(Dave McKronal)

Character sheet for 5th Edition HERO System™ (Champions)

15 STR 5
14 DEX 12
20 CON 20
10 INT
10 EGO
10 PRE
10 COM
5 PD 2
25 ED 21
3 SPD 6
40 END
Total cost 66
Skills, Perks, and Powers
costSkill, Perk, or Powerroll
6Damage Resistance: 13 ED
2Life Support: safe in intense heat
287d6 energy Absorption, to END and STUN,
     does not work vs. cold
52 3d6 NND, 0 END, Continuous - defenses are
     LS: safe in intense cold, thermal insulation
88 Total cost of Skills, Perks, and Powers
Running: 6", 12" noncombat
Swimming: 2", 4" noncombat
OCV: 5
DCV: 5
ECV: 3
     Total Points: 66 + 88 = 154
Experience Points Spent: 0

15Public Identity
202x STUN and BODY from cold
10Dependence on room temperature
every 20 min., 1d6 thereafter
10Distinctive Features: cold
(concealable w/disg., noticed)
55Disadvantages Total
  Dave McKronel was a mutant — born with no digestive system and practically useless lungs, his unlearned body immediately adapted by taking its life energy directly from his environment.  Heat refreshes him; cold weakens him.  He is constantly surrounded by air colder than the air less than a meter away from him, and can suck the heat out of anyone he touches.  In short, he is chemically endothermic, just like brown mold in AD&D.  He sometimes works with Projector, but is usually seen in the company of The Icer.

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