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9. Psionic Powers

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9.1: Psionic Powers have an EP cost based on how powerful they are.

Psionic Powers are purchased with EP, just like Gifts are.  All Psionic Powers have a "Base Cost", which is the minimum number of EP that must be paid to be able to use the Psionic Power.  Some Psionic Powers, however, allow extra EP to be spent to increase their capabilities.  For example, suppose Deathmind the Psychic buys the Enlargement Psionic Power (base cost: 8 EP) with an additional Strength/Mass Level (+9 EP).  His total cost to purchase this Psionic Power would be 7+9 = 16 EP.

9.2: Psionic Powers must be used to have any effect.

Engaging a Psionic Power takes as much time as attacking someone in melee combat.

9.2.1: Using a Psionic Power requires the psionicist to expend a number of Psionic Power Points (PPP) equal to the cost of that Psionic Power in EP.

To continue the example above, Deathmind the Psychic's Enlargement Psionic Power with an additional Strength/Mass Level cost him 16 EP to purchase.  Thus, he must expend 16 PPP every time he wishes to engage it.

PPP are made available to the character by purchasing the Psionic Power Points Gift.  If your character does not have enough PPP available to expend, he cannot engage the Psionic Power.

Psionic Powers do not have to be used at full power, though.  The psionicist can save PPP by not using the various optional capabilities the Psionic Power was purchased with when he engages it.  Even the most elaborate Psionic Power may be cast at anywhere down to its Base Cost level.  Continuing the example with Deathmind the Psychic: It normally costs him 16 PPP to engage his rather elaborate Enlargement Psionic Power.  However, Deathmind may elect to use the Psionic Power to only give him 1 level of Strength/Mass Scale.  An Enlargement Psionic Power with 1 levels of Strength/Mass Scale would only cost 8 EP to buy.  Therefore, Deathmind only needs to expend 8 PPP to use it in this "lower powered" configuration, even though he actually spent 16 EP to buy a more powerful version of this same Psionic Power.  The configuration of the Psionic Power purchased with EP only represents the maximum power at which the Psionic Power may be used, not the power at which the Psionic Power must be used each time.

9.2.2: Sustaining a Psionic Power requires the psionicist to expend 1 PPP per duration-time-unit of the Psionic Power.

Some Psionic Powers are instantaneous and cannot be sustained at all.  Other Psionic Powers are particularly difficult to sustain and require the expenditure of 1 PPP per round to keep them in operation.  Still other Psionic Powers are relatively easy to sustain and only require the expenditure of 1 PPP per hour to keep them in operation.

9.2.3: Multiple applications of the same Psionic Power on the same creature or object do not add together.

If you have an Enlargement Psionic Power that increases the recipient's Strength/Mass Scale by 1, using it on your buddy twice does not increase her Strength/Mass Scale by 2.  Multiple applications of the same basic Psionic Power do not "stack" together.  If two or more versions of the same Psionic Power are cast on someone or something, only the most powerful operates.  (If a more powerful version of a Psionic Power is shut down but a less powerful version is still operating, the less powerful version will take over from then on until it is terminated.)

9.3: List of Psionic Powers:

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