines for its construction were based on the discoveries of the true nature of the energy, and before long the stuff was transferred into the operational mobile magnetic bottle. The "armor" (as it was termed) could carry on a reasonable number of human functions (speaking, moving, etc.) on command from the energy's intellectual center. It can also release the fusion energy through sphincter pores on key positions of the armor; these Energy Blasts are generally Marvel-comics-yellow in color. If he needs to fire a big blast, he opens the 10 cm wide aperature on his head (where a human's eyes would be).

The mobile magnetic bottle, like Tree's body, has no genitals, but this doesn't bother Magnetic Bottle as much as it does Tree. After all, what could he expect? Once a week or so, he must "eat" (replenish his deuterium-tritium supply). Has a little Flight, Armor (naturally), and 0 END Energy Blasts of extreme intensity.

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