The Starlane Destroyer

(Strangen of Karthos)

Character sheet for 5th Edition HERO System™ (Champions)

55 STR 45
23 DEX 39
63 CON 106
19 BODY 18
23 INT 13
18 EGO 16
25 PRE 15
4 COM -3
20 PD 9
20 ED 7
5 SPD 17
24 REC
126 END
Total cost 282

Running: 10"/20"
Swimming: 2"/4"
OCV: 8
DCV: 7
ECV: 6

Skills, Talents, and Powers
costSkill, Talent, or PowerEND
Always 3m tall and 1600 kg:
4     +2" Running
8      -4" Knockback Resistance
12High-Range Tachyon Radio
10Infrared and Ultraviolet Perception
15+10 Telescopic Sight Sense Group
5Hardened PD
12Damage Resistance: 20 PD (hardened)
10Damage Resistance: 20 ED
45Maximum Life Support
312 +100 PD, +150 ED Force Field, ½ END12
54 27" Flight (54" per phase noncombat)5
4+2" Running
30 60 Active Pt. Multipower (OAF - alien artifact club)
3uBurn Mode: 4d6 energy RKA6
4 mWarp Mode: FTL Travel, 3.8 ly/hour max.
6 mScan Mode: Radar, +45 Telescopic max.
1 uSense Mode: Detect Corrugation (Warp) Energy
with Radius, Locate, and Analyze
6 mDeflect Mode: Missile Deflection vs. all ranged
attacks, +20 max.
4 mSmash Mode: +12d6 energy HA max.6
35 Find Weakness (16 or less) with Smash Mode
5+1 with all club modes
585 Total cost of Skills, Talents, and Powers
Total Points: 282 + 585 = 867
Experience Points Spent: 0

15 Always 3m tall and 1.6 tons (-1 DCV,
+1 to others' PER rolls, -4" Leaping)
15Public Identity
15 Reputation: shipping killer (14 or less)
10Can't speak (but may transmit)
10Limited manipulatory ability
10Moves very loudly
20Cannot hear, smell, or taste
10 Distinctive Features: robotic body
(concealable w/disguise, noticed)
5 DNPC: Dorsa ("ex"-girlfriend)
Slightly Less Powerful, 8 or less
20 Watched by the Karthosian
government (14 or less)
487Disgusting Bonus
617Disadvantages Total
  The planet Karthos broke away from the rest of human civilization centuries ago, instituting a fascist government and breeding program.  By the 29th century, native Karthosians stood nearly 3 meters tall.  Now, by sheer luck, the Karthosian star system happens to lie directly between the industrial-resource-producing colony worlds on one side of the spiral arm and the sustainance-producing core worlds on the other.  Karthos has seized this opportunity by blockading all nearby shipping lanes through interstellar space, and intends to rule civilization by bringing it to its knees.

Its location along interstellar trade routes wasn't the only stroke of luck the Karthosians happened upon.

Hundreds of millennia ago, Karthos was inhabited by a long-gone alien civilization.  Few artifacts remain from those earlier inhabitants, but one artifact that was recovered was a 10 centimeter long cylinder that could convert biological energy into propulsion, detection, or devastating weaponry.  Karthosian scientists attached a club handle to this artifact, but soon discovered that the amount of biological energy it required to operate would wear out a normal person in seconds.  They wanted to "boost" the energy of its wielder with fusion reactors.  Thus, they acquired a "volunteer" named Strangen and replaced all of his body (save his central nervous system) with a fusion-powered robotic body.

Strangen of Karthos, dubbed the Starlane Destroyer, is now assigned against his will — with veiled threats to the safety of his old love Dorsa should he disobey — to destroy any spacecraft that try to run past the Karthosian blockade.

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