Sick Sword

(uses pre-Unearthed-Arcana 1st Edition rules)

Race: Human
Alignment: lawful good
Patron Deity: God II
Religion: Lawful-Goodism
Place of origin: Central Earth
Birth date: 18 years before the IUDC
Hair color: blond
Eye color: blue
Sex: F
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs, not including equipment
Relations: Common-law wife of Ringman, mother of Disgusting Sword, Ridiculous Sword, and Gross Sword.
Lady: no, a woman
Place of residence: small keep gained from the Deck of Many Things.
City of residence: Town (actually, the outskirts of Town)

Character classes and levels
CLASS LEVEL x.p. before
10% bonuses
hit points
Weapons Master 30th 8 863 637 189* or 273 10
Cleric 39th 6 340 910 +90 11
Magic-User 49th 13 340 944 +66 9
TOTALS 28 545 491 345 or 429 30
*) The lower hit point figure assumes that the constitution bonus to hit points does not apply to hit points earned after the character stops gaining new hit dice in her class.  The First Edition rules are silent on this topic.

Secondary skills: miner/weaponsmith

Base movement base: 12"
Movement base with boots of speed: 24"
Movement base adjustments: x2.5 from permanent potion of speed at 150% effectiveness, x2 from II:O from Mace of Cuthbert, x2 from II:O from the Sick Sword (after it's become an Artifact).
Movement base after adjustments: 240" with artifact Sick Sword, 120" without.

Character Abilities
Strength: 25
Intelligence: 21
Wisdom: 19
Dexterity: 19
Constitution: 18
Charisma: 18

Saving Throws

Immunities (source):

  • gas of any type (I:EE)
  • all forms of cold (V:FF)
  • all forms of mental and psionic attack (V:EE)
  • fire/heat to all within in a 20' radius (V:DD)
  • cause fear, charm person, command, friends, & hypnotism spells (19 wisdom)

    Magic resistance: 5% from robe of the archmagi

    Languages: common, lawful good, brownieish,

    Attack strength without adjustments: 188
    Defense strength without adjustments: 188
    Adjustments to psionic strength:

  • +40 psionic strength points from helm of telepathy
  • +50 psionic strength points from the 5 dull gray ioun stones
    Total attack strength: 278
    Total defense strength: 278
    +4 to psionic attacks from helm of telepathy
    Attack modes: all
    Defense modes: all
    Major disciplines: ALL
    Minor disciplines: ALL

    Weapons of proficiency: 10 as weapons master, 7 as cleric, 3 as magic-user.
    Non-proficiency penalty: -3 if fighting as a weapons master, -2 if fighting as a cleric.
    Chosen weapons of proficiency as a weapons master: broadsword, dagger,
    NOTE: Sick Sword was around before the Unearthed Arcana had been published.  Weapons specialization was not available at that time.

    Base Armor Class: -3
    Base weaponless Armor Class: 5 or 0
    Armor Class adjustment due to dexterity: +5
    Armor Class adjustments due to magic:

  • +5 from cloak of protection
  • +6 from ring of protection
  • +2 from II:C
  • +2 from staff of power
  • +3 from permanent potion of invulnerability at 150% effectiveness
  • +2 from boots of speed
  • +1 from boots of striding and springing (not factored in below)
    Total Armor Class adjustment due to magic: +20
    Rear Armor Class: -11 or -16
    Weaponless Armor Class: -18 or -23
    Armor Class: -28
    To-hit adjustments: +4 from dexterity, +7 in melee from strength; total: +11.
    Damage adjustments: +14 from strength, +12 from II:UU, +15 with weapon due to weapons master level, +3-17 from II:D; total: +41 (+2d8+1).
    Hit point adjustment due to constitution: +4 for h.p. earned as a weapons master, +2 for h.p. earned as a cleric or magic-user.
    Hit die type: d10, d8, and d4
    Hit points: 339
    Special adjustments: regenerate 1 h.p. per turn, or 1/2 melee attack damage.
    Never surprised.
    Base attacks per round with a melee weapon of proficiency: 4
    Base attacks per round with other melee weapons: 2 (1 in the off-hand)
    Attacks per round adjustments: x2.5 from permanent potion of speed at 150% effectiveness.

