DEATH MUNCHKIN! Table of Contents & Legal Notices

17. Miscellaneous Rules

Last updated 4-April-2002

Table of Contents

17.1: Experience Points are awarded only by defeating creatures in combat.

Whenever the EP Value of creatures you have defeated reaches your EP Value, you earn 1 unspent EP.  A running left-over total of the EP Value of creatures you have defeated is kept track of in a figure called your character's "EP Value Defeated," or EPVD.

17.1.1: Your "EP Value Defeated" increases whenever your intentional actions result in a creature being first brought to an Incapacitated or worse Wound Level.

If your comrade-in-arms strikes a devastating blow against an orc, putting it in a Very Hurt state, and you then hit the orc with a fireball that boosts that Very Hurt wound to an Incapacitated wound, you, and you alone (not your comrade-in-arms), are considered to have "defeated" the orc for experience purposes and immediately add the orc's EP Value to your "EP Value Defeated" (EPVD).  If you cast a powerful Heal spell on the orc which brings her back to Unhurt and then Incapacitate her again in the same combat, you have not "defeated" the orc and do not add the orc's EP Value onto your EPVD.  Similarly, if you Incapacitate a troll who then regenerates and subsequently Incapacitate her again, you are not considered to have defeated the troll twice.  It is a "defeat," and you do get to add the creature's EP Value onto your EPVD, if she was better-off than being in an Incapacitated state and you instantly reduce her to a Near Death or Dead state.

"Your intentional actions" includes, but is not limited to, combat actions directed against the creature.  If you trick an ogre into falling into a spike-lined pit you know is there, and she gets impaled and becomes Incapacitated (or Near Death or Dead), you get her EP Value.  If she stumbles into a spike-lined pit that you had no idea was there, you do not get her EP Value — unless the fall only makes her, say, Hurt or Very Hurt, and you then lob a spear in there which shish-kabobs her and makes her Incapacitated, of course.

If the addition results in your EPVD being equal to or higher than your own EP Value, you subtract your EP Value from your EPVD and gain one (1) unspent EP.  This unspent EP gain is instantaneous.  Recall that unspent EP do not add to your EP Value — only spent EP do.

17.1.2: Defeating a creature with a very high EP Value can give you more than 1 unspent EP.

If you defeat (Incapacitate or worse) a powerful creature, and after adding her EP Value onto your EPVD you find that your EPVD is at least twice your EP Value, you get to subtract twice your EP Value from your EPVD and immediately gain two (2) unspent EP.  If the defeat results your EPVD being at least three times your EP Value, you get to subtract three times your EP Value from your EPVD and immediately gain three (3) unspent EP.  Et cetera.  You may keep on subtracting your EP Value from your EPVD and gaining a new unspent EP so long as your EPVD is equal to or greater than your EP Value.

17.1.3: Unspent EP may be spent at any time.

And I do mean at any time.  If you have 6 unspent EP and an orc hits you with a shortsword, you can spend those 6 EP on the Sharpness-Proof Hide Gift (if you don't already have it) and thus negate the +1 sharpness bonus to any and all attacks' Offensive Damage Factors from then on, starting with the very sword blow that just hit you.

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