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3. Character Creation

Last updated 4-April-2002

Table of Contents

3.1: Each character starts out with 100 Experience Points (EP) to spend.

Death Munchkin! uses a modified version of the FUDGE Objective Character Creation system (section 1.6 in the standard FUDGE rules).  In the normal FUDGE Objective Character Creation system, each character starts out with a GM-specified number of free attribute levels, free skill levels, and free gifts, with GM-specified restrictions as to how many Great or Superb attributes/skills may be taken.  In Death Munchkin!, however, all characters start off as a "blank sheet" with 100 unspent Experience Points (EP).  These 100 EP may be immediately spent as detailed in section 5.2 of the standard FUDGE rules.

Not all 100 EP need to be spent when the character is created.  These initial EP may be held in reserve for any Traits the player might realize the character needs during the course of adventuring.  EP may also be used to buy Fudge Points at a rate of one (1) Fudge Point per EP.

3.1.1: Characters may gain extra EP to spend by reducing their attributes and/or taking Faults.

These options are available only when a character is being created:

3.1.2: EP do not work exactly as detailed in FUDGE section 5.2.

There is one important differences between the way EP are handled in the standard FUDGE rules and the way they are handled here.  Namely, in Death Munchkin!, Traits are not limited to being raised one level at a time by the expenditure of EP.  A Trait may be raised as many levels as desired at the time the EP are spent.

3.1.3: The EP rules in FUDGE section 5.2 also need clarifications.

3.2: Attributes may start out at levels other than Fair.

Before character creation begins, the players and GM may agree on any one of the four following methods for determining the initial base level of each attribute.  The players are then free to raise any and all attributes above their base levels by spending EP, or to lower any and all attributes below their base level in exchange for garnering extra EP.

3.3: Choose, or roll, your character's Race.

Descriptions and game mechanics for each character Race in Death Munchkin! are laid out in Section 4: Races.  Before character creation begins, the players and GM may agree on any one of the four following methods for determining the Race of each character:

Note that there are disadvantages to being one of the larger races.  Namely, you will have trouble squeezing into the 10-foot-by-10-foot corridors that are so common in dungeon crawls Underground Labyrinths.

3.4: Your EP Value determines how powerful you are relative to others.

When you are done creating your character, you must calculate his or her EP Value.  EP Value is calculated as follows: Whenever your character spends new EP in the course of adventuring, add these spent EP onto the character's EP Value.  Your EP Value is used for calculating how big of a challenge the monsters are that you fight, so don't cheat.  If the GM discovers that your EP Value is higher than what you've told her it was, the GM may revoke some of the unspent EP she has given your character, give your character extra Faults that you do not want him to have, or cause a giant anvil to fall from the sky and land on your character's head.  And besides, the higher your character's EP Value, the more you can boast about it to your munchkin friends and make them envious.

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