The Planck length ruler!

Why bother with plain old inches or centimeters, when you can measure things in a unit based on the fundamental constants of the universe!

The Planck length ruler!

I'd like to refer to these tick marks using ginormous metric prefixes, like how you'd say that the universe is 430 petaseconds (Ps) old. Unfortunately, the largest metric prefix, yotta (Y), is only 1024, and this ruler shows much larger aggregates of Planck lengths than this. My only alternative is to string together two metric prefixes, with the understanding that they'll multiply together, e.g. kiloyotta would be a thousand yotta, or 1027, and megayotta would be a million yotta or 1030.

So ... the big tick marks on the ruler are gigayottaPlanck-lengths (GYlP). The little tick marks would be increments of 100 megayottaPlanck-lengths (100 MYlP). For comparison, a football field is a little over five terayottaPlanck-lengths (TYlP) long.

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... Okay, now you're just getting silly.

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