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5. Skills

Last updated 4-April-2002

Table of Contents

5.1: Skills are organized according to how difficult they are to learn.

The Difficulty of a Skill determines how much it costs to learn, what the initial level of the Skill is when you first start to learn it, and what the "default" level of the Skill is if your character has not spent any EP on it.

Some Skills, particularly Very Hard Skills, also have a "Prerequisite".  This is another Trait, or a minimum level in another Trait, that your character must have before he is allowed to buy the Skill.

Not all available Skills are listed here.  Some Skills are associated with specific Magic Spells, Psionic Powers, or Mutant Powers.  Piloting skills come in varying difficulty levels, and are listed with their respective Vehicles in Section 13.

5.2: Easy Skills default to Mediocre unless they default to non-existent.

The Easy Skills are:

5.3: Average Skills default to Poor unless they default to non-existent.

The Average Skills are:

5.4: Hard Skills default to Terrible unless they default to non-existent.

The Hard Skills are:

5.5: Very Hard Skills default to non-existent.

The Very Hard Skills are:

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