    Total wealth as coins/gems: 14,672,787 g.p.
    Experience points: 13,340,944 / +10% = 14,675,038

    Permanent spells: comprehend langauges, detect evil, detect good, detect invisibility, detect magic, infravision, protection from evil, protection from normal missiles, read magic, tongues, and unseen servant.

    Permanent potions: all animal control#, clairaudience#, clairvoyance#, climbing, evil dragon control#, ESP#, fire resistance#, flying#, all giant control#, humanoid control#, elf half-elf & human control#, invulnerability#, oil of slipperiness, philter of persuasiveness#, plant control#, polymorph (self), speed#, titan strength, and treasure finding#. (# = 150%)

    Spells Memorized by level and class/type
    CLASS1st2nd3rd4th 5th6th7th8th9th
    magic-user2626 262626 262626 26
    cleric1312 111210 1010

    Sick Sword's Items

    Rings: x-ray vision, regeneration, vampiric regeneration, shooting stars, wizardry (1st-3rd level), wizardry (4th & 5th level), wizardry (6th & 7th level), wizardry (8th level), wizardry (9th level), swimming, air elemental command, earth elemental command, fire elemental command, water elemental command, protection +6/+1, protection +3 (5 foot radius), telekinesis (400 lbs. maximum), spell turning, free action, and shocking grasp.

    Arrows of Slaying: anti-paladins, assassins, bards, druids, monks, rangers, paladins, clerics, magic-users, lawful-evil half-elven fighter/magic-user/thieves, and lawful-evil half-elven fighter/magic-user/thieves.

    Artifact Weapons:

    THE MACE OF CUTHBERT: +5 mace of disruption.  Lawful-good alignment.
    Artifact Powers and Effects: entry description
    Table I: Minor benign powers: EE Possessor immune to gas of any type
    OOUltravision when held or worn
     ZMind blank -- 3 times/day
    Table II: Major benign powers:  O Double movement speed (on foot)
    UUWeapon damage is +2 hit points
    Table VI: Side effects:  L Limited omniscience: may ask DM 1 question per game day

    THE SICK SWORD: +6 vorpal weapon broadsword of wounding, dancing, life stealing, and 9 lives stealing.  Intelligence 17, ego 117 (personality 134), speech and telepathy, read languages, read magic, lawful-good alignment.
        Languages Spoken:

    Lawful-Good       Gold Dragon        Brownie          Shedu
    Druid             Ki-rin             Elvish           Common
    Thieves' Cant     Silver Dragon      Bronze Dragon
        Extraordinary Powers:
    "heal" twice per day
    "illusion" twice per day, 12" range, as the wand
    "teleportation" twice/day, 600 lbs. max, two segments to activate
    determine directions and depth twice per day
    "flying" at 12" movement speed for one hour per day
    "telekinesis" twice per day, 250 lbs. maximum, one round per use.
        Special Purposes:
    slay evil: disintegrate [evil] upon a hit
    defeat/slay chaotic-evil: +2 on saves, -1 on each die of damage [from chaotic evil]
    slay evil: +2 on saving throws, -1 on each die of damage sustained [from evil]
    overthrow chaos: +2 on saving throws, -1 on each die of damage [from chaos]
    slay evil: disintegrate [evil] upon a hit
    slay neutral or evil non-human monsters: disintegrate [neutral or evil non-human monsters] upon a hit
    slay evil: disintegrate [evil] upon a hit
    slay evil: +2 on saving throws, -1 on damage die [from evil]
    Artifact Powers and Effects: entry description
    Table I: Minor benign powers:  D Bless (by touch)
     E Clairaudience (when touched to the ear)
     F Clairvoyance (when touched to the eyes)
    FF Possessor need neither eat nor drink for up to 1 week
    HHRemove fear by touch
    Table II: Major benign powers: CC Paralyzation by touch
     DCause serious wounds by touch
     ODouble movement speed (on foot)
     RFear by touch or gaze
     C +2 to armor class of possessor or AC 0, whichever is better
     ICure blindness by touch
     JCure disease by touch
    UU x5Weapon damage is +2 hit points (total +10)
    Table III: Minor malevolent effects:  W Yearning for item forces possessor to never be away from it for more than 1 day if at all possible
    Table IV: Major malevolent effects:  E Item has power to affect its possessor when a primary power is used if the character has not followed the alignment or purposes of the artifact/relic
     CGeas/quest placed upon possessor
    Table V: Prime powers: DD Total fire/heat resistance for all creatures within 20' of the item
    EE Total immunity from all forms of mental and psionic attacks
    FF Total immunity from all forms of cold
    HH(3)cast 3rd & 4th level spells simultaneously
    HH(4)cast 1st, 2nd, & 3rd level spells simultaneously
    Table VI: Side effects:  A Alignment of possessor permanently changed to that of item
     L User has limited omniscience and may request the DM to answer 1 question per game day (limitations set by DM's discretion)
    NOTE: The Sick Sword did not become an artifact until about one year after the IUDC.

