CMEA honors concert 1983
The All-State Honor Band, Choir & Orchestra

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I, Roger M. Wilcox, sang in the tenor section with the choir on this program.

Complete scanned program
Program cover

Side A

California All-State Orchestra, Weston Noble, conductor

Overture to "Romeo and Juliet", by Tchaikovsky

Side B

California All-State Honor Band, Miles Johnson, conductor

1. Rondo Capriccio, by Zdechnik

2. Song of Destiny, by Johannes Brahms, arr. Gardner

3. Choral and Capriccio, by Running

Side C

California All-State Honor Choir, Gary Ebensberger, conductor

1. At the Round Earth's Imagined Corners, by Spencer. The album incorrectly lists the title as "At the Round Earth's Imagined Corner".

2. Crucifixus, by Antonio Lotti. Full title: Crucifixus II. (The only difference between Crucifixus I and Crucifixus II is the picardy third at the very end of the latter.)

3. Best of Rooms, by Randall Thompson. When members of the chorus gave a little commemorative plaque to the conductor on the night of the concert, they engraved upon it the last words of this song ("The best of all's the heart").

4. Sing unto God, from Judas Maccabeus by George F. Händel.

5. Go Lovely Rose, by Willard S. Fast

6. Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind, by John Rutter

7. Neighbor's Chorus, from La jolie parfumeuse by Jacques Offenbach

Side D

Honor Orchestra, Weston Noble, conductor

1. Festive Overture, by Dmitri Shostakovich

2. Dance #3, by Arnold

Honor Band, Miles Johnson, conductor

3. Riders for the Flag, by John Philip Sousa

4. Danzon, by Leonard Bernstein, arr. John Krance

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