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10. Mutant Powers

Last updated 17-February-2001

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10.1: Mutant Powers have an EP cost based on how powerful they are.

Mutant Powers are purchased with EP, just like Gifts are.  All Mutant Powers have a "Base Cost", which is the minimum number of EP that must be paid to be able to have the Mutant Power.  Some Mutant Powers, however, allow extra EP to be spent to increase their capabilities.  For example, suppose Ulysses the Mutant buys the Uncontrollable Eye Beams Mutant Power (base cost: 12 EP) with an additional +1 Offensive Damage Factor (+6 EP) and a 400 meter range (+2 EP).  His total cost to purchase this Mutant Power would be 12+6+2 = 20 EP.

10.2: List of Mutant Powers:

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