Da Bad Dude

(uses pre-Unearthed-Arcana 1st Edition rules)

Character class: Illusionist
Experience Level: 31st
Secondary skill: bowyer & limner
Race: Human
Alignment: neutral-evil
Patron Deity: himself
Religion: atheist
Place of origin: Central Earth
Birth date: 32 years before the IUDC
Sex: M
Weight: 170 lbs, not including equipment
Place of residence: small keep from the Deck of Many Things
City of residence: someplace other than Town

Base movement base: 12"
Movement base adjustments: x2.5 from permanent potion of speed at 150% effectiveness.
Movement base after adjustments: 30"

Character Abilities
Strength: 25
Intelligence: 22
Wisdom: 17
Dexterity: 19
Constitution: 16
Charisma: 18

Saving Throws

Immunities: (source)

  • all forms of mental and psionic attack (V:EE)
  • fear (I:DD)
  • gas of any type (I:EE)

    Languages: common, neutral evil,

    Attack strength without adjustments: 184
    Defense strength without adjustments: 184
    Adjustments to psionic strength:

  • +40 psionic strength points from helm of telepathy
  • +50 psionic strength points from the 5 dull gray ioun stones
    Total attack strength: 274
    Total defense strength: 274
    Attack modes: all
    Defense modes: all
    +4 with psionic attacks, due to helm of telepathy
    Major disciplines: ALL
    Minor disciplines: ALL (except body weaponry)

    Weapons of proficiency: 6
    Non-proficiency penalty: -5
    Chosen weapons of proficiency: dagger, dart, staff

    Armor worn: bracers of defense
    Base Armor Class: 2
    Armor Class adjustment due to dexterity: +5
    Armor Class adjustments due to magic:

  • +6 from ring of protection (only his +3 ring is factored in below)
  • +5 from cloak of protection
  • +4 from I:GG taken twice
    Total Armor Class adjustment due to magic: +12
    Rear Armor Class: -8
    Armor Class: -15
    To-hit adjustments: +4 with missiles from dexterity, +7 in melee from strength.
    Damage adjustments: +14 in melee from strength.
    Hit point adjustment due to constitution: +2 per level
    Hit die type: d4
    Hit points: 78
    Special adjustments: regenerate 1 h.p. per turn
    Dexterity adjustment for surprise: +4
    Base attacks per round with a melee weapon: 1
    Attacks per round adjustments: x2.5 from permanent potion of speed at 150% effectiveness.

    Total wealth as coins/gems: 2,205,750 g.p.
    Experience points: 4,986,669

    Permanent spells: comprehend langauges, detect evil, detect good, detect invisibility, detect magic, protection from evil, protection from good, protection from normal missiles, read magic, tongues, and unseen servant.

    Permanent potions: all animal control#, clairaudience#, clairvoyance#, climbing, good dragon control#, ESP#, flying#, levitation#, oil of slipperiness, philter of persuasiveness#, plant control#, polymorph (self), speed#, treasure finding#, and water breathing.
    (# = at 150% effectiveness)

    Spells Memorized by level
    CLASS1st2nd3rd4th5th 6th7th
    illusionist1818 181818 1818

    Da Bad Dude's Items

    STORMSLINGER: +2 dagger of life stealing.  Intelligence 17, ego 18 (personality 35), speech and telepathy, read languages, read magic, neutral-evil alignment.
        Languages Spoken:
    Neutral-Evil, plus 2 others.
        Primary Abilities:
    detect evil/good in a 2" radius
    illusion 12" range twice per day as the wand
        Extraordinary Power:
    charm person on contact thrice per day
        Special purpose:
    Slay neutral or good non-human monsters: +2 on saving throws, -1 on each die of damage sustained [from them]

    Other Weapons: +5 dagger, 20 +3 darts, staff of striking (25 charges), vorpal weapon dagger, +1 luck blade dagger (5 wishes).


    The Eye of Vecna:
    Artifact Powers and Effects: entry description
    Table I: Minor benign powers:  F Clairvoyance (when touched to the eyes)
    GGProtection +2 when held or worn
    Table II: Major benign powers: YY X-ray vision — 2 times/day
    AA Lightning bolt (9-12 dice) — 2 times/day
    Table IV: Major malevolent effects:  T Sacrifice a human or player character to activate item for 1 day
    Table V: Prime powers: JJ Vision — 1 time/day

    The Hand of Vecna:
    Artifact Powers and Effects: entry description
    Table I: Minor benign powers: DD Possessor immune to fear
     V Invisibility (improved) — 3 times/day
     S Fly when held and ordered — 1 time/day
     B Animate Dead (1 figure) (by touch) — 7 times/week
     T Hypnotic pattern (when moved) — 3 times/day
    GGProtection +2 when held or worn
     Q Feather fall when grasped and ordered
     CBless (by touch)
    NN Tongues when held or worn and commanded
    EEPossessor immune to gas of any type
    Table II: Major benign powers: EE Phantasmal killer — 1 time/day
    MM Telekinesis (1,000-6,000 g.p. weight) — 2 times/day
     T Fire shield — 2 times/day
     ICure blindness by touch
    LLSuggestion — 2 times/day
    Table III: Minor malevolent effects:  A Acne on possessor's face
     VWeight loss of 5-30 pounds
    Table IV: Major malevolent effects: GG Utterance of a spell causes complete loss of voice for one day
     F Item is a prison for a powerful being; and there is a 1%-4% cumulative chance per usage that it will break free, kill the possessor's soul, and, using his or her body, proceed to slay all associates and henchmen of this character
    Table V: Prime powers: EE Total immunity from all forms of mental and psionic attacks
    HH(4) Cast 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level spells simultaneously
    Table VI: Side effects:  L User has limited omniscience and may request the DM to answer 1 question per game day (answer is given with limitations set by DM's discretion)

    Other Magic Items:

    bracers of defense (AC 2)          ring of spell turning
    +6/+1 ring of protection           amulet of the planes
    +5 cloak of protection             gem of seeing
    scarab of protection               helm of brilliance
    cube of force (36 charges)         helm of telepathy
    rod of cancellation                hole of portability
    reverse eyes of petrification      carpet of flying (24")
    5 orbiting dull gray ioun stones   gauntlets of dexterity (55%/52%)
    stone of good luck                 periapt of proof against poison +4
    ring of wizardry (1st-3rd)         ring of wizardry (4th & 5th)
    ring of wizardry (6th & 7th)       wand of illusion (94 charges)
    crystal ball                       apparatus of Kwalish
    wand of magic detection (97 ch.)   ring of fire elemental command
    ring of earth elemental command    ring of water elemental command
    ring of air elemental command      ring of 8 wishes
    ring of regeneration               ring of x-ray vision
    +3 ring of protection (5' radius)  scroll of shades
    scroll of protection from undead   scroll of protection from water elementals
    scroll of protection from devils   scroll of protection from posession
    scroll of confusion, phantasmal killer, and paralyzation
    amulet of proof against detection and location

    Mundane Items:

    wolvesbane                         belladonna
    garlic                             tinder box
    bullseye lantern                   hooded lantern
    8 flasks of oil                    leather backpack
    wineskin (it holds water too)      iron rations
    stick of incense                   high hard boots
    robe (and a cloak for parties)     belt & pointy hat
    vial of unholy water               1 darts
    continual light flashlight

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