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11. Money and Equipment

Last updated 2-October-2002

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11.1: The Gold Piece is the basic unit of currency in the World of Death Munchkin!.

The Gold Piece (GP) is a solid gold coin about the same diameter and thickness as a U.S. half dollar coin (the one with John F. Kennedy's picture on it).  It is a hefty chunk of metal, weighing in at 50 coins to the kilogram.  Due to rampant hyperinflation caused by all the other munchkins killing monsters and stealing their mountains of treasure, one GP is worth about what one real-life U.S. dollar was worth in 1998.

11.2: Each character starts out with a number of Gold Pieces to spend.

Every character starts off with an initial wealth multiplier based on whether and how many times they have taken the Initially Wealthy Gift or the Initially Poor Fault, as follows:
Gifts/FaultsInitial Wealth Multiplier
Initially Poor x22
Initially Poor5
Initially Wealthy20
Initially Wealthy x230

Once you have determined your character's initial wealth multiplier, you and your GM may agree to use any of the following methods to determine how many GP the character starts off with:

11.3: You may spend your GP on anything that appears on the following equipment lists.

You are assumed to have access to shops that carry everything an adventurer could want to buy.  Here are the lists:

11.3.1: Basic Mundane Equipment:

50 feet of rope1 GP10 kg
10 foot pole0.02 GP1 kg
Torcha0.01 GP½ kg

11.3.2: Melee Weapons:

ItemCost (at size scale 0)Weight Strength
Dagger2 GP½ kg+0+1
Short sword10 GP1½ kg+1+1
Long sword15 GP2 kg+2+1
Two-handed sword50 GP7 kg+3+1
Light saber1000 GP1 kg+5+1
Horseman's mace5 GP2½ kg+1
Footman's mace8 GP4½ kg+2
Battle axe5 GP3 kg+2+1
Great axe25 GP6 kg+3+1
Spear0.8 GP2½ kg+2+1
Club1½ kg+1

Magical enhancements, per melee weapon
EnhancementAdditional cost
+1 to Skill roll+1000 GP
+2 to Skill roll+2000 GP
+3 to Skill roll+3500 GP
+4 to Skill roll+5000 GP
+5 to Skill roll+7500 GP
+6 to Skill roll+12500 GP
+1 to ODF+1000 GP
+2 to ODF+2000 GP
+3 to ODF+3500 GP
+4 to ODF+5000 GP
+5 to ODF+7500 GP
+6 to ODF+12500 GP
of Wounding+20000 GP
of Amputation+33000 GP
of Decapitation+43000 GP

11.3.3: Ranged Weapons:

ItemCostWeightAmmo Type CapacityStrength
Long bow75 GP1½ kgArrows 1Good (+1)
Short bow30 GP1 kgArrows1 Good (+1)
Mighty long bow300 GP1½ kgArrows 1(wielder's + 1)
Light crossbow35 GP3 kgcrossbow bolts 1Good (+1)
Heavy crossbow50 GP6½ kg crossbow bolts1Great (+2)
.38 special revolver150 GP1 kg .38 special6(ammo)
.357 magnum revolver200 GP1 kg .357 magnum/.38 special6(ammo)
.44 magnum revolver250 GP1½ kg .44 magnum6(ammo)
.50 auto pistol1000 GP2 kg.50 auto 7(ammo)
AK 47300 GP2 kg7.62 mm20 (ammo)
shotgun300 GP4 kg12 gauge shotgun shells 7(ammo)
bazooka1000 GP10 kgbazooka shells 1(ammo)

Magical enhancements, per ranged weapon
EnhancementAdditional cost
+1 to Skill roll+1250 GP
+2 to Skill roll+2500 GP
+3 to Skill roll+5000 GP
+1 to ODF+1250 GP
+2 to ODF+2500 GP
+3 to ODF+5000 GP

11.3.4: Ammunition:

hurled rocklauncher
hurled spear0.8 GP2½ kglauncher+1
arrow0.05 GP0.05 kglauncher+1
crossbow bolt0.1 GP0.05 kglauncher+1
.38 special0.2 GP0.1 kgGood (+1)+1
.357 magnum0.3 GP0.1 kgGreat (+2)+1
.44 magnum0.5 GP0.15 kgSuperb (+3)+1
.50 auto1.5 GP0.2 kgLegendary (+4)+1
.2230.4 GP0.15 kgGreat (+2)+1
7.62 mm0.5 GP0.2 kgSuperb (+3)+1
12 gauge shotgun shells0.8 GP0.2 kg +4 (see descr.)+1
bazooka shell10 GP1 kg Leg. 7th (+10)

Magical enhancements, per piece of ammunition
EnhancementAdditional cost
+1 to Skill roll+60 GP
+2 to Skill roll+150 GP
+3 to Skill roll+225 GP
+1 to ODF+60 GP
+2 to ODF+150 GP
+3 to ODF+225 GP
of Slaying+2500 GP

11.3.5: Armor:

ItemCost (at size scale 0)WeightDDF
Leather armor5 GP7 kg+1
Studded leather20 GP11½ kg+2
Chain mail75 GP18 kg+2*
Plate mail600 GP22½ kg+3*
Full plate armor4000 GP32 kg+4*
Composite armor10000 GP20 kg+5*
Plasteel armor20000 GP30 kg+6*
Arenak armor50000 GP20 kg+7*
Inoson armor100000 GP30 kg+8*
*) Armor types marked with an asterisk (*) also act as though the wearer has the Sharpness-Proof Hide Gift, thus negating any +1 ODF bonus for sharpness that an attacker's weapon might have.

Magical enhancements, per suit of armor
EnhancementAdditional cost
+1 to DDF+2000 GP
+2 to DDF+6000 GP
+3 to DDF+12500 GP
+4 to DDF+19000 GP
+5 to DDF+27500 GP
of Insubstantiality+2500 GP

11.3.6: Shields:

ItemCost (at size scale 0)Weight vs. Meleevs. Missiles
Small shield3 GP2½ kg+1+0
Medium shield7 GP4½ kg+1+1
Large shield10 GP7 kg+2+2

Magical enhancements, per shield
EnhancementAdditional cost
+1 to DTBH+1500 GP
+2 to DTBH+3500 GP
+3 to DTBH+8000 GP
+4 to DTBH+12000 GP
+5 to DTBH+17500 GP
of Automatic Parry+100000 GP

11.3.7: Vehicles:

horse75 GPLegendary (31 m/rd)
moped400 GPLegendary 3rd (45 m/rd)
Porsche 91160000 GPLegendary 12th (231 m/rd)

11.3.8: Cybernetic Implants:

11.3.9: Other Magic Items:

Potion25 GP x EP cost of spell
Scroll30 GP x EP cost of spell
Ring800 GP x EP cost of spell
Wand1000 GP x EP cost of spell, +200 GP per Mana Point

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