A Skeptical Scrutiny of the Works and Theories of WILHELM REICH

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Medical DOR Busters

By Roger M. Wilcox

Last modified 27-July-2001

Reich's Medical DOR Buster was a miniature version of his cloudbuster, designed for use on human patients.  It was small enough to be carried in one hand.  A picture of one such device can be found at http://www.orgon.de/dorbuste.jpg.  Unlike some alleged versions of the cloudbuster, the DOR Buster contained no radioactive material.  Reich's hypothesis was that many physiological and psychological ailments were caused not only by the blockage of the normal movement of orgone energy within the body, but also by the build-up of DOR within the body; therefore, the DOR buster, by allegedly drawing DOR out of the patient's body, would help to restore the patient's health.

The patient who wanted to be treated with the DOR Buster would undress, and the therapist would hold the DOR Buster so that the ends of the pipes were less than an inch away from the patient's skin.  The therapist would then move the device back-and-forth across the patient's body.

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