Southern California Vocal Association [SCVA] presents
All-Southern California [high school] honor choir 1983

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Joseph Huszti, conductor

I, Roger M. Wilcox, sang in the tenor section on this program.

This year, there was not enough choral material to fill both sides of an LP, so they padded part of Side B with some solo performances by members of the choir. Sadly, I was not among them. Not that I'm bitter.

Side A

1. Magnificat in C Major, final movement, by Johann Pachelbel

2. Laudate Jehovam, Omnes Gentes, by Georg Philip Telemann

3. Go, Congregation, Go!, by John Antes. The soloist was a professional, rather than part of the choir. The record label did not identify her.

4. Nuages, by John Biggs. (The word is French for "clouds.")

5. Alleluiah, by Randall Thompson

Side B

1. The Vagabond, from Songs of Travel by Ralph Vaughan Williams. Frank Enos, Bass.

2. Bois Epais, from Amadis by Jean-Baptiste Lully, arr. Christy. The soloist was not listed on the record label.

3. Ah! Mio Cor, from Alcina by George Frideric Handel. Erik Filkorn, Tenor. (More of a counter-tenor in this performance, actually.)

4. Kommt ein Schlanker Bursch Gegangen, from Der Freischütz by Carl Maria von Weber. The soloist was not listed on the record label.

5. Song of the Open Road, by Norman Dello Joio. The record label lists "Alfred Lang, Trumpet," but I don't hear a trumpet part in this track. (Then again, this same record label also lists the composer as "Delo Joio", with one L, so I'm already suspicious.) Note that longer renditions of this piece by other choral groups do have a trumpet solo, right after the "Searching and Listening" part; perhaps this was cut out of our performance, or cut out of the recording.

6. Non-Lullaby, by McElheran. Some brief audience participation was involved.

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