(uses pre-Unearthed-Arcana 1st Edition rules)

Character class: Ranger
Experience Level: 17th
Secondary skill: forester
Race: Human
Alignment: chaotic-good
Place of origin: Central Earth
Birth date: 33 years before the IUDC
Hair color: blond
Eye color: brown
Sex: M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180 lbs, not including equipment
Place of residence: 500,000 g.p. stronghold.  Or maybe the small keep from the Deck of Many Things.
City of residence: Unknown, but sure as heck not Town

Base movement base: 12"
Movement base with boots of speed: 24"
Movement base adjustments: x2.5 from permanent potion of speed at 150% effectiveness.
Movement base after adjustments: 60"

Character Abilities
Strength: 25 with girdle of titan strength
Intelligence: 19
Wisdom: 18
Dexterity: 18, 19 with gauntlets of dexterity
Constitution: 18
Charisma: 18

Saving Throws

Immunities: (source)

  • gaze (Johydee's Mask)
  • mind contact/detection/attack (Johydee's Mask)
  • magic missiles (I:TT)

    Languages: common, chaotic good, elvish, gnomish, halfling, goblin, hobgoblin, orcish.

    Attack strength without adjustments: 176
    Defense strength without adjustments: 176
    Adjustments to psionic strength:

  • +40 psionic strength points from helm of telepathy
  • +50 psionic strength points from the 5 dull gray ioun stones
    Total attack strength: 266
    Total defense strength: 266
    Attack modes: all
    Defense modes: all
    +4 with psionic attacks from helm of telepathy
    Major disciplines: ALL (except telempathic projection)
    Minor disciplines: ALL (except empathy)

    Weapons of proficiency: 8
    Non-proficiency penalty: -2
    Chosen weapons of proficiency: broadsword, hand axe, composite longbow, longsword, dart, rod, mattock,
    NOTE: Rango was around before the Unearthed Arcana had been published.  Weapons specialization was not available at that time.

    Armor worn: plate mail + shield
    Base Armor Class: 2
    Base shieldless Armor Class: 3
    Armor Class adjustment due to dexterity: +5
    Armor Class adjustments due to magic:

  • +5 from plate mail's plus
  • +5 from shield's plus
  • +3 from permanent potion of invulnerability at 150% effectiveness
  • +2 from boots of speed
  • +3 from ring of protection (even though it's not supposed to add to magical armor)
    Total Armor Class adjustment due to magic: +18
    Rear Armor Class: -8
    Shieldless Armor Class: -15
    Armor Class: -21
    To-hit adjustments: +4 with missiles from dexterity, +7 in melee from strength.
    Damage adjustments: +17 vs. bugbears, ettins, giants, gnolls, goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, ogres, ogre magi, orcs, and trolls; +14 from strength, +3-17 from II:D; total: +14 (+2d8+1).
    Hit point adjustment due to constitution: +5 per level
    Hit die type: d8
    Hit points: 146
    Special adjustments: regenerate 1 h.p. per turn
    Surprised on a 1, surprises on a 1-3; dexterity adjustment: +4
    Base attacks per round with a melee weapon: 2 (1 in off-hand)
    Attacks per round adjustments: x2.5 from permanent potion of speed at 150% effectiveness.

    Total wealth as coins/gems: 641,950 g.p.
    Experience points: 2,638,720 / +10% = 2,902,592

    Permanent spells: comprehend langauges, detect evil, detect good, detect invisibility, detect magic, infravision, protection from evil, protection from good, protection from normal missiles, read magic, tongues, and unseen servant.

    Permanent potions: all animal control#, clairaudience#, clairvoyance#, evil dragon control#, ESP#, flying#, humanoid control#, invulnerability#, oil of slipperiness, philter of persuasiveness#, plant control#, speed#, treasure finding#, and water breathing.
    (# = at 150% effectiveness)

    Spells Memorized by level and class/type
    druidic 443
    magic-user 22

    Rango's Items

    Rings: raise dead fully, regeneration, shooting stars, 8 wishes, and protection +3 (5 foot radius).

    Scrolls: shocking grasp, rope trick, invisibility 10' radius, massmorph, cone of cold, repulsion; protection from undead.

    ESCALATIO: +6 broadsword.  Intelligence 17, ego 18 (personality 35), speech and telepathy, read languages, read magic, neutral-good alignment.
        Languages Spoken:
    Neutral-Good, plus 3 others
        Primary Abilities:
    detect precious metals, kind and amount, in a 2" radius
    detect gems, kind and number, in a ½" radius
    detect invisible objects in a 1" radius
        Extraordinary Power:
    ESP thrice per day, 3" range, one round per use.

    Other Magic Weapons: broadsword of sharpness, vorpal weapon longsword, longsword of dancing, +2 jo stick, +1 composite longbow, 20 +3 arrows, +1 battle axe, 20 +3 darts, rod of smiting (50 charges), mattock of the titans, +1 luck blade broadsword (5 wishes), +2 maul of the titans, +5 hand axe.


    Johydee's Mask:
    Artifact Powers and Effects: entry description
    Table I: Minor benign powers: TT Wearer immune to magic missiles
     G Color spray — 3 times/day
    Table II: Major benign powers:  D Cause serious wounds by touch
    Table VI: Side effects:  M Short-duration super charismatic effect
    NOTE: It is not clear whether Omnion or Rango possesses Johydee's Mask.

    Other Magic Items:

    cube of force (36 charges)         +5 plate mail
    girdle of titan strength           +5 shield
    helm of brilliance                 5 dull gray ioun stones
    helm of telepathy                  carpet of flying (24")
    scarab of protection               cubic gate
    stone of good luck                 periapt of proof vs. poison +4
    portable hole                      rod of lordly might (50 charges)
    reverse eyes of petrification      gauntlets of dexterity (55%/52%)
    boots of speed                     plate mail of etherealness (20 charges)
    chime of opening
    amulet of proof against detection and location

    Mundane Items:

    continual light flashlight         tinder box
    bullseye lantern                   hooded lantern
    leather backpack                   water skin w/ 1 quart of water
    holy water                         unholy water
    2 flasks of oil                    31 darts
    composite longbow                  24 arrows
    4 silver arrows                    poison
    small keep                         500,000 g.p. stronghold
    1 week of provisions

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