Middle Monk

(uses pre-Unearthed-Arcana 1st Edition rules)

Character class: Monk
Experience Level: 17th
Secondary skill: trader/forester
Race: Human
Alignment: lawful-neutral
Place of origin: Central Earth
Birth date: 23 years before the IUDC
Hair color: dark
Eye color: brown
Sex: M
Mannerisms: Sometimes he acts like David Carradine, sometimes he doesn't.
Place of residence: 250,000 g.p. monastery.  Or maybe the small keep from the Deck of Many Things.
City of residence: someplace other than Town

Base movement base: 32"
Movement base adjustments: x2.5 from permanent potion of speed at 150% effectiveness, x2 from II:O.
Movement base after adjustments: 160"

Character Abilities
Strength: 25
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 18
Dexterity: 19
Constitution: 17
Charisma: 18

Saving Throws

Immunities: disease, haste, slow, poison, geas, quest, magic missiles, all forms of mental and psionic attack.

Languages: common, lawful neutral, hobgoblin, pixie, ogre mage, trollish, ki-rin,

Attack strength without adjustments: 162
Defense strength without adjustments: 162
Adjustments to psionic strength:

  • +40 psionic strength points from helm of telepathy
  • +50 psionic strength points from the 5 dull gray ioun stones
    Total attack strength: 252
    Total defense strength: 252
    Attack modes: all
    Defense modes: all
    +4 with psionic attacks, due to helm of telepathy
    Major disciplines: ALL
    Minor disciplines: ALL

    Weapons of proficiency: 9
    Non-proficiency penalty: -3
    Chosen weapons of proficiency: jo stick, club, dagger, light crossbow, hand axe, spear,

    Armor worn: self
    Condition of armor: well, what can I say?
    Base Armor Class: -3
    Armor Class adjustment due to dexterity: NONE
    Armor Class adjustments due to magic:

  • +6 from ring of protection
  • +5 from cloak of protection
  • +6 from I:GG taken three times (only one of which is factored in below)
  • +1 from boots of striding and springing (not factored in below)

  • Total Armor Class adjustment due to magic: +13
    Rear Armor Class: -14
    Armor Class: -16
    To-hit adjustments: +4 with missiles from dexterity
    Damage adjustments: +8½ with weapons from monk level; +2 from II:UU
    Hit point adjustment due to constitution: +2 per hit die
    Hit die type: d4
    Hit points: 104
    Special adjustments: regenerate 1 h.p. per turn (ring of regeneration), regenerate ½ damage inflicted (vampiric ring of regeneration)
    Surprised 2% of the time; dexterity adjustment: +4
    Base open-hand attacks per round: 4
    Base open-hand damage per attack: 8-32 (8d4)
    Base attacks per round with a melee weapon: 1
    Attacks per round adjustments: x2.5 from permanent potion of speed at 150% effectiveness.

    Total wealth as coins/gems: 1,565,297 g.p.
    Experience points: 3,312,988

    Special monk abilities: speak with animals, speak with plants, ESP on him has a 4% chance of success, fake death, charms on him have a 10% chance of success, quivering palm, heal 12-15 hit points per day on himself, save vs. petrification to dodge missiles.

    Permanent spells: comprehend langauges, detect evil, detect good, detect invisibility, detect magic, infravision, protection from evil, protection from good, protection from normal missiles, read magic, tongues, and unseen servant.

    Permanent potions: all undead control#, clairaudience#, clairvoyance#, evil dragon control#, good dragon control#, ESP#, fire resistance#, flying#, philter of persuasiveness#, polymorph (self), speed#, treasure finding#, and water breathing.
    (# = at 150% effectiveness)

    Middle Monk's Items

    DHALVERON: +6 pair of gloves.  Intelligence 17, ego 18 (personality 35), speech and telepathy, read languages, read magic, lawful-neutral alignment.
    Languages Spoken: Lawful-Neutral, plus 2 others

    Primary Abilities:
    locate object in a 12" radius
    detect secret doors in a 1/2" radius
    Extraordinary Powers:
    "teleportation" once per day, 600 lbs. maximum
    "heal" once per day

    Other Magic Weapons: +5 dagger, +1 dagger of venom, +3 light crossbow of accuracy, 20 +2 crossbow bolts, +3 hand axe, +3 spear, +5 jo stick, +2 club, +1 luck blade longsword (4 wishes).


    The neutral Crown, Orb, and Scepter of Might:
    Artifact Powers and Effects: entry description
    Table I: Minor benign powers: OO Ultravision when held or worn
    (from crown) GG Protection +2 when held or worn
    (from orb)  I Create food and water — 1 time/day
    (from orb) GG Protection +2 when held or worn
    (from sceptre)  K Darkness (5', 10', or 15' radius) — 3 times/day
    (from 2) GG Protection +2 when held or worn
    (from all 3) TT Wearer immune to magic missiles
    Table II: Major benign powers: UU Weapon damage is +2 hit points
    (from sceptre) PP true seeing — 1 time/day
    (from 2)  O Double movement speed (on foot)
    (from all 3)  Y Hold monster — 1 time/day
    Table III: Minor malevolent effects:  A Acne on possessor's face
    (from orb)  V Weight loss of 5-30 pounds
    Table IV: Major malevolent effects:  H(jackals) Item is powerless against and hates jackals, and when within 10" of any such creatures it forces its possessor to attack
    Table V: Prime powers: EE Total immunity from all forms of mental and psionic attack
    Table VI: Side effects:  M User has short-duration super charismatic effect upon creatures of the same basic alignment — evil, good, neutral (chaotic, lawful, true) — so that they will willingly join and serve the character for 1-4, 2-8, or 3-12 turns (depending on how exact the alignment match is); thereafter the effect of the dweomer wears off and the creature(s) will no longer server due to realization of the enchantment and fear of it (and hostility is possible)
    (from sceptre)  L User has limited omniscience and may request the DM to answer 1 question per game day (answer is given with limitations set by the DM's discretion, with overall campaign factors and knowledge of player vs. player character overriding considerations)

    Other Magic Items:

    +6/+1 ring of protection           healing water
    +3 ring of protection (5' radius)  cube of force (36 charges)
    wand of illumination (89 charges)  reverse eyes of petrification
    helm of brilliance                 carpet of flying (24")
    scarab of protection               boots of striding and springing
    ring of x-ray vision               ring of regeneration
    stone of good luck                 periapt of proof vs. poison +4
    helm of telepathy                  gauntlets of dexterity (DONE)
    girdle of titan strength           5 dull gray orbiting ioun stones
    +5 cloak of protection             vampiric ring of regeneration
    ring of telekinesis (400 lbs. max)
    amulet of proof against detection and location

    Mundane Items:

    20 crossbow bolts                  20 silver crossbow bolts
    39 torches                         backpack
    water skin w/ 1 qt. of water       iron rations
    250,000 g.p. monastery             small keep
    tinder box                         1 week of provisions

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