    Other Magic Weapons:

    +6 dagger of wounding              +6 bastard sword of wounding
    +2 maul of the titans              +3 mattock of the titans
    +3/+5 hammer of thunderbolts       +1 luck blade broadsword (with 5 wishes)
    +5 dagger                          +3 staff of striking (25 charges)
    +5 broadsword                      +2/+4 red dragon slaying longsword
    +5 shortsword                      +5 long bow
    +3 rod of smiting (50 charges)

    Other Magic Items:

    cube of force (36 charges)         clear ioun stone
    girdle of titan strength           iridescent ioun stone
    helm of brilliance                 5 dull gray ioun stones
    helm of telepathy                  10 lavender & green ioun stones
    helm of teleportation              wand of conjuration (100 ch.)
    scarab of protection               wand of fire (100 charges)
    stone of good luck                 wand of frost (100 charges)
    pearl of wisdom (done)             wand of illumination (100 ch.)
    periapt of proof vs. poison +4     wand of illusion (100 charges)
    carpet of flying 42" (1 person)    wand of lightning (100 ch.)
    rug of welcome                     wand of magic missiles (100 ch.)
    sphere of annihilation             wand of negation (100 charges)
    talisman of the sphere (122%)      wand of paralyzation (100 ch.)
    staff of power (25 charges)        wand of polymorphing (100 ch.)
    staff of the magi (24 charges)     rod of lordly might (50 charges)
    eyes of the eagle                  rod of absorption (50/ 0)
    eyes of minute seeing              10 rods of cancellation
    eyes of charming                   amulet of life protection
    reverse eyes of petrification      gauntlets of dexterity (55%/52%)
    medallion of ESP (90' range)       two portable holes
    medallion of ESP with empathy      white robe of the archmagi
    boots of speed                     robe of eyes
    boots of striding and springing    cube of frost resistance
    +5 cloak of protection             necklace of adaptation
    amulet of the planes               periapt of health
    gem of seeing                      rope of climbing
    mirror of mental prowess           crystal ball with clairaudience
    dust of disappearence (50 containers)
    dust of appearence (50 containers)
    dust of sneezing and choking (50 containers)
    3 destruction spells on one scroll
    gauntlets of ogre power (for the hammer of thunderbolts)
    amulet of proof against detection and location

    Mundane Items:

    500,000 g.p. freehold              small keep
    10,000,000 g.p. city-state         high hard boots
    backpack                           6 flasks of oil
    tinder box                         bullseye lantern
    50 feet of rope                    belladona
    garlic                             wolvesbane
    one-quart water skin (full)        one week of provisions
    300,000 g.p. worth of material spell components

    Sick Sword's Brownie

    Name: Homer (Sick Sword just calls him "The Brownie," though)
    Intelligence: 14
    Dexterity: 18
    Hit dice: 1d4
    Hit points: 4
    Armor Class: 3
    Weapons: +6 short sword
    Attacks per round: 1
    Damage per attack: 7-12 (7-14 vs. Large opponents)
    Saving throws: As a 9th-level cleric
    Movement rate: 12"
    Height: 1'6"
    Alignment: lawful good
    Can blend into landscape to become effectively invisible
    Has exceptional senses

    Daily spells: protection from evil, ventriloquism, dancing lights, continual light, mirror image (3 images), confusion, dimension door

    Languages: Lawful-Good, Brownie, Elvish, Pixieish, Sprite, Halfling, Common

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