Joe the Cleric

Character class: Cleric
Clerical name: Josephus
Level: 6th
Race: Dwarf
Alignment: lawful good
Patron Deity: "My Deity"
Place of origin: Central Earth
Birth date: 47 years before the IUDC
Hair color: dark ruddy brown (same as beard)
Eye color: dark brown
Sex: M
Height: 4'2"
Weight: 186 lbs, not including equipment
Place of residence: First Town Church of My Deity
City of residence: Town


Character Abilities
Strength: 7, 24 with girdle of storm giant strength
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 16
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 16
Charisma: 12

Saving Throws
Base saves:
   Paralyzation, Poison, or Death Magic: 9
   Rod, Staff, or Wand: 13
   Perification or Polymorph: 12
   Breath Weapon: 15
   Spells: 14
General Adjustments:
   +4 from dwarven constitution-based saving throw bonus
Adjusted saves:
   Paralyzation, Poison, or Death Magic: 5
   Rod, Staff, or Wand: 9
   Perification or Polymorph: 8
   Breath Weapon: 11
   Spells: 10
Special Adjustments: +1 vs. Dexterity-based saves, +2 vs. spells that attack the mind (from wisdom), +5 if armor applies, +8 vs. fire (from helm of brilliance), -2 vs. fire (from ring of air elemental command).

Double-strength fire resistance from helm of brilliance: immune to normal fires, 5 damage per round from very hot fires, -4 on each die of exceptionally-hot fire damage sustained.

Languages: common, dwarvish, and centaur.

Movement base: 12

Weapons of proficiency: 4
Non-proficiency penalty: -3
Chosen weapons of proficiency: hammer, mace, staff, footman's flail.
Non-weapons proficiency slots: 6
Chosen non-weapons proficiencies: agriculture (INT/-0), reading and writing (INT/+1), .

Armor worn: full plate +5, shield +5
Base Armor Class: 0
Armor Class adjustment due to dexterity: +1
Armor Class adjustment due to magic: +10
Shieldless Armor Class: -5
Rear Armor Class: -2
Armor Class: -11
Bast THAC0: 18
To-hit adjustments:
   +1 with missiles from dexterity
   +6 from girdle strength in melee or when hurling hammer of thunderbolts
   +3 from gauntlets with hammer of thunderbolts
Damage adjustments:
   +12 from girdle strength in melee or when hurling hammer of thunderbolts
   +6 from gauntlets with hammer of thunderbolts
Hit point adjustment due to constitution: +2 per hit die.
Hit die type: d8
Hit points: 39
+0 dexterity adjustment to surprise.
Attacks per round: 1

Total wealth as coins/gems: 8,600 g.p.
Experience points: 43,872 / +10% = 48,259

Priest spells memorizable: 5 1st-level, 5 2nd-level, 2 3rd-level
Spells usually memorized:
   1st level: cure light wounds, cure light wounds, detect evil, detect magic, purify food and drink.
   2nd level: detect charm, find traps, hold person, know alignment, slow poison.
   3rd level: cure blindness or deafness, cure disease.
Magic components carried: holy symbol, small straight piece of iron, bud of garlic.

Turning undead: skeleton D, zombie T, ghoul T, shadow 4, wight 7, ghast 10, wraith 13, mummy 16, spectre 19, vampire 20.

Magic Items carried (x.p. value):
full plate armor of blending +5 (4000 x.p.)
shield +5 (3000 x.p.)
hammer of thunderbolts (2500 x.p.)
mace of disruption (2000 x.p.)
gauntlets of ogre power (1000 x.p.)
girdle of storm giant strength (2000 x.p.)
helm of brilliance (2500 x.p.)
ring of regeneration (5000 x.p.)
ring of air elemental command (5000 x.p.)
staff of the serpent (python) (7000 x.p.)
scroll of free action and cure light wounds (500 x.p.)

Non-magic items: backpack, 3 flasks of lamp oil, 7 flasks of Greek fire, 1 quart water skin (full), iron rations, bullseye lantern, hooded lantern, tinder box, high hard boots, club, footman's mace, footman's flail, quarterstaff, 10 vials of holy water.

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