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Champions® is, quite simply, the best role-playing game ever to emerge from the mind of man.  Period.  You are not worthy to be in its presence.  Bow down and worship its unapproachable greatness, mortal scum!

Over the decade or so I played the game (1980s and very early 1990s), I wrote up character after character for it.  At the end, my stack of character sheets grew to over two inches thick.  Below, I present to you the cream of my crop.

My Heroes

The Transmuter

Several of the superheroes and supervillains listed on this page have their origins tied up with a device known simply as the Transmuter. Here are my notes about this device, originally written in pencil in the early 1980s:

The Transmuter was once a privately-owned device, used for scientific purposes only. At first, it was used to increase the masses of elements to their next highest equivalent on the periodic chart, but was later changed for use only in the transmutational energy's pure form as an accelerator of a sort. When in use as an actual transmuter, Jim Stallion was bathed in its emissions and thus was turned from carbon to silicon. Fortunately, this wasn't discovered until after it had been shut down as a "fusion machine" and put into use as a simple particle-and-energy accelerator.

It was this device which later made its claim to fame by proving once and for all that neither matter nor energy could pessibly exceed the speed of light in this universe. Later, however, entomologist/nuclear physicist Alan Rasmussen exposed his predacious ant to the energies, which had become a popular use of the device, and a safety lock was broken, allowing Alan to be blasted with the accelerator and the ant for a couple of seconds. Ant's origin was surreptitiously discovered by Dan Bond who, while investigating the Transmuter, decided to bathe in the rays for a fraction of a second to allow him to command his latent but discovered powers.

Once Ant's and Rock Man's origins became publically known, however, super-hero-mania broke out, and literally hundreds of people forced their way to the business end of the Transmuter, illegally, just to "get exposed to the power." It is not known whether or not any of the exposed gained any super-human powers, but many of them ended up badly scarred from the experience, and many more ended up dead. The National Science Council saw this as just grounds to stop all experimentation with the Transmuter, and soon it was shut down and disassembled. Key components of the Transmuter are on display at museums across the country.

My Villains

My Villain Groups

Michael Gersten's Heroes